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Island Air Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: December 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interview was conducted in Atlanta, GA at AIR INC. The process was very similar to the examples given by the other applicants on this site. One difference was that there was also a sim ride. The order of the process itself was varied according to when you showed up. Also I did not receive an application prior to arriving so you may want to be prepared with addresses of former employers and references, etc.

When I arrived I was given a 25 question written test. Then a sim test was conducted with another applicant and we swapped the left seat. After that, I filled out my application form, then did the computer testing, drug test, and finally an interview with two people from the company. I must admit that I did feel rushed through the day but maybe that was part of the test. The impression I got was that there wasn't any one part of the testing process that was necessarily disqualifying, but that the evaluation was based on collective performance (again, my impression). I will now attempt to record a good portion of my interview here, hope it helps.

WRITTEN TEST - received Q's regarding these subjects: When can you begin a descent on an IFR approach? IFR Lost com procedures, IFR required reporting (failed equipment + lack of aircraft performance). Interpreting METAR/TAFs. Windshear, downdrafts. Turbulence. T/offs and Landings behind HEAVY aircraft. Light signals. Runway markings. Engine loss at VMC. Traffic patterns at uncontrolled fields. Weight and Balance. In addition, (Computer testing just like the two previous applicants described.)

SIM CHECK - AST 300 - I did the sim ride with a partner who was another applicant. We each took our turn in the left seat, while the other person acted as the F/O. Besides the instrument procedures we were told that we were being evaluated on our CRM skills. (You need to assist your Captain, but resist the temptation to help too much, I got poked for this a couple of times) because the sim instructor still needs to evaluate each person. Our sim ride profile was as follows: Take off from ATL Hartsfield Int'l airport on runway 26. "Fly runway heading to 3000 feet. Then radar vectors to intercept a radial outbound from the ATL VOR." After that, you will be asked to maintain constant airspeed climbs and descents at 130 kts. At some point, you will get an engine failure which is somewhat subtle except that the instruments go wild and you will recognize it. Then you will get the engine back and be given holding instructions at the ATL VOR and expected to verbalize your entry. One turn in holding and then you will be asked to brief a specific approach. (We got the ILS/DME 27L approach to ATL). After that, you will be given interactions to intercept the localizer, "cleared for the approach". Must fly all the way to minimums before braking out.

INTERVIEW- Many Q's about personal assessment of your accomplishments and how you would evaluate yourself on scales from 1-5 and 1-10. How does an aft CG affect the aircraft during T/off and Landing? How do you handle an overloaded cargo compartment? How do you land in a right crosswind? Missed approach procedure from West Maui airport, you will be asked to brief this approach. Several Q's asked about Captain misconduct, including, Capt. shows up drunk for work, wants to descend below DH on the approach, how do you handle these situations? A couple of Q's asked about VMC, aircraft characteristics and control inputs with engine failure. Also asked: What qualities do you posses that make you a better candidate? Have you ever failed a check ride? If so, why? Describe any accidents / incidents. Briefly describe your flight experience. Have you applied to other carriers? (Why, why not?) Tell me about a time when you were under a great deal of pressure, how did you handle it? Have you ever flown with someone you did not like? How did you get through it? Are you aware of the expense of living in Hawaii?

FINAL NOTE: My interview lasted only one day even though I was told to prepare for two. I have no idea whether or not I am still being considered. The interviewers were very professional, and approachable. I feel that this experience is worth your while, even if you don't get the job it is an excellent way to see the interview process. ----------A current 121 First Officer------------

Date Interviewed: September 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I was recently hired by Aloha Island Air and the interview process was pretty fair in my opinion. They start you off with a short written test (multiple guess). Then, depending on how soon you get done and if they are still interviewing another candidate, they will either have you wait or go into the interview room. There I was greeted by 3 pilots and someone from the HR department. They went right down my resume and asked me questions about the things I've done and such. They also asked some "situational questions" like "you're flying along on the approach and the captain wants to go below the DH. What do you do?" One of the other questions was about the captain showing up with alcohol on his breath. They ask you about your definition of Vmc, of a First Officer, of a leader, "who is the customer". They didn't ask any trick questions or try to make it hard in any way. They have a few things they want to find out technically in the interview, but they also want to hire someone that they wont mind sitting in the plane with. They wont hire anyone that has attitude or they feel will develop one. This airline has a very personal relationship with its customers, more so than just about any other airlines I am sure. So they want someone that is personable. They also give you a psychological test on a computer. It consists of several parts. One part you have numbers momentarily flashed on a grid of 9 squares. You then have to know what numbers came up where and put them in their proper boxes. Another part they flash numbers from a range of numbers like 3-8 but one will be missing. You have to enter in the number that was missing. Then they combine the two and you have to first put in which one was missing and then put the numbers that flashed back in order. Then there were some pattern tests (11,22,33,4?) and then there was a test that they diplayed the names of 5 colors in columns on the screen. The color of the text is different than the name of the color (the word "red" would be written in blue text). Then you have to go through hit the color of the text on the "F-keys" (they time this one for what reason I dont know). All in all it was a fairly easy test. Provided you're not psychotic (either before or because of the test), you go take a physical at a private medical facility. After that, you have an interview with another HR person and they just ask you the questions of "how would you describe yourself", "how would your friends describe you", stuff like that. Fairly short. They will send you your congrats letter at least 2 weeks prior to the start of ground school. They usually have it set up so that they can start the ground school as soon as possible and still let you have 2 weeks to give notice to your employer. It is a small company but a very good company. They treat their employees well, and anyone here would go out of their way to help their fellow employee (management or otherwise). Between the ground school, flight training, IOE and such, the management has been very accomodating to people that need to get to the mainland to move their stuff over.

I think they do a pretty good job in the interview process. They dont have anyone that is hard to get along with. All a good bunch of people. A very family type atmosphere within the company and with the customers.

Date Interviewed: July 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Aloha was a bit cheap when it comes to helping a person get from the states to the islands. This must mean they want locals flying for them. I was scheduled for a two day interview that turned into one without any prior notification, nor did they offer to pick up the motel cost for the second night. The first part of the interview was a written test. It consisted of typical commercial/instrument questions. Relatively easy compared to the ATP written. The next phase of the interview was a one on three personal interview. The questions ranged from Captain's drunk whatcha gonna do about it? to how do you land in a right crosswind?. The next phase of the interview was a physchological evaluation that was easy except for one small part that was extremely difficult. It involved matching numbers, places, and sequences in a tic tac toe grid all at once. The last phase was a very thorough physical given by an independent medical company, not too bad. Aloha seemed to be half fast in their operations and not too concerned about how they treat their employees. My buddy got the job and I did not. They have jerked him around on several occassions without prior notification or compensation. Giving a person two weeks off without pay after they spent the last two days getting from the states is just one example. Save your airfare for a state side regional.

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