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Air Cargo Carriers Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2013
Summary of Qualifications: CFI, MEI, 900TT Internal Rec.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I arrived at 8:30 and did a 50Q written instrument test. Then Terri, the HR lady graded it and told me that the CP was on his way down for a panel interview. The DOT was also supposed to be there but he was down the street teaching an upgrade class. The panel was HR questions interspersed with tech questions.
Logbook questions and past flying questions.
Have you ever failed a checkride,
Why you,
why ACC,
what makes a good pilot/bad pilot.
TMAAT when you had a coworker you didn't get along with and how did you handle that situation.
Mock ATC clearance and readback.
They asked me to give a lesson on holding patterns,
Questions on a government app. plate
Then they went in to her office to discuss how it went. They came out a few minutes later and he told me to put my coat on because we were going down the block for the sim eval. We walked in and the DOT was teaching an upgrade class for two pilots. He told them to hang tight and walked with us to the back room where the sim was warming up and he asked me which seat I'd prefer. I said the right one since I am a CFI and am used to it. He hopped in the left seat and the CP sat behind us so he could see what I was doing. They told me not to worry about power settings, flaps, freq's, just fly the plane and use the DOT to do everything else. (As long as you ask him to do it.) They gave me the clearance on the ground and gave me the hold I would get after takeoff. If I remember correctly it sounded like this; "Night cargo 100 after takeoff, maintain runway heading, climb & maintain 3,000. Intercept Timmerman VOR 137radial inbound and hold west on the 270 radial left turns." Takeoff was runway 1 and that would set me up for a teardrop entry and a heading of 300 after crossing the fix. All this was figured out on the ground so you know exactly what you are doing once you takeoff. After two rounds in the hold I was put on a vector for ILS 19R If I'm remembering correctly. I handed over controls while I briefed the approach. Told the PNF to call out 1,000 above, 500 above and 100 above. He did and we went missed on an alternate missed instructions from ATC; " runway heading to 1,500 then climbing right turn heading 360 to 2,500." He cleared up the clouds and had me shoot a visual to land which was not graded. He said the landing was just for fun and they didn't expect me to do well on it.

Then after that we went across the street from the original building for a pee test. On the way, the CP shook my hand and congratulated me and gave me an informal offer. After that the DOT, CP, two upgrade students and myself all went to lunch before I was dropped off at the airport in time to catch the 3:05 flight back home.
Date Interviewed: November 2011
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 2100+hrs
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Was called and given a prescreening and overview of the company operations, then was later called again and offered an interview date of my choosing. The following week information was emailed to me. I was responsible for getting myself to MKE, which turned out to be a real challenge. I stayed at the Clarion, clean hotel with free internet and a nice gym. ACC room rate was $39 and I was only a 5 minute drive to the interview site. Interview was held at the old Air Force base, checked in with HR and was taken to a room and given a 50 question, multiple choice, Instrument test. They allow an hour to complete, then CP, HR and someone from the training department came in and panel interview began with finger flying off of an NOS low enroute chart from a fix to the MKE airport. Some finger flying done off the NOS plate for an ILS to MKE and 10-9 used to explain taxi procedures to the ACC hangar. Then basic HR questions. From there, I was lead about 2 blocks down to the sim building. I was told to sit in the right seat and the guy from the training department sat in the left. Sim ride is set up as total CRM, except you don't worry with the throttles, he made all power settings. The simulator is actually the Shorts 360 FTD. Typical sim sensitivity, was told to take off from MKE and get comfy with sim by doing steep turns, then vectored for an ILS which terminated with a landing. Was lead back to the HR building and offered the job! Was then given all the 10year background paperwork to fill out and told to go take a urinalysis at a nearby Concentra.

Overall, I have a good feeling about this company. Had heard nothing about them and tried my best to call all my friends to get information. Found out through the grapevine that the people who have worked for them were pretty happy. It's hard work, especially since you load plane in out-station. Apparently, theres not that much flying, but comparatively, decent pay. They said they didn't really have a need for pilots just yet and didn't know where I would be based, but were just trying to prepare for next years demand. They said that they will reimburse my travel expenses and that I will be paid $45/day, with lodging provided, while in training. Once on line, base pay will be around $28k to start, $11k of which is non-taxable perdiem. First couple of weeks of training are in MKE, then you're sent to NYC for the sim. Expect at least a year for upgrade and pay goes up to $10k/yr. People were very nice and the planes look pretty interesting. Definitely retro and fun! If you're an aviation buff like me, make sure you have some sort of meal at the restaurant with the 152 mounted on the roof. I can't remember the name, Final Approach, or something, but it was a nice atmosphere and decent food. Its also only a few blocks from Clarion and Concentra.
Date Interviewed: November 2011
Summary of Qualifications: 1423TT; 575TURBINE (300 PIC, 275 SIC); 1100PIC; 130MULTI; 130 INSTRUMENT; 400+ NIGHT
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
50 question written on INSTRUMENT WRITTEN
ORAL EXAM replicating ATC COMMUNICATIONS from a fix near Baraboo, WI to MKE. a DASH9 page of MKE with instructions to taxi to the ACC Hangar after touching down on 7R holding short 1L.
3 person interview with CP, DT, and HR.
then SIM RIDE to “evaluate your scan” in a sim that is SUPER SENSITIVE…all you have to do is FLY THE PLANE…the Director of Training will sit in LEFT seat and do ALL the power settings and wheels and flaps. YOU JUST FLY THE STICK and climb to 3,000’, steep turn to L or R, (your choice), turns to heading for vectors, then fly the ILS approach to MINS.
Afterwards, PRIAA paperwork and then a PEE TEST.
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