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United Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: October 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 4400 TT, 1200 TPIC, 3700 MEL, ATP 121
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
New interview style, no sim. Positive space you to/from Denver, show up at training center in Denver, get vistor's badge. (You can get it the day before if you want to just get it out of the way.) Walk in meet Doris, she will have you sit down and go over your Airline Apps printout and make any changes. Despite being printed out the day of my interview, it was filled with data from the day I got the notification for my interview, so keep it up to date and show up with a printout of your final revisions to it! Review your times and leave logbooks with her. Sit in waiting area with other candidates, some may have just completed their interview so they can give you the quick and dirty gouge of what they just went through. Mine started with the Tech interview. Sit down with a Captain in one of the sim briefing rooms or the interview room and choose one flight out of four choices. They'll put up NOTAMs, WX and forecasts, just run through it like you would a normal flight at your previous employer. The profiles will be put up blank on the screen for the appropriate times, and you just basically chair fly the whole flight. He had me brief the takeoff as I would at my current company and use the iPad with Jeppesen apps. Some ATC procedural situations will be displayed, just tell them what you would do (should be no problem if you've been flying in the US ATC system for awhile, i.e. understanding RNAV/VNAV departures and arrivals.) You get to choose a scenario (one out of four), run through the QRH on the iPad. More ATC procedural situations during the descent phase, brief the approach, go missed, run through the profiles as appropriate. Airport is closed due to some reason, come up with options, discuss with the Captain (who plays the role of new FO), talk to everybody you need to talk to (basic Captain stuff) and that concludes the "chair flying" segment. Then you get to choose one out of four CRM scenarios. Watch a video of something scary happening in the cockpit, discuss what they did, tell what you thought about the situation, discuss some options that you may have done, that will conclude the Tech portion of the interview. You'll go back to the waiting area and wait for the HR panel. You will sit down with a United HR person and a Captain. The first question was: tell us about your career from the start until now. Then they do the five, let's see who you really are, questions. They'll brief how they want you to answer as they take notes in the order of (1) Situation/Task (2) Action/what you did (3) Response/what you learned. So if you want to practice answering questions in that order so you're used to it, it'll make your life a lot easier. The questions they asked me were completely unexpected, that's probably the best game in my opinion, expect the unexpected. You'll have time to think about what story you want to share, given the pressure of the situation, you really have no choice but to be honest and sincere. I answered only two of the questions with aviation/airline related responses, the others I pulled from stories of my life and other jobs I've had in the past. They then conclude the interview with "Why do you want to work for United Airlines?" You're completely fried at this point so just do the best you can. They give you a thank you letter from Bill Kennedy and will tell you, should you get hired, when to expect a class date. I was done with the whole process 30 minutes before the scheduled end time, which was nice because my flight back home was 2 hours after scheduled interview end. They do the interview boards the next Wednesday, so expect a call first thing in the morning the day after (Thursday). You'll get an e-mail the next Tuesday saying they're removing you from the interview list (don't freak out), they just do that because you have already interviewed. The whole process was pretty straightforward, I did not do any interview prep courses or sim preparation. Good luck to those out there that get the call!
Date Interviewed: March 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 6600TT, 3400 121 PIC, 121 Check Airman
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
All other gouge info was right on.

Got the email to take the Hogan test. 2 separate tests. About 230 questions on the first and about 160 on the second. Not timed and you can log out and back in as needed. Take your time and answer honestly.

Four days after finishing the Hogan test, I was called to schedule an interview. Very friendly and offered me several days and times for the interview at the UAL Denver training center.

Upon arriving, an ID was made for me at the front desk and I was directed to the HR room. Both HR personnel were very friendly and made me feel at home. They took the required paperwork and logbooks. Handed in GA Jepp logbooks and printed out electronic logbooks for 121 time. No questions were asked about them.

2 Part interview HR and sim and can be in either order.

Did the HR part first with one HR rep and one Captain. Very friendly, down to Earth people. Made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.
Started with tell me about yourself and how you got into aviation.
Any failed check rides, violations etc?
Asked about 3 TMAAT questions similar to:
A time a coworker disagreed with a decision you made regarding customer service
A time you failed to reach a goal and considered giving up
You were surprised to be questioned by a supervisor.
Lastly- Why United Airlines?

Very friendly, current UAL pilot running sim. Makes you very relaxed and gives a thorough briefing of the items to be covered. Airport chosen at random, then provided with approach plate, airport diagram and scratch paper.
Exactly like to profile they provided with the interview invitation information.
737 sim, in left seat, hand flying, raw data- no flight director and responding to ATC calls with a UAL call sign
Takeoff, level at assigned altitude and speed
Several climbing/descending turns and speed changes
1-360 degree steep turn
Vectors to ILS- (approach already setup in the FMC and nav radios)
Fly to a missed approach
Execute ATC assigned missed approach instructions and after leveling, autopilot was turned on.

CRM Scenario:
7 minutes timed while sitting in the sim
Airport is closed- landing is not possible, what do you do?
Sim evaluator is ATC, Dispatch, FA’s, etc.
After 7 minutes, go back to briefing room and debrief the evaluator on your decision, what would work, what wouldn’t, why you did what you did, what you would do different, etc.

Got the good news phone call about 8 days later (time will vary depending on what day the interview is).
Date Interviewed: December 2014
Summary of Qualifications: Military single seat background. 3000 hrs. 2800 PIC/Multi. Masters Degree.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
All the gouge on this site is relevant. Straight up process. Took the Hogan and was called the next day. As far as the Hogan just answer honestly.

Showed up for the Interview and everyone was very pleasant and put you at ease. Handed in my logbooks and paper work. Nothing was ever asked about the logbooks.

Panel was 1 captain and 1 HR rep. About 5 TMAAT a time questions. EX: TMAAT a decision you made caused stress to others. TMAAT you failed to keep a commitment. Interview panel was low stress and just wanted to hear you speak.

The SIM was equally relaxed. You will get no feed back during the sim but just know the call-outs they send you and keep working to be on parameters and you will be fine. All raw data on the sim and not very easy to fly. Highly recommend sim prep if you have the time to get it.

I honestly felt like the job was mine to loose. Called 4 days after the interview with the job offer. Good Luck!
Date Interviewed: October 2014
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 6000TT 1000PIC 5000 Multi
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Two Part Interview

Panel Interview. One Captain and one HR:

They started off by telling me about them and how long they have been with United. They then asked me about my resume. Next was TMAAT questions about 5-6 total.

TMAAT you had to deliver bad news.
TMAAT you were challenged or questioned by a supervisor.
TMAAT when you supported a decision you didn't agree with.

Is there anything you want to highlight that is not on your resume?

TMAAT when you needed to use the assistance of an additional person to help you resolve a difficult situation.
TMAAT you said something you felt bad about or apologized for.
Why UAL?

Sim Evaluation:
Very relaxed atmosphere.
Take off from SFO.
Climb runway heading to 10,000
Level at 10,000 and accelerate to 250kts
Steep turns for 360 degrees
Vector over OAK for ILS Approach to RWY 28R at SFO
Missed approach climb straight to 6000
CRM scenario question
Date Interviewed: May 2014
Summary of Qualifications: Military single seat pilot with about 1000 hours of KingAir (C-12) time added. About 3000 hours total. IP/EP, Masters degree, Ops, Safety, etc.
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
The first part was after the initial call, you have to take the personality test. The best gouge is to just answer the question with the first response that comes to mind. It's all agree/disagree. Do NOT overthink it. Just take it easy and answer honestly.

After that, I got the call to interview. They send you a packet with all of the callouts for a 737-300 simulator. Very straightforward.

The day of the interview, I showed up at the Denver training center in the appropriate "official interview suit" and turned in my logbooks for them to review. I have 5. 4 military and 1 civilian. I also translated all of them on to 1 excel spreadsheet that breaks it all down the way their application does so that they could see that it all added up. No questions were ever asked of me, either right then or later in the panel interview, about the books.

I did the simulator first. It was VERY straightforward and ran EXACTLY like the packet that they sent me said that it would run. Takeoff, clean up, climb to 5000' and level off at 250kts. Then take a few minutes to do some turns and get the feel for it. I was typed (HPA, a year before) but have no actual 737 time since then and he knew that. Then steep turns both directions. Then radar vectors to an ILS to a low approach. After the low approach, they put it on freeze and we did a CRM drill.

The board interview was really easy. No "stump the chump" questions. I got the impression that they just wanted to hear you speak and form a coherent sentence. Very low pressure and friendly. Overall a great experience.

They called back a week later and told me I was hired and gave me a class date a few days after that.
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