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Singapore Airlines Cargo Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP,7600hrs 2600 PIC B737-200
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

It was a 2 days interview,carried out at Singapore training center. The first day was just to check the documents required(regarding Licences and etc)on the same day we went for the interview with SIA Cargo deputy chief pilot along with Singapore Airlines fleet chief.

The interview was conducted in a easy way ,with just personal questions and some explanations about the company.It lasted about 20 minutes. After the interview we were invited to carryout a Simulator check on 777. We had a briefing concerning the manouvers to be done(Steep turns,stall series,Ils app,missed app at DH,V1 cut and one engine inop ILS)very easy.

We were treated in a very gentle way.They are very nice people. After succeding in the interview,you are invited to go for a medical exam on the next day(Easy). that is what i call tell you guys.I hope it can help other candidates. Sorry about my english. Good luck for all

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