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Flight Options Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Start with a face to face at their FBO/offices at Cuyahoga County Airport. They fly you into CLE then you have to rent a car to drive to the Cuyahoga County Airport and then to Toledo for the FSI evaluation, which they also pay for. Since they didn't balk at spending the $500. to fly me up, and they put me up at the Mariott Courtyard, I get the feeling that they have the applicant rent the car to cut down on liability/logistical problems, not because of the expense. Anyway-

The face-to-face/ technical interview lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. How did you find us? What do you know about us? Let's talk about the company, it's past and it's future. Tell me about yourself. Regs questions, brief this approach. What type of lighting is MALSSF? What is second segment climb gradient? What is holding speed at 14001' MSL. Let's review your logbook- Real straightforward stuff.

They are not trying to see if you know it all, just determine what sort of knowledge level you have now, and if you are receptive to learning. Don't BS 'em; if you don't know the answer to a question (and there will be some you won't know) For example- you're not supposed to know Second Segment Climb Gradient if you are a Commercial pilot driving a Baron. If you are an ATP with a jet type, you would be expected to know this and more, obviously. Review an ATP written guide, the Jepps' chart symbology, etc.

There weren't too many questions about limitations on the aircraft I was currently flying. He did pick out a few trips in my logbook and ask me what a certain identifier was, or about some of my international stuff. All in all, it was a friendly, pleasant, non confrontational interview. I came away from it feeling like I had made a friend, and learned a few things, as well.

Their operation (Corporate Wings) has two sides- an aircraft management side and a frax side, which is Flight Options: CE550, BE400, HS125-800XP Challenger and now FA50, with orders/options for 25 Envoys. There has been a lot of money put into this company- the Ops center looks like a cross between Mission Control and the Batcave.

Anyway, make it through the getting to know you/tech interview, then you drive yourself to Toledo, where they put you up in a hotel. Go to FSI the next day and do the FSI deal- written tests, timed tests, Psych tests (they pay for it). Then, do a Sim check in a Citation 3 sim with an EFIS AI and HSI, which I had never used before, but they explained it's operation, which really wasn't a big deal for the evaluation. You'll be given the plates, power settings, etc. in advance. You will be paired with another applicant- each will take a turn in the left seat.

Basic airwork- constant speed climb, steep turns, maybe a stall (don't remember) then a hold, an approach, that's about it. I could tell you that it is a departure from PDK going to ATL and that you will hold on the such-and-such radial, but it is really not necessary to know this- they will actually give you an information packet that lists the profile, contains the plates, etc. I did not do what I considered to be a great job- plus or minus 200' in the steep turns, a few altitude excursions here and there (I had never flown a level C or D sim before) but what they are looking for is basic instrument skills and to see if you are teachable.

They are not looking for perfection- they are looking for motivated, bright, professional, personable pilots who are willing to learn things their way and who can hack it during training. Low timers go into the Citation, current jet SIC's or PIC's go into the Hawker and Beechjets. I hear this has changed a little. Last year they told me to expect about 350 hours a year, with a one year upgrade (I was there for the Hawker XP).

Pay is decent- downside is moving to Cleveland if you don't want to, or taking your chances commuting. I thought they were a great bunch of people (still do!) and they made me an offer a few days later to start a class date within a few weeks, followed by FSI for the type rating.

Good luck!

Date Interviewed: April 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

They flew me up to CLE and had a rental car waiting on me. The entire facitilty was extremely impressive. The flight following and scheduling department looked like a classy version of NASA. I was interviewed by Eric Gerhardt from HR and Tim Shaldin a Program Manager. The HR questions were fairly tyupical, just trying to get to know you stuff. The HR end was more of trying to sell you on the company and fill out standard forms for the interview. Tim the Progarm Manager asked the technical questions on several approches. The first into Veal (I believe) which is an odd ILS. You must always land one direction and take off the other. they ask questions to see how far you would go or push the minimums. the other is aspect is to understand that odd ball missed procedures which i had to take a double take. The next approach was in the state of WA and it was on the coast. They just wanted to see if you will recognize when to take a circiling approach. After that it was just procedure questions and personal questions about your background. The interview was finished up with some pysch tests that they make everyone take. I had a very enjoyable and reloaxed expirence.

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