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TAM Pilot Pay Rates

Last Updated: September 27th, 2012

TAM Interview Profiles
Mayor airline in Brazil that recently merged with LAN Airlines.

Day off pay is monthly variable divided by 8 multiplied per 22.

F/O fixed salary is US$ 2348,00 plus variable (km, stby, course, simulator, and others).
F/O additional is 0,06995 per Daily KM ( 6 am to 6 pm) and double at Night.
One additional pay with yearly average of salary, the thirteenth salary.

Brazilian law doesn't permit different salary for the same job position, but we have an seniority additional that is an insignificant value.

All pay rates are yearly figures.
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Monthly Guarantees
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Retirement / Profit Sharing / Bonus
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Vacation Days (Per Year)
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