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Commutair Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Hi. I am a first officer for commutair and I hope I can help you with a couple of extra information. What everybody else has said is correct concerning the profile of the interview.
Here are some extra tips.

Know the usual personal questions.
Why you want to work for us
Failed any checkrides
How you gonna make it with the low salary
Any conflicts in the cockpit
Any violations

Know the plane you are flying.
Know the landing gear system
Know when the gear is unsafe and what you will do to verify that.
Know the pressurization system (if it has)
Know METARS and TAF(including codes for freezing, pellets, snow, and icing conditions)
Know how to brief the approach
Know how to brief a full approach
Know the ROA (Roanoke, VA) ILS and LDA approach plates
Know the difference between an LDA, and an LDA with glideslope(like ROA) is it precession or not
Know if you will continue the approach if the weather goes below.( before or after the FAF)

After 3 months the pay comes to $18.00 p/h
With a new program called incentive you can fly 2 more extra days per month
(that means 10 days off instead of 12) and they pay you these trips cash plus #175.00
at the end of the month)
The upgrade was delayed a month and right now is about 16 months.

It is a good company and a good step in your career.
You hand fly the BE-1900 D and after a while your IFR skills go really hi
something that the major guys really appreciate.
If you treat them nice they will do so.

Good luck, be your self, be nice ,be professional, be serious, be funny, be kind, be honest, be pleasant and

Date Interviewed: April 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed with Commutair on April 26, 2000. This is a fantastic website and it really helped me prepare for the interview. The previously reported information is pretty close to what I was asked. The only really big difference was that now they're giving a 30 question ATP, multiple choice test with lots of weather, FAR's and a few
situational type questions. It's not too difficult but you have to score at least a 70% on it. A little preparation should be plenty to get through it.

The only questions that were different during the interview were specific to the type of training that I'm teaching right now. They also asked me a situational question from
the Roanoke ILS plate about holding. They just wanted to know the type entry from the VOR and the heading that you would turn to upon entering the hold. They didn't ask
me any aircraft systems questions and they waived the simulator evaluation based on my experience level.

I found the people at the company to be extremely friendly and very laid back. Every person I came in contact with at Commutair was really nice. I enjoyed meeting
everyone. They offered me the job within two hours of completing the interview.

Date Interviewed: February 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I sent my resume in to the folks at Commutair on Jan.15 and got the call for the interview about 2 and a half weeks later. They paid for my ticket to
Plattsburgh and my hotel room. They are very helpful and seemed very
positive about how they treat there employees. I was the first interviewee
and was scheduled for 11:00 AM. I got there a little early and was
introduced to the people that were in the office. Then i got the info. on
the benefits and pay that the company offers and the basic layout of the
company. Then it was time for the interview. I was interviewed by two
people(the chief pilot and the director of training). There were to be four
people interviewing me but one was sick and the other was at the sim center
T. They want to make sure you are a trustworthy person and they are very
good at judging character. In the interview they asked about the flying that
i had done and how i enjoyed it. Also they asked about an experience that
taught me a lesson. Be truthful even if it sounds bad. Then i was asked to
rate my self as a pilot. Dont brag , be conservative. Next came the
questions on the Jep. plates. The FAF on the ILS is the Glide slope
intercept. They ask about the missed and the entry into the hold and max
holding speed. After this i was asked to decode METARS and TAFs for a
certain local time. Convert to ZULU time. KNOW the airplane that you are
flying very well. They feel that if you are flying it you should know the
systems. And that was pretty much it for the questions. I was then escorted
out of the office and taken to the pilot lounge where i met another candidate
who was very nice. There is no sim ride but they send you to Flight Safety
for a sim evaluation later . When i get that done i will be sure to keep you
up to date.

Date Interviewed: February 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

From former CommutAir Pilot

Vanda Crook is DOO NOT HR rep.

Great Company. Big Airline feel even though flying 1900s. Easy transition to US Airways.

Date Interviewed: January 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I'm a Captain at Commutair, what can I tell you to help about the hiring process?

The company goes through Flight Safety and I believe now pays for the
screening after you have been screened and interviewed in Plattsburgh.
The company does pay new hires while in training and gives you an ID so
you have jumpseat priviliges.
Company just signed a deal with Beechcraft for 26 new B-1900 D's with a
delivery date to begin in mid March 2000 recieving one every 10 days.

For more information see the web site www.commutair.com

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