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Allegiant Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: September 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 4800 ATP commercial multi instrument. 121 CRJ EMB 145
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
It is up to you to get to Las Vegas and their office. I had to come the night before the interview starts in the morning. Me and 3 other guys were there interviewing for the job. All of us were from regional airlines. First you start out with a company presentation slide show. While watching the slide show the chief pilot will look over everyone log books. You are split up and you either go fly the MD 80 FTD and go talk with a panel. The MD 80 FTD wasn't bad. The instructor talks you through everything. They want to see you have a good instrument scan. You climb to a altitude and descend while banking and descend while maintain a certain descent rate. You intercept the ILS and land. The panel questions were tell me about a time you flew with a bad captain and how did you handle that? If your the captain and during the preflight a flight attendant says she doesn't want to fly in the plane because she is concerned about one of the lav's being inopt how will you handle it? I told him what I would do to try and get her to feel better about the situation. He kept asking me would you allow her to take a vote? He wanted to know if I would let her take a vote. I said she can take a vote but we are still going to fly the airplane and go. (He said no you shouldn't let her take a vote). I guess they really don't want you to say yes take a vote. They asked if a nav light is out and your FO during the walk around tells you about it at the out station and says we can still make it back to Las Vegas before it gets dark what would you do? Have you had any check ride failures? Tell us about the company you are working for and why you want to leave? Why Allegiant? They are getting more airplanes and the company is growing. They are wanting to hear you plan on staying at allegiant and making it your final career. I wasn't offered the job they told me the day of. I don't know if I didn't sell them enough on making Allegiant my final airline or because I said yes she can take a vote just to shut the guy up. Maybe they didn't like me or my personality. I hope this helps.
Date Interviewed: July 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 5,000 Turbine, ATP, Part 135/91K, Retired Military.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Very laid back interview, they do a great job of putting you at ease. Showed up with 4 others for 1pm interview (110 degrees that day). All five are given a slide show of company and then you wait in break room for two part individual interview sessions. First part was with HR and Asst. CP from PIE base, both very nice. Then, one on one with CP and log book, medical ATP screen. All TMAT questions, no technical at all. Pay close attention to the slide show, they will ask questions about it. For example, name as many of our core values as you can. Who is the Vice Pres of Operations? All the other posts are good.

Date Interviewed: June 2006
Summary of Qualifications: 6500 TT, 2000 Turbine PIC, Part 121 experience
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Same interview as previously mentioned, but with one change. I was interviewed by 2 separate panels. The first panel was with the Chief Pilot and Director of Training. The second was with 2 reps from HR, and a training Captain. Typical questions, TMAAT...you made an unpopular decision...had a disagreement with your boss...best aviation experience...worst aviation experience...best/worst job...why Allegiant...etc. They have a ton of questions they can ask, so all the interviews vary. The common theme here is thet they get to know you and it is in a very relaxed atmosphere. Made you feel at ease the second you walk through the door, no interview gouge necassary just be yourself...thats what the want to see.

Date Interviewed: November 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 5000 hours, 2000 PIC turbine/jet 5 types
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Allegiant is expanding and getting 6 more MD80's by March with no slowing down. Flew to Vegas at my own expense for a interview at Headquarters. I was one of four people interviewing that day. We all met the CP and did a question and answer session. Then we split up and did an interview with the CP and the HR lady. Interview lasted about 45-hour. Asked a lot questions about my application details. CP went first and asked pilot questions, then HR lady asked TAAT HR questions. Why Allegiant, Are you a FDDO or want to be? How soon to start? What if someone else offers you a job? TAAT you make a mistake in the cockpit? Ever asked to call a 800 number? Ever in the back of a police car? Biggest mistake/ regret? TAAT you had a conflict with a crewmember or something about a crew member was making mistakes? TAAT where a captain made you do something you felt was unsafe? Stuff like that. Got a thanks anyway letter about 2.5 weeks later. Very nice people, they are making money, and expanding.

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