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Delta Air Lines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 4900 TTL, 3100 TPIC Military
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The day started with the advertised welcome and “pep talk”. After the talk, two of us were chosen alphabetically to be interviewed while the other six were given the testing.

My interview was a recap of my application with certain key points. I had listed two tickets from 1994 and 1992 (my last 2) and was asked if I had any others. I did have another that came to mind (1990) and was asked to write it in and initial.

Otherwise we moved into the scenario questions. I had two main ones concerning a Captain who routinely flies one dot low and configures late, but who always has a smooth touchdown and early turnoff. The other scenario had me in an aircraft approaching a converging pair of super cells (>35,000’). If I went around, I would cause a lot of folks to be inconvenienced and may have to set down somewhere to get additional fuel. What do you do?

After the interview, was given directions on the testing by Tony. I’ll echo what others have said. Listen, listen, listen, listen to TONY!!! He was a calming influence on an otherwise turbulent day!

The knowledge test was different for each of us. I had perhaps 3 math questions – decent point, point to point heading and a descent rate on final. The rest included items on holding entry (1), aero/performance, signage/airfield markings, weather, EGT, V(ne) and wind shear (a couple). None came directly out of the ATP book but were instead an application of knowledge. Plenty of time but certainly not “easy”.

COG test is not that hard. Read the directions, do one practice, do the test. Luminosity helped me to concentrate. There is no time for drifting thoughts. Take a stretch at your seat partway through but otherwise buckle down and it’s over in 25 minutes. By the way, during testing there is plenty of time for lunch and lots of water to be had.

After some of us were done, they tallied the scores and while the others were still taking portions of their test or interviewing, four of us were called back for the happy news! There was only one more that made it and he was the last one interviewed. Two of the guys failed for the interview and the other I don’t know about. All were awesome folks!

After the conditional, there is a lot of paperwork, drug test, fingerprints and the ID picture. They set up the medical schedule for the next day and send you back to the hotel.

Day two involves the MMPI, Medical and Occupational Psychologist meeting. After that, a brief tour of Atlanta on your way to the airport. Overall, it was a great experience in a very welcoming atmosphere. Good Luck!!
Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 3900 Total time 1200 T.PIc
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Good gouge. The test are not that bad. For Tech the i would agree the ATP guide is best way to attack all the info in one. I didnt read all the books they recommended, who hasthe time and understanding. The cog is easy. just play the game. the practice websites like luminosity are good but realise the cog is not similar. I played the practice stuff a lot and it only confused me a bit. I would go over luminosity a few times to see what to expect but the COG is not the same. the interview is like any other. It is all about situations. Like posted be yourself.
Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: MILITARY
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I would have to agree with the posting below,, really eased atmosphere. By looking at the list they send you of stuff to study one would go nuts becausae there is too much stuff. In all actuality, none of the test were that hard. ATP study guide is really the best guide unless you want to read through Naval Aviators and If you do you dont need to interview cause you are too smart. The interview process was very comforting although as posted by others, your are the nervous one. delta folks make it as easy as can be for you to relax, so just relax be yourself, do not ..... i repeat do not be fake. they will see right through it.
Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 4000total
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The interview was easier than anticipated. although the quiestions were not word for word out of the ATP guide, it was very very similar.Not nearly as difficult as i expected. No one in my group failed any of the test. They were not as hard as expected. The interview process is pretty standard. Go over your application, ask typical HR q's, some WWYD type q's. I think they have a script they go of so although the gouge has certain ones posted, i didnt get any of them. Overall not bad aside from being nervous. You will get some sort of crew issue quiestions regarding conflict of some sort. Again good people, not too hard of testing, and easy interview atmosphere..
Date Interviewed: February 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 3500 TT/900 T.PIC, Part 121
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
There were 10 in my interview group (3 regional, 7 military). I’m not sure how many ended up getting a job offer, but I know at least 3 went home (including me). The knowledge test was 75 questions in 75 minutes. Everyone seemed to think it was a little harder than anticipated, but it wasn’t too bad and I think everyone passed it. The questions were definitely not from the ATP test bank, but covered similar subjects so studying the ATP book did help.
The 240 question psychology test was easy, and I’m not sure you can study for this. Just be consistent (they ask the same question in a number of different ways) and don’t answer “neutral” on too many. Take it seriously though, because people have gone home due to this section of the testing.
The cog test was also pretty easy. I used www.lumosity.com and www.happyneuron.com prior to the test, and it helped a lot. I didn’t realize the math questions (see posts about the train leaving the station, pears/peaches, etc.) were part of the cog test, therefore you can’t use any paper/pencil for your computations. Also, when the first math question came up, I sat there thinking about it for too long not realizing that it was time limited. It automatically sequenced to the next question, so I ended up panicking because I skipped the first 2 (there were only 4 or 5 math questions). It didn’t matter though, I passed all the computer testing, but not the panel interview.
For my panel interview, I had 3 retired Delta pilots all with prior military backgrounds. All of the questions they asked can be found in the previous gouge listed herein (flight attendant calls about a loud bang, drunk passenger and you’re at the gate/ what if you’re taxiing, captain not using checklist, windshear, attendance, why do you like flying, who got you into flying, is flying glamorous, have you ever felt pressured, how is that CRM, etc.). They were friendly and not confrontational, and were taking notes for each answer. Each answer you give them is graded on a point system, which is part of how they determine whether or not to hire you. It sounds like they just want you to be confident, and be able to think each question through and articulate your answer coherently. I thought I did so in a calm and collected manner, but apparently this is not what they were looking for. I’m thinking if I would have been more Type A in my answers, and used words like “definitely” and “absolutely,” it might have been a better outcome. Some say that the panel interview is just a way for them to determine if you’re personable and someone they can work with, but this is not really true. I was very courteous, referred to the interviewers as ‘sir’, smiled a lot and had nice conversation with all of them but it didn’t work.
As one of the previous posts describes, Mr. Kraby called me into his office individually and started small talking. I knew it was over. There is no feedback on why you don’t get an offer. This was a little frustrating because I’m not sure what to work on, and I had thought the interview actually went well. Oh well….
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