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Virgin America Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 7800TT, 4035 JET, 1500 Turbine PIC, shiny sunglasses
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
All information found on WFFF is accurate, be yourself. Read the Cage consultant book, Checklist for Success, Great information about discovering your aviation stories and how to present those stories accurately. This is the type of interview Virgin will conduct and this is the type of applicant Virgin is seeking. No butt-kissing, hand stroking you guys are the greatest BS. Virgin wants to know you and whether or not your personality will be conducive for their operation.

After a month of submitting the on-line application I received an email from Laura Ferguson (Virgin HR) Laura is professional and can see right through the BS if you attempt it. I then took an on-line customer service survey for Virgin, consists of about 100 questions. A week or so after the test received an E-mail from Laura stating they would like to schedule an interview in SFO at their headquarters. Laura’s assistant will e-mail you (about a week prior) details and forms that must be completed before your interview, FAA records release, driving and drug test forms (one needs to be notarized).

Stayed at the Sheraton Gateway for $90.00, bucks walking distance to VA, they give you all the details with hotels and directions. The rooms at the Sheraton are great regardless of the hotel construction.

Interview consisted of group discussion with the Chief pilot, check airman and Laura. Starts with an hour of who Virgin is and they allow an open door for you to voice your questions. Of the group we where all asked why VA? After we answered why VA we all had a question of, “tell me about a time when.” After the group discussion we where asked to head to the break room, each applicant was called in for an independent interview. They fired off questions and reviewed my logbook.

Tell me about a time when you met and exceeded customer service expectations?
Tell me about a time when you had to improve crew moral?
Tell me about a time when you broke company policy?
Tell me about when you diverted, what went right and wrong?
Tell me about any aviation type association with whom you are involved?
A few questions about my current employer, logbook and airplane, nothing you should have to study for.

Overall very good impression of VA, they are really looking at enthusiastic, customer service oriented folks as they are. Towards the end of the day I felt relaxed and really wanted the job. Regardless of all the negative comments in the aviation forms, the compensation, moral, employee-employer relation appears to be better than most carriers.
Good luck!

Sheraton Gateway San Francisco Airport Hotel
Date Interviewed: September 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 10,800 hrs, Military, 121, 135, 91, Corporate
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Awesome company, with a good business plan and financing. Having said that, the postings below are very accurate; except, that my group of five did a group interview consisting of what you like and dislike about your present employer, why Virgin America and a situational question. No small group problem solving occured. The situational question format they are lookin for is similar to what Southwest looks for, i.e. in the format of situation, action, result. As with most interviews, they are looking for a positive outcome or learning from the situation.

After a small break, the individual interviews with a check airman and the HR gal, Laura Ferguson. Laura carries 95% percent of the vote as I found out earlier. My interview with the Check Airman - Mike McInerny (sp?) went extremely well. Once he'd asked about my "Glass" experience and I explained my background with the airlines in the 767/757 and my present position as a checkairman in a glass cockpit aircraft; he apparently was pleased with my reply. The remainder of the interview with him was more social. They do say, that they are very interested in who you are and getting to know you - very informal. The interview with Laura went well; but, she is very unreadable. I was de-briefed a day later by a different check airman who was hired by Laura a year ago and he said the same thing. Laura did ask a few more questions about disregarding policy/rules and my background.

Both interviewers were interested in my availability in terms of notice. They are in extreme need of jet pilots with glass experience that can upgrade to captain in six months. I relayed to both of them that based on my personal situation, I was avialable immediately as I'd already given a months notice to my present employer. As mentioned in the postings below, they ask for you to resign from any present jobs and any recall rights. Rumor has it that a few of their startup pilots had held on to their previous jobs and were later let go. Additionally, one friend of mine may have not been hired due to his not convincing them he would resign his recall rights to a legacy carrier.

Date Interviewed: May 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 7000hrs, Part 121
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Interview is at company HQ, across from SFO airport Sheraton Hotel at 0830. If you stay there, they offer a rate of $90.00 night including free access to executive club for VA guests. It starts with an informal gathering of about 6 people in the "employee breakroom" where youre met, introductions,etc... The next step was a group exercise in another room where, after another round of introductions, youre broken down into groups of 3 and roleplay some group dynamic and interaction execrises. They finish this part with each person sitting in the middle of the room answering a question drawn at random about their previous job and why they think Virgin America will be different. This part is ended with a group question and answer period with the Chief Pilot and HR staff...we asked a lot of questions, especially as information like pay and benefits werent on the website. The next phase is individual candidates meeting with a single HR person and a Check Airman. They ask the standard HR questions, like if you ever had a DUI, accident, etc... Then they each ask questions about "tell us about a time when..." Very informal and laid back. Next the curve ball, if youve flown the 320 before they asked a few techinical questions...just to get a feel for where you are I guess. If you dont have 320 time, not sure if they will ask anything. The last phase was a one on one with a different check airman and he was supposed to look over log books, flight time and review resume, etc.... but was again very informal and more "tell about a time when..." questions. After all this they offered a tour of the building and thats it! Depending upon the timing of the groups, they provied lunch and the entire group sat with you...again very informal. Overall, impressed with the very casual and laidback atmosphere during the interview. They made you feel very at ease! When the recommend dress code of business casual, dont wear a suit and tie.....it isnt what they want and NOBODY there is in a tie or suit, except the people who didnt follow directions. You pay for your own airfare and hotel during the interview, there is no cost picked up by Virgin. About a few days after the interview they called with a class date and an email was followed up with the "confidential" employment agreement. However biggest highlight was they insist you MUST resign all seniority and contact with any and all previous companies, didnt cover that in the interview and never mentioned on the website. Also, its employment at will, upgrade is merit based and no union protections, they ask many questions during the interview to make sure youre comfortable about the merit based system. The pay is F/O at $44 / hr (70 hr gurntee)and once upgrade to Capt its $95 / hr (same gurntee). Each year each position increases $5000/year, however current payrates cap at 6 year Capt pay of $120/hr. They offer no info on trips or pairings (as operations havent begun yet), everyone is SFO based and during training pay is $2500 per month, then $3500 month after training until operations actually begin. Overall, nice people, nice place to work, and a lot of enthusiam!, but once operations actually begin...expect it to be bloody in SFO with United, JetBlue and Southwest all nipping at their heels.

Date Interviewed: October 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 10,000 hours A320 PIC 3,200
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Awesome group of folks. Interview was CRM based with some role play. It was very relaxing and they did a great job of keeping you at ease. It is not necessary to prepare with the "gouge". Just go in there and be yourself. They are hiring the kinds of people whom enjoy flying and love working with other people.

Date Interviewed: May 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 12000
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Very nice, exciting group of people. They were out of the box thinkers, so just be yourselves. A little role playing and one on one interviews one with an HR rep. Allot of "Tell me a time when" type questlons Do not mention any work with any union on your airline property.

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