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Mountain Air Cargo Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: March 2012
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 2400 tt 800 multi 135 experience. Internal rec
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
got a call offered an interview. Bring the standard things licenses Passport logbooks radio operators license ect. Meet with hr lady made small talk very friendly lady. Next met with chief pilot more small talk and then off to sim. This thing is exactly as you have read jepp computer based sim setup like a bananza. Super touchy Dont use rudders and be easy on the yolk. They briefed me and we began. Very relaxed take your time and do what you know how to do. Flight profile: takeoff climb then steep turns 180 each direction at 60*. Next vor 24 hky full approach at mins went missed and sim was paused. They made a comment about how they forgot to change the weather so prepare for either. After that they print off your flight profile and off to CPs office. More small talk and look at logbooks. General questions (what's a...plane how do you feel about moving...) nothing technical just be yourself. Got a call the next day and offered a class date
Date Interviewed: March 2011
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 135 & 121 exp, 4750TT, 2000+PIC, 3 type ratings
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I mailed in a resume and cover letter, as well as did the online application. I received a call about 3 days later to schedule an interview. Incidentally, the chief pilot did mention he got my mailed resume and it prompted the call, not the online deal.

The interview was very relaxed and straightforward. Prior to the interview I got the packet on information to fill out and bring with me. I showed up a couple minutes early and gave my paperwork to HR and she went through things with me. Next I met the chief pilot and we went straight to the desktop sim for a couple steep turns and the VOR app to KHKY. Sim is touchy, but it's a cakewalk. After that we went to his office and he asked a couple training questions, mainly just making you'll be able to make it through their training program. Nothing technical or anything. I had previous 121 & 135 training reports with me so that helped. Next went to the 'pilot manager's' office and he only had one question for me. He asked about relocation versus commuting, I said I'd move over the summer. I had several questions which he answered and got a good feel for their operation. We shook hands and it was over. I got an e-mailed job offer within an hour.

They'll answer any question you have and are very straightforward. Seemed like a sharp company to work for.
Date Interviewed: February 2011
Summary of Qualifications: ATP/PART135/PART121/ATRTYPE
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Arrived for a 10am interview at 930 am. I was introduced to the HR department who were very helpful. You will be sent a packet that must be filled out before you show for the interview. Finish the paperwork before you go to help speed the process. Basic info, background check, and other material companies require now.

I was introduced to the chief pilot who was very nice and fully ready to answer any questions that I had. I was brought into a back room where they have an older simulator just to ensure you have basic instrument skills and are able to fly an approach.

It was a straight foreward interview. There were no hidden questions or TMAT questions. They are looking to see who you are and find out if you are a match for the company.

I was pleased with the experience and would recommend the compnay, just make sure you have 1500 PIC before you decide to work at Mountain Air Cargo. That is the minimum for left seat in either the 208 or ATR.
Date Interviewed: December 2008
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 2800 tt, 2500 pic, 1500 multi, 300 ifr
Bachelor of Science degree
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Preview gouges are accurate but this is what I remember.
After being offered an interview I received a packet of things to accomplish prior to the interview and what to bring with me. Mountain Air Cargo arranged for a pre-employment drug screening prior to the interview. The day of the interview I arrived a few minutes before 9 am and met with Mrs. Wimbley in HR. HR reviewed the application and verified all information was correct prior to leading me over to meet with the Chief Pilot, Director of Operations, and the North American Flight Operations Manager. I don't recall being asked any of the technical questions that are normal during interviews and I also don't remember being asked any tell me about a time when type questions. Everyone that I met with was very friendly. The Manager was a no BS good ol' boy from Alabama. He simply went over the company operations in the Caravan and ATR and made sure we knew we'd be flying a night and wants to hear that you will go anywhere the company needs you to go. We reviewed the logbooks and talked about our flying experience and wanted to know why we wanted to work at Mountain Air Cargo.
The Chief Pilot administered the simulator evaluation on a PCATD. The PCATD is not maintained well and is very touchy. It is set up as a Bonanza and I had a chance prior to the flight to review the profiles they want flown and the approach to be done. I took off from Hickory (HKY) and headed west for airwork. I had a few minutes to get a feel for how the plane handles before completing steep turns. After the steep turns I was cleared direct to the VOR and completed one of the full approaches into HKY in a non radar environment down to minimums. Remember to make non radar calls to ATC! I broke out right at DA and flew the plane to the ground. The sim is almost impossible to land. The sim eval was to just demonstrate basic airmanship and instrument proficiency.
After the Sim eval, I was led to the break room where I sat until being pulled into an office to be offered an ATR position.
Overall, it was a very laid back interview and they seemed to be looking mostly at personality and instrument proficiency. They don't waste time offering lots of interviews so if you get the call for an interview then you've got the job if you don't do something stupid so just relax, be yourself, and demonstrate that you know how to fly in IMC.
Date Interviewed: August 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 1855TT
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Prior posts are spot on. It was a very laid back experience. Met with Ms. Wimbley and reviewed paperwork. Next was the sim with the CP. Very basic but touchy. They provided the Jepp plate for VOR DME 24 and a card for the basic profiles. It was a Bonanza setup on the Jepp/PCAD device. Set of steep turns and then the full VOR DME approach. Very straight forward. Then met with Director of Flight Ops. Very nice gentlemen, very blunt. He will not sugarcoat anything and believes in honesty. Review of logbooks and was offered ATR slot on site. Best recommendation would be to practice on a PCAD if you can, otherwise just be yourself as the process is quite friendly and laid back in comparison. I felt it was more of a get to know "you" than what do you know situation. Hope that helps.
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