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ExpressJet Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 1608TT, 230ERJ, 500+MEL, Commercial.
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Showed up at an on site interview and met with Kellan (FO out of ATL). Super nice guy. Started off with the 45 question in 45 min ATP written. I finished in 20mins or so. Was then given the infamous pick one of two subjects and write a paragraph about it. I had the choice of "Historic person I would have lunch with" or "Most unenjoyable checkride experience". While I did the ATP written and written paragraph, they reviewed my application and paperwork.

Once these were done, I was brought back into the room where two other interviewers were present (both ERJ FO's out of IAH). Everyone was extremely nice and they made things really fun.

Was given the Jepp IAP chart for Asheville, NC ILS 34. Told to brief the approach then we went on. I had to find IAF's, what was MSA, what did it ensure, what were the mins for the approach, what were the mins for the approach specific to the ERJ (CATII so you can go lower), where was the VDP if glideslope went out, etc...

Then we did aircraft technical questions, which was somewhat tough for me since I have not flown the ERJ in over 7years. However, the questions were nothing too difficult. How are the flaps powered? Describe the electrical system in brief. Describe the ERJ de-icing system. What portions of the de-icing are electric powered and what is pneumatically powered?

Shifted gears after that to the HR portion. TMAATW you had to deal with something difficult when flying. Why Expressjet? Capt is trying to cross an active runway after hearing a clearance to cross but there was not call sign heard, what do you do? What if the capt continues to cross after you told him to stop until verifying that the call was for your aircraft?

Overall, they told me that I did really well in the interview and then explained the process for the on-site interviews. The interviewers were fun to talk with. They made things very relaxed and enjoyable. The company is hiring 40 per month with an avg of 25-30 showing up for class. The on-site interviews will take a lot longer to hear back from as they have to send all the interview information back to ATL to get the decision and then, you will have to go do fingerprints in ATL when they finally get back to you. Expressjet is a great company with a lot of great men and women flying for them.
Date Interviewed: February 2015
Summary of Qualifications: Prior Military, 940TT, 355ME, ATP Written
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I flew into Atlanta the night before and stayed at the Hampton Inn and Suites North. I let them know I was interviewing for an airline and they gave me the airline rate of $79. Free shuttle from the airport and nice hotel with free breakfast.

The Hotel shuttle dropped me off at ExpressJet HQ right across the street around 0730. The lady at the front desk was very nice and we talked about the weather. One other applicant showed up around 0750. At 0800 someone came down and brought us to the second floor. The third applicant had some shuttle problems and showed up about 20 minutes late. Everyone was understanding and we began with a presentation on the company.

After the presentation we took a 45 question, 45 minute test with questions pulled strait from the ATP test. I studied from the Dauntless ATP study guide and did great. All the questions that take time (weight and balance, top of descent, etc.) have been takin out.

The test was followed by the written paragraph. We had a choice of two topics. Mine were "Explain a time you made a bad decision" or "If you could have tea with anyone in history, who would it be and why."

After that was the panel interview. Two pilots and one more observing who was in training. They had me brief a Jeppesen approach plate then asked me questions about it. What is the MSA, what does it guarantee, if you were in this position at this altitude when can you descend. Then we changed gears and did HR questions. What's your best and worst qualities, why ExpressJet, tell us about when you dealt with a difficult situation, etc.

If you did well they'll send you across the street for fingerprinting and drug testing. They told me I'll most likely be getting a call for a start date but had to do the paperwork and background check first. About four hours later I got a call and an offer to start. One of the other applicants got a call the next day. Overall everyone there was very nice and did a great job making us feel comfortable. They are hurting for pilots so smile and do your best. You'll get the job.
Date Interviewed: February 2015
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 2,500 hours, prior 121 and 135 heavy time.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
We were greeted by a representative of express jet in the lobby. We were then taken to a room and given a PowerPoint about the company. This was followed by a break. After the break there was an ATP written, I was called to another room to "begin my interview process". The two kids conducting the interview said that the airlineapps application that I completed online didn't match the one I printed out and brought with me. This is true, I filled out only 5 years employment history and didn't check all the boxes until they called me for an interview at which time I updated it and printed the app. There was not any mischievous doings here. I simply updated the app. These kids doing the interview were on the defense and don't believe in giving someone the benefit of doubt. The airlineapps application sends the application to the employer after it is updated, so they had my current file. There are much better companies out there to work for in fact the information they gave me prior to the interview didn't match the information in the PowerPoint once I arrived there. Seems like they are trying to rope in pilots and once you're invested they switch it up.
Date Interviewed: January 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 1550 TT, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI, Bachelors Degree (non-aviation)
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Flew to Atlanta for the interview. ExpressJet recruiters offered to have someone fly out to Houston to interview me, but no one was available so I came to them on January 5th.

Got in late to ATL and stayed at the Drury Inn; A little expensive but a very nice hotel. Excellent breakfast spread in the morning. (Be sure to eat something…not too heavy) However, I asked the front desk person when I checked in if the courtesy van could take me to ExpressJet headquarters (right across the street) in the morning. I was not given a time so I missed it…had to walk it. Not a big deal as it was about ½ mile and about 40 degrees in a suit, but not something I wanted to start an interview day out with.

Arrived at XJT around 7:45 and put my bag behind the desk. Both women at the front are very nice. Went to the restroom to clean myself up after my trek and back to the lobby to introduce myself to the other candidates; Both really nice guys. Three of us were there for the interview. Around 8:05 Eric walked in and we went to an upstairs conference room with computers where (Courtney?) collected our paperwork and logbooks. Eric took us through a PowerPoint presentation about the company. I liked what I saw. Allowed to ask some questions then. Have an idea whether you want ERJ or CRJ before you go.

After, we were instructed to take a 45 question/45 minute exam with question similar to what you would see in the ATP written. No 240 questions personality test, no cognitive test, no nothing. However, just because I did not have to take them, you might, so be prepared and follow the previous gouge. I passed and so did the others. Easy peesy and moving on.

We were also given an essay question to determine whether you can read and write English…and have an IQ above 80. My topics were either “what aircraft would you own if you could” OR “tell me about the most interesting place you have ever visited”. The other guys got different questions. I believe “tell me about your worst checkride” was one.

Next we did the HR/Oral interview portion. This is your time to shine and make them laugh as well as impress and be professional and likable. I interviewed with Eric and Fred; Both very nice guys. Asked me to brief a JEPP approach for Asheville ILS. Not too difficult, I just never use JEPP on a regular basis. They asked a lot of procedural questions (max airspeed below 10,000, max airspeed underlying class B, etc.). As well as a few scenarios (You are 10 minutes from push and discover there is no catering on board, what would you do?). I talked a bit, they seemed to really like me and I really liked what I heard. I asked a lot of questions and took up probably too much of there time.

After that, one of the other candidates and I went for fingerprinting and drug testing as we both had a flight to catch. HR and drug testing is another walk just across the street. Takes about 20 minutes for fingerprinting and a 1-mile ride to the DOT drug-testing site. Let them know you have a flight to catch and they will rush you through. Van took us to the airport and while waiting at the gate to catch my flight home, Fred called me and offered me the job and wanted to set a class date on the ERJ.

Overall, I loved the experience. A little nerve racking as any interview should be. I’m excited to work for the company. Good luck!
Date Interviewed: April 2014
Summary of Qualifications: R-ATP Mins, CFI, CFII.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Flew in night before to IAH and stayed at the Comfort Suites. Tell hotel you are with XJT and show interview invite email, you can get the room for $49.99. Shuttle at 7am to XJT training center.

8am sharp Jim Hughes met myself and two other candidates in the lobby and took us back to a classroom. We began with a powerpoint about the company, its vision, future growth plans, current equipment and domiciles.

After presentation, all paperwork was collected along with logbooks. We were taken upstairs to an office area with cubicles. This is where the testing, essays and HR questions are done. They only have two computer testing stations. If you don't do testing first you will do the essay and HR questions followed by the one-on-one interview. After lunch you'll complete testing.

Cognitive exam had some similarities to what you can find on Luminosity. It's all brain games. Best advice is to not over think any of the games. Some examples of the games include memorizing a sequence of 3,4,5 or 6 numbers and repeating them in reverse order. Another game you had to memorize a block of patterns and were given two choices after it disappeared and had to choose the correct pattern shown before. There was a mental math portion asking things such as you went out to eat the bill was 18.25, what would a 15% tip be. The last one was using the arrow keys to balance a moving bar like a see-saw and answering questions at the same time.

Personality test was straight forward. 240 questions, answer choices are Strongly agree-agree-neutral-disagree-strongly disagree. They tell you during the presentation to keep your answers consistent so remember that.

Delta Job Knowledge exam is by far the hardest part of the entire interview. 60 questions in 60 minutes. All based on jet operations, aerodynamics, systems and air navigation. If you google "delta job knowledge test" there is a PDF that can give you some examples. Be sure to know the 3:1 rule regarding decent planning. (Altitude to loose/1000*3=miles to start decent). You must get at least a 55% to pass this exam. You will probably feel like you are failing it the entire time but you're doing better than you think. I was told the average is about a 60%, I scored 70.

Essay portion is random for all persons. My topic was explain wind shear avoidance. The other two guys had high altitude weather or high altitude airspace. All you have to do is write a short paragraph formulating proper sentences.

HR questions are the basics. "Why ExpressJet"? etc.

Ono-on-one interview was about 15 minutes. Jim went through my logbook with me, asked about my experience and gave some tips on ground school training. I was asked to brief an ILS approach and then he gave me a decent planning problem. You are at FL250, cleared to an initial fix on the approach at 5000, how far out will you descend.(20,000Ft to loose/1000=20*3=60miles out). No other questions were asked as previous gouges may say. He then told me I was doing great so far and had nothing to worry about.

He walked me downstairs to fingerprinting. I then signed a conditional offer of employment. Took bus to airport for drug testing.

The next morning I received a phone call to confirm a class date of May 19 for ERJ in Houston.

Be yourself, be confident and know that you're there because it's your job to lose. Best of luck!
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