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Centurian Cargo Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: June 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 13,000 hrs. 3500 Turbine PIC 2000 Jet threePart 121 Carriers
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Got to the Pan Am building in Miami about 9:00 A.M. Met 4 of the guys from Centurion. Everybody very nice. They bring you in on of the rooms & have you fill out a Book for an application. a couple of the guys come in and tell you about the company. That takes about 30 Mins explaining everything from Insurance to Uniforms.

They call us in one at a time they're were 10 guys at this session. They are hiring for all positions CA, FO, FE!

The questions I got were the drunk captain scenario within the 8 hours. He gets another F/O what do you do? A: Make sure he calls in sick, or if he avoids you and gets someone else and that person seems oblivious also, call the C.P.

The Engineer is a little slow on the checklists, you get all the gear and flaps down ready to land but haven't finished the checklist, what will you do? A: Go Around

At V1 you get an Engine Failure/Fire actual fire what do you do?
A: Everybody says silence the Bell, that's fine but FLY THE PLANE is the answer they're looking for.

Then they ask about you you give them your story.

Very laid back very nice and personable guys. I met with the C.P. Director of Training (Real nice guy!) seems to run the show. The D/O and a H/R person. All guys.

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