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Cape Air Pilot Interview Profiles

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Date Interviewed: March 2014
Summary of Qualifications: CFI/CFII, Multi Instrument Commercial, ~1300TT, 50 Multi, ATP Written
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Took place at the Embassy Suites at Boston Logan. Great place to stay, although a little pricey. 7 of us interviewed, all different ages and backgrounds. 3 of us were younger CFIs and applying for FO positions, the others were a bit older and applying for captain positions.

Went in to the conference room and met our two interviewers, one was the head of pilot recruitment, the other a captain for the airline. We watched a brief powerpoint outlining the company's goals, mission statement, routes, brief history, etc, then going in to schedules and pay rates, benefits, etc. All in all some pretty good info here.

After the presentation, the 7 of us waited outside while they called each interviewee at random for a 2-on one interview. They did this for 4 of the candidates, but in the interest in saving time, they went 1 on 1 for the last 3 of us. I was one of these last.

I went in with the captain, she was very nice, relaxed. As most of the other gouges attest, it was mainly all HR questions. First question was to describe my aviation career thus far and goals, and why Cape Air. Then questions like "Have you ever experience a coworker treating another unfairly, or disrespectfully, and how did you handle it?", etc. The only "technical" question I really got was "What would you do if immediately after takeoff you lost an engine?" Simple enough.

My whole interview lasted maybe 20-25 mins. They told me I can expect a call within a week, and I have a feeling that they are pretty much open hiring right now, so unless you majorly screw up the interview you should be good. They were both very nice and easy-going, and it seems like a great company to work for. Good luck!
Date Interviewed: March 2011
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial ASEL/AMEL CFI,CFII,MEI ~1205TT 103Multi
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Cape Air does their interviews at the Embassy Suites right there at the airport in one of the conference rooms. There were only four of us for this particual session. I believe there was another group scheduled a few hours after us. My groups interview was at 9:00 A.M.

They bring all of you in at one time and sit you at a table. At this point, there was only one gentleman from Cape Air, who began the session by asking each of us to give our names and briefly describe ourselves/ career paths. We then watched a powerpoint he had put together describing the inner workings of the company and to show you more or less what you're getting into. The video took about 45 minutes, by which time the other members had shown up to do the interviews.

They then sent us out of the room and came out less than 5 minutes later and called the first two gentlemen. There were two sessions at once. One guy interviewed with one man and the other gentlemen was interviewed by the other two. I was the last to be interviewed. My interview was one on one. It was very relaxed. He asked me to take my coat off and was told that the interview was to be conducted, "as if we were two pilots just talking." He asked for my logbook and just glanced it over. He also looked over my resume and just asked to expand on my career so far. He asked how I got my hours so quickly and asked me about my previous job. He then asked me to expand on why I got let go. (Disagreement with my boss)He asked if I thought I could have handled it differently, to which I told him I thought I handled it as professionally as I could. He also asked me what my aspirations were for my career. He only asked me a three technical questions. 1. How do you prepare for a flight? 2. What would you do if you lost your engine in IMC? 3. Are you familiar with how a turbocharger works? There is no sim with this their interview. One on one interview took maybe 45 minutes.

Personally, I thought the interview went fine. I told him flat out that I wasn't familiar with turbochargers which, looking back on it, I should have studied since that is what I was interviewing for. Maybe they didn't like the fact I was let go from my previous job. I was also THE lowest time guy there. Everyone else had over 2,000TT.

Also, Cape Air pays up to $200 of travel expenses so keep a record for them. Also, they do pay by duty hour and gaurantee you 40hrs per week. They will also get you your ATP if you don't have it, which at that point, you are obligated to a one year contract. Not bad, if you consider what it costs to get your ATP. You are also paid during training and provided housing during.

I know this is lengthy, but I figured since it's been a while since anyone posted about Cape Air, this would help you guys along with any rumors you might have heard. Happy hunting and keep the blue side up.
Date Interviewed: January 2011
Summary of Qualifications: 1300 tt, 50 multi, multi/single com ifr, previous 135, college degree
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Cape Air interviews at the BOS Hilton. The interview starts with about an hour long presentation about the company and q&a. Next, there is a one on one interview with a line pilot. There were no technical questions. All questions were HR type. For example tell me about yourself, why Cape Air, tell me about a time you went above and beyond to help provide a positive experience to a customer, tell me about a time a coworker or supervisor went above and beyond to help you, what do you like to do outside of aviation. The interviewer will thumb through your long book. There is no sim evaluation or technical questions. They reimburse you up to $200 for your travel expenses to the interview. Over all a great experience.
Date Interviewed: June 2005
Summary of Qualifications: CFII,M.E. 1610 tt 100 sic 400 pic turbo 135 ops
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Very good people, ,the people there look very happy with their jobs .
The interview is very relaxing , I was in at 0900 one of their pilots came
and show me the instalation and gave me a brief of the company, after that
we went to his office and we started the interview hr q/a ,he aks for my
licenses, loogbook,id,any tickes,accidents. Why cape air , what do you do
if : A regional airline call you.

Where you see yoursefl in 5 years.

how long you planning to be in this Airline.

Then I went to the simu ride is very simple , just be ready for app in hyannis
and i.d.p. out of boston. there is a writting test is simple just study the
instrument book and you do good. finally they pay for tranning

also they put you in a hotel and is p.i.c multi time , and the pay is better
than most of the regionals.
Date Interviewed: March 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 2300TT, 100 MULTI, CFI, CFII, MEI.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

The inverview was a plesent expieriance. There were three parts. 1) H.R. with the chief piolt. 2) technical question. 3) simulater ride.

H.R. : What is your strenght and weaknesses?
What is your petpive?
How did you resolve a problem with an employer?
Any poloices that you followed and didn't like?

Tech: 33 Questions
Part 135 alternets requirements?
When are runway lights amber?
Brief an approach
If your @ 5000ft and want to make a 500fpm descent to 1000, going 180hts, @ what distance will you start your decent?
Read NOS plates
Wake trubualnce
Wind shear in an ILS.
What are the fist indications of a tail stall?

Sim ride: Steep turns
NDB hold
Missed approach

Everyone there was very nice, and very helpful.

Thank you to this site for properly preparing me.

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