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Southern Air Cargo Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: May 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 4500TT ATP CRJ EMB 145.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
I think Southern Air really needs people. I waited about 2-3 weeks to schedule an interview. The Hr kept sending me emails for a long list of interview dates. You have to provide your own way to Cincinnati and to their Head quarters. Its about a 5min drive. You can Uber your way there if you don't have a ride. At the interview me and one other guy was there for the interview. I was told 4 pilots were scheduled. The interview started with a presentation of Southern Air by the chief pilot. He was very friendly and said please ask any and as many questions as you like. It will not hinder you in your interview. They wanted everyone to make sure flying southern air was a good choice. In the presentation he showed pay rates as well as 777,737 schedules. After words I had to fly a table top sim of a MD 88. Canarsee Climb out of JFK. Enter a hold and then ILS 31L back into JFK. Next was a one on one interview with a HR lady and the chief pilot. HR question what is your best trait and worst trait as a pilot. The chief pilot looked over my logbooks. He asked walk me through what you would do if your flying and the captain goes to the bathroom and you lose pressurization. What was your most favorite job and your lest favorite? I thought it was interesting how the HR lady asked if I could do my life over would I still picked Aviation as a career. I said yes and no. Yes to aviation but no as a pilot and would have chosen ATC. All the 777 classes are full for 2015. They are only hiring for the 737. I asked around and from a once Southern Air pilot word on the street Southern Air is about the same as a regional maybe a little better work environment. They have a furlough history and 5-6 working days straight on the 737. They have 24 jump seat agreements and are working on more. They are apart of Known Crew member and have Ipads. They were friendly however I thought they could have provided a ride to and from the airport since its only a 5 min ride. I never heard back from Southern Air. They didn't even send me an email saying thank you for applying but are going to chose other options. I wasn't disappointed I mainly went for the interview expiernce. I think things happen for a Reason and if they can't even send a email then their probably not going to care about me when I'm flying and I have a family emergency for example.
Date Interviewed: August 2012
Summary of Qualifications: Qualified
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Interviewed in MIA. Escorted upstairs to a room and introduced to Chief Pilot. Began with a presentation on the company -what ACMI is, schedules to expect, their clients etc. They emphasized that they're getting rid of 742s and swapping them with 744s. Aug class now all internal equipment transfers -no new hires. Therefore all new hires to go into a pool.
Next came the panel interviews. They escorted us one by one into a room with the System Chief Pilot, Asst. Chief Pilot & HR lady. They were extremely cordial but felt like a rapid-fire of questions. Talk us through your flying background. Why Southern? Where did you come from today? Questions on V1 -scenario based. If selected -what will your biggest challenge be in training? They implied -going from a smaller jet on to the 744- will that be an issue? Accidents, Incidents, Violations, LOIs? Failed checkrides? Do you have any questions for us?
Next came the sim -744. Straightforward - T/O climb to 5000. Left/Right turn. Copy holding instructions. Fly hold. After one turn, vectors for ILS 31R JFK. Fly it all the way down and touchdown within the TDZ. Very laid-back. No need for sim-prep as they're not grading for perfection.
Good people overall -just felt like they didn't need to be interviewing anyone as they had no planned classes in the near future for new hires.
Date Interviewed: October 2011
Summary of Qualifications: 3200 TT, 2400 Turbine(CRJ-200 SIC), 0 Turbine PIC
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Just like previous interviews, but in the 747-200 sim now.
Awesome group of people, and very laid back.

-Take Off Rwy 31 JFK
-Climb to 5000
-right turn to hdg
-left turn to hdg
-Proceed direct to VOR and hold
-(Transfer controls to brief hold if you want)
-Enter hold and get vectors to ILS w/ flight director on inbound leg.
-ILS with breakout at 300' and land.

Only callouts made the entire time were how to enter hold. All frequencies tuned and heading/speed bugs set by instructor.

Panel intervew was no sweat and exactly like other gouges. They won't ask you anything you don't already know. Great group of guys that just want to see if you are a good fit.
Date Interviewed: December 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 8000 Turbine Hours, 1500+ PIC Turbine
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
- Conducted in MIA at Aero Services north of airport.

- Starts with one hour company power point presentation in conference room with all pilot candidates.

- They focus on lifestyle, schedule, history, future plans, fleet, pay, benefits, training, and then open up for any Q&A.

- Panel interview with two Chief Pilots (777/747), and two H/R representatives.

- The panel interview is straight forward and friendly, and they offer chance to ask questions at the end.

- During this interview they want to see if the unique company schedule and lifestyle and your personality and experience will be a good fit.

- They go through your resume and ask you questions about it and your flying background.

- Questions were very professional and relevant; Why Southern, any failed check rides, past employer history, flight deck conflicts, TMA yourself etc.

- While one pilot interviewed, two others went to sim, and everyone else waits in the conference room.

- Sim is a non EFIS B737/300 very basic airmanship drill.

- Sim handles like a sim.

- They let you pick seat, and did not expect you to know the B737 specific procedures.

- Takeoff, climbing turn to level flight.

- Enter hold, leave hold (ask how you will enter, what reports you will make)

- Raw data ILS to landing.

Everyone was very friendly. Several company pilots stop in to visit and answer questions.

Coffee, sodas, water, fruit, muffins, and donuts were provided in conference room.

Overall impression was very positive.
Date Interviewed: April 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 7000+ Turbo Jet 2000+ Turbine PIC. A300, B747,DC10 Type. A life misspent in night freight.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Arrived a day early in KMIA, transportation and lodging on my own dime. Friendly DO and Chief Pilot, each conducted separate private interviews. Chief Pilot first Basic FAR interview questions related to heavy jets. Tell me a time when questions. How do you feel about being away for 40 days at a time? DO second. Tel me about current or last flown aircraft profiles, limitations, holding speeds, nothing tricky. Tell me about North Atlantic Track Ops. Tell me about an uncomfortable cockpit experience and how you dealt with it. Would you change anything about how you handled it and why. He then asked how I felt about freight ops on the back side of the clock and being gone for 40 days at a clip. Positive attitude all around. A a recurrent class was going on at the same time. I spoke with an engineer in recurrent seemed happy with life at Southern. Next on to the sim. We got in a 727 take off runway 27, turn to intercept departure transition. Fly heading cleared direct to VOR hold. Fly heading intercept localizer cleared for ILS 27. He gives out profiles before sim, write them down!!! Positive points paid training, paid studio apartment while in training. Any one who has spent time on 36th St, Miami can't help but like that. The only down side I can see is be prepared to be away 40 days at a time. I hope this helps.

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