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EVA Air Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 7.500hrs, 7.000 turbine SIC Part 121
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Screening was conducted with another 7 candidates. First, a basic sim check ride, with simple maneuvers (stalls, 45 degree turns and a eng-out) on their 767 sim (usually). They're mainly concerned about your CRM skills and basic flying abilities. Lots of communication with the other crewmember is a plus. You can do the flying in the left or right seat, as you prefer. Sim result is given the same day.

The interview process in EVA varies a whole lot, depending on management staff time availability the day you're scheduled for the interview. It can be a very short pleasant 30 minutes encounter or a thorough, deep 1 hour inquiry.

If you have a type rating on an airplane they fly, a mgmt pilot from that fleet will probably be present and ask you questions about systems, which was my case.

Otherwise, typical questions include: cold weather ops (de/anti icing, holdover times braking action etc), RVSM rules, ETOPS (if you flew it before), RNP, TO/Ldg performance (ASDA, TODA, TORA etc.). I was also asked how I would feel by flying with a younger pilot than I on the left seat (I am in the 30's), as some of their captains are as young as 30.

Most important, a friendly, positive attitude is what counts most and I think that's what helped me getting the job. They are very friendly in the interview and will try to evaluate you as a professional. I missed a few questions but had a very positive attitude and I believe that's what made the final difference.

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