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Miami Air Intl. Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2012
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, jet experience
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
The interview day started off with a presentation by the Chief Pilot (Captain John Passwater). They showed the good and the bad of the airline. It answered questions you may have about the company and gave an overview of the history, ownership, etc. After the presentation we all took a written exam. The written exam was ATP type questions. Study your ATP gleim book if you want to prepare for the exam. Basic questions though. After that we were given our own schedules to complete for the rest of the day. You are given a packet from HR to complete throughout the day in your down time. You have a one on one interview with the chief pilot- very relaxed and felt like he wanted to get to know you. No tricks or questions that made you feel uncomfortable. There is also a panel interview. It was an HR person and the Director of Training. Same overall relaxed atmosphere. Seems like they want to get to know you and see if you would fit into the company lifestyle. There is also a simulator evaluation in the Boeing 737-800 (NG). You are offered either seat in the sim and asked to fly a profile. Basically a take off with some climbs and turns. Then you are given a holding. Review your holding entry and holding regulations. Last you are given an ILS approach flown raw data. The sim support sets up the airplane and runs all the checklists. You are basically asked to fly the ILS and then land the airplane.
There was a line pilot who answered some questions and gave a general overview of what the line is like during our down time.
Overall I was very impressed with the interview process. Seems like a very nice company. No tricks and honestly wanted to just get to know you- at least that was the feeling that I got. They put your nervous at easy quickly.
Date Interviewed: May 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 3700 TT, 2300 PIC, 2000 jet
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I wasn't really expecting to accept the any job as I comfortable with my current job.
Both interviews were at Pan Am's building on 36th st.
with J.P. wich lasted aprox 35/40 mins and changed my whole perspective from the place, he doesn't seem like B.S.ing any of the info.
He did make me feel like the interview process was a casual conversation.
photocopied my lic. and cert. passport, not logbook althoug I was asked to bring it along my records.
just before the end told me how the Company works, what kind of flying and expectations they have from the First Officers, Pay (wich a new pilot contract was been approved).
then asked me if I would be interested in coming back the week after for a Sim ride in wich without a lot of details told me what to expect....an ILS app, HDG and ALT Vects, Hldgn and landing and handed me a sheet with a few callouts and proc.
It was remarked to expect raw data, wich fortunetly is an everyday for the kind of flying I normally do.
2- was the Sim ride. Got there and there was 2 more guys waiting in the briefing room, he gave some tips on pitch angles, N1%....
showed up at the door and all the sudden my turn was up.
As I only know him with a big smile, walked me down to what at that time felt like the eliminating room on hydraulics.
Got on the Sim had the option to pick a seat, a few seconds after Steve showed up and mention he was going to be assisting my flying.
T/O rwy hdg up to 5000.
the review sheet mention climb at V2 + 10 up to 1000 then pitch down to mantain 250kts all the way to 5k.
then before getting to 5000 there were a few vectors, then holding inst. in wich Steve fixed it and drove it around for a moment.
got my instructions and after burning a few brain cells got that entry.
took the airplane back, descended and vectored for the ILS, and even though it felt like a 100 mile straight in final, it ended on a raw data hand flown ILS to minimums (I think) and landing.
I was told to expect a call with the news in about a week in wich only took a few days to arrive.
Date Interviewed: July 2005
Summary of Qualifications: 4500 TT, 3800 Turbine Part 121, 1000 PIC
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I will state right off the bat you WILL NOT meet a nicer individual in aviation than John Passwater, CP & Director of Safety at Miami Air. Straight forward, no BS & professionalism rarely seen during in an interview process. If you have an interview with them you will not be disappointed.

I met Mr. Passwater at two job fairs. AirInc & ClimbtoFL350 both in Miami. They are looking for pilots with 2500 TT and those with EFIS/Jet experience. A 737 type rating would make you very desirable. They have 2-727's & 6 737-800's.

The interview(s) were right there at the job fairs. After a glance at my resume and a brief conversation I was handed an Interview Handout. The 4 page pamphlet lists the good/bad/ugly of the company. Highlights... $2200 a month in training (10 weeks), 1st year 737-800 FO $38.44 per hour or $2690 per month (based on a 70 hour guarantee). 401K (25% match up to 6% of salary), 2 weeks vacation, United Healthcare. I got the impression they are not interested in commuters. Must be W/I 1.5 hours of airport if called to duty. BIG Negative is three year training contract, $24,000.

I was asked no technical questions at any of the job fairs. Questions asked were straight fwd and gave me the impression they are looking for additional 'family' members. Small pilot group (80) with little turnover. I was told to expect upgrade 3-5 years. I was scheduled for an "in-house" interview where we discussed in depth Miami Air and how I could fit in. Again, very relaxed and professional. No 'corner painting' or tricks of any type. Was told at the end of the interview he thought I'd be the perfect fit. He gave me a 4 page sim eval package as I left. He called a few days alter and scheduled a sim eval. The eval was in a 727 at Alteon in Miami. All Normal procedures. Very little to memorize before you enter the sim. Normal T/O, a few turns before leveling off at 5000.' At that point he takes the plane, you copy holding instructions and tell him an initial heading to turn to (RMI). Once established direct to the VOR, I briefed the hold (entry, speed, time, etc.). We hit the fix turned outbound, started time, etc.... We did not go any further. Vectored oout of the hold, he is still flying. I gave a full briefing, ILS 9 MIA. Landed, done, waiting to hear this week whether or not I will be offered the job.

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