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Qatar Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2009
Summary of Qualifications: atp 19000tt 10000pic 4000 jet typed a320 B744 B777
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
After arrival was given an application to fill out, essentially docs info and flight hours. I had copies of all documents to back it up which I handed along with the application. Followed by this was a talk about the airline , its fleet, the new airport to be built there and pay and benefits information. This is available also on their website, under careers.
A 50 question multiple choice test followed with questions on basic aerodynamics and other aeronautical miscellanea, asda, 3rd segment climb, effect of forward cg, lapse rate, notams, effect of speed brake and aileron simultaneous inputs, missed appch after circle to land, some weather, etc etc.

Interview:3 interviewers later asked tell us about yourself, what you can bring to the company, does de mrs approve of your job in qatar and a few tech questions, ie what is MNPS and alt limits, what does the takeover button on Airbus side stick do. After a 3 minute huddle they invited me for sim check for a 320 cap job possibility since I am interested in a widebody capt slot, I have declined the offer.
Date Interviewed: April 2008
Summary of Qualifications: ATP and more.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
NOT HIRING!!!!!!!!!!! wasted the whole interview groups time!! During the interview Glinda Carter was asked what A/C and base are they hiring into, she said "no a/c and no class dates at this time". They now have a pool.
Date Interviewed: October 2004
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 21,000 hrs. Part 121 A-330 Capt. Typed onDC3 DC6 DC7 B-737 B-757 B-767 A-320 A-330
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I went for an interview for an A330 captain position. Was given a technical quiz for the A-320 even though I told them I was not current on the A-320. Interview portion was done by the Assistant Chief Pilot and the Chief Pilot for the A320. At my airline we do not use 100% AirBus procedures. I was asked a lot of questions about AirBus limitations and procedures that are slightly different than ours. I had studied a lot so was able to do well answering these questions. I also explained the difference between my procedures and theirs as a means of explaining why I did not have some of the same info they had. They seemed to accept that. At one point there was some confusion as the Algerian pilot asked me the term for my fuel reserves. What he really meant was "time " and it took a bit to sort out what he was really asking.

The simulator portion was ok except for the Check Airman making some very un-friendly comments about " stupid and lazy Americans " as we were going down to the simulator. I am an American and was the only American there so have to assume the comments were directed at me for my benefit. I said it was time to stop "bashing America". The check pilot had been there from the UK for about five years in Qatar and was flying the A320. My performance in the simulator was fine but after I was not offered a job thought back to his comments and other things he said to me. It was probably safe for me to assume that he did not want me there in Qatar as a captain on the A330 until he got his left seat on the A330. Job security for him. There may well be a reason that there are next to no Americans working for Qatar Airways. I have never experienced this in my career but feel strongly that he did not recommend me for those two reasons. I cannot reccommend any one to go into that type situation with that type of prejudice. The Qatari people treated me very well however. It just came as a suprise to hear a Brit saying such things. I guess he forgot about the "stupid lazy Americans " that saved his homeland a few years back. For the time being..STAY AWAY FROM QATAR AIRWAYS.

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