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Ryan Intl. Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 2400 hours with 800 hours of 737 time
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

I applied over the internet and got a call 2 weeks later. I called people I knew who worked for them and they told me if your called your hired. they are really into you knowing someone there. That was exactly has it was. 5 minutes with the chief and turn in all the paperwork that was Fed-Ex'ed to me prior to the interview and I was in.

Date Interviewed: July 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I recently was interviewed by Ryan International Airlines. I was offered employment one week later. Ryan flies the DC-10, 737, 727, and A-320. My interview was held in Minneapolis at a local hotel. I showed at 11:00 a.m. for the H.R. interview which was very laid back, we basically went over the layout of the company and the payscale. Immediately after that I went to the pilot part of the interview which consisted of the Passenger Chief pilot, DC-10 check airman, A-320 check airman. They went over my resume' and employment history with me. The bulk of the questions concerned personality. The questions were as follows: 1.) What would you do if the captain you were flying with showed with alcohol on his breath. 2.) What are the approach lights for the cat 2 ILS and what do they look like and what can you do when you get them in sight, what do you need to continue. 3.) What are the lights on an instrument runway. 4.) What would you do if you reached the captain you are flying with is cat III qualified in Europe and the A/C and runway are also qualified, however the company is not certified in the U.S. to fly cat III approaches, you arrive in Chicago after a long flight and you are down to minimum fuel and weather. When you reach minimums for the approach you don't have the required things in sight to continue, the captain informs you of his intention to continue cat III and land. What do you do? 5.) Have you ever broken an FAR? The rest of the questions were systems questions about one of the a/c in my past and it was one awhile back not the one I currently fly. The application is given out at the interview and you fill it out that afternoon. When the pilot portion is complete you will be sent to another room to wait for news of whether you will continue on to the sim ride. The sim ride The sim ride was at NATCO and it was a level d 727 sim. It took about 30 minute and it consisted of a takeoff and constant a/s climb to 5000 msl. I flew straight and level for a minute or so ( the sim is very pitch sensitive ), then they cleared me to the vor to hold, you have to track the vor with an rmi needle. All of this happens while you are supposed to be slowing for the hold,(know your jet holding speeds they will be watching for this and they won' t remind you). If you give the entry and outbound and turns correctly you will not have to hold. I was then repositioned to an ILS to minimums, with a landing. After I landed I basically left the sim and they notified me 7 days later.

Date Interviewed: July 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interviews were held in MSP at a hotel in two attached rooms.

The first interview is with HR. ~15 minutes MAX Typically goes over the app ( if you received it before) Have a fresh resume, photocopies organized. He, HR guy, asked if you had any questions about the company etc. I honestly think they are looking to see what you know, do research. June 99 AIRINC article and the web site for Ryan will give you lots of info.

The panel interview: 20-30 MINS Retired CA (B727) I think Current, intructor, A320 CA Both re very pleasant and just want to get to know you. Have you ever been to a UAL interview, well nothing tramatic like that!!

Comparing notes with the other interviewees that day:

HR questions: Drunk CA Favorite Job Worst Job Conflict with CA Conflict while flying Have a CA didn't like to fly with Hardest Airplane systems learned (from resume) Brief description of your flying career (resume of jobs expanded and why you left) Do they know you are interviewing with us.


Holding, speeds, entries, ETC. VOR radial, positional awareness and draw holding instructions, talk thru SOP Deicing, types, times, ETC. Runway lights (all) ALS, Runway centerline lights, taxiway lights, ETC. 121ops: ALT, TO ALT, Reduced VIS TO, SOP (lowest vis you can go 91 or 121) Current Airplane systems

Hope this helps. A very pleasant experience from my experience. Know the AIM and current SOP, aircraft. The postion held makes a difference. A check airman interviewee got a lot of situational questions, hat swapping.

The SIM check:

NATCO, MSP B727, left or right seat They will tell you what to do for procedures, use your common calls.

RH heading to 5000' Left turn direct to FGT VOR out of 3000' Holding instructions, get it right and they position freeze, you continue to fly. Descend to 2700 and reduce speed to 145. Config Airplane. ILS to a full stop. Yes they want to see you land the airplane. If you go missed approach, they wil reset the airplane to see you fly the ILS, break out and land the aircraft. They are looking to see if you are trainable.

Best wishes and good luck. I got a call yesterday, my feet haven't touched the ground yet.

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