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ATI - Air Transport Intl. Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: July 2010
Summary of Qualifications: ATP:CE-500, DA-50, B-727 (CFII-MEI)
FE:Turbojet and Turbopropeller with A&P
Current DC-8 Flight Engineer; previously flown as DC-8 FO and FE.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Met with ATI folks in CVG;ATI paid hotel for one night.
I made the 1800 mile drive on my own.
Filled out application, completed general written test, fingerprints and drug test.
Board interview with Chief Pilot, Chief Flight Engineer, HR gal, old pilot instructor and old FE instructor
First comment made to me,
You're over qualified for the job as DC-8 flight engineer.
Provided lengthly description of myself and background.
Asked how long I had worked with another company..., clearly indicated on resume. Asked question about DC-8 fuel system; I was still current as a DC-8 FE.
Asked why I was not with a previous DC-8 company; touchy subject since I had been fired, and required to buy my own ticket back to the company base for a respectful email regarding previous company ethics issues...
Asked about how long I would stay with ATI after they spent all this money to train me, again, I was an experienced and current DC-8 FE. Said I was packed and ready to take care of the needs of ATI around the world.
Immediately wrote 2 thank you letters to ATI.
Date Interviewed: April 2008
Summary of Qualifications: 5300 TT 1100 PIC Types A320, MD-11, DHC-8
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Previous gouges were pretty accurate. Interview started at their headquarters where their CP gave an overview of the Company and an HR rep followed up with more in depth details. Written test was a basic IFR test. I did miserable on it, but any private pilot that just got their instrument ticket would do great. Study the Oral exam guide is my only advice. I was first to go in the sim. They claim it was set up like an MD81. Truth be told, it flew like a fully loaded MD-11 (somehow I doubt a md-81 flies anything like a 630,000 lb aircraft). The sim instructor wasnt very helpful, bad vectors, not enthused at all. He told me he'd set power etc, But he did a miserable job at it. I took off Runway 24 at LAX tracked outbound. Entered a hold which was teardrop. Everyone else got a Parallel (maybe I screwed something up?)Then some NDB work and an ILS back into LAX.

Next I had the 3 on 1 interview. They asked for full background story. Where do you see yourself in 5 years, why ATI, Tell us a CRM story. Bastard captain that goes below mins etc...Typical HR but very very friendly, They honestly put me at ease. Technical questions best place for CG? Where is the protected area during a circle for your category a/c? Speed under class B? Speed in a procedure turn?

Overall not a bad experience. Nice group of people. Good luck hope this helps
Date Interviewed: December 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 3700tt 571 multi 300 Turbine PIC 135 freight
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
I got the call for the interview a week in advance. You have to pay your way but they provide hotel and the transportion. Arrived the night before get there by 7pm. Van took us to the training center, the driver is in the training dept. rode with Barbara in HR. They gave us a company overview ie. salary benefits etc. Took a 20 question written multiple guess on basic 91 IFR. Some of the question go either way. All in the group said the same thing. Interview was laid back a few standard HR questions followed by Tech stuff. What is mach tuck, some mental math questions, breaking action. Nothing that hard. I brain cramped on a few due being nervous and didn't feel good about my performance. Next the sim eval is a PCAD set up like MD80. They did not give you any power settings. Took off LAX 24R to 3000 intercept a radial to a VOR, then another intercept to a VOR and hold teardrop entry once established they have you intecept a bearing to the station cross over the NDB desend to 2500 vectors for ILS24R 140 on final.Use the evaluator he will set up freq. set bugs etc. the sim is a little touchy no flight director.I got the offer a few days later via phone from the chief. Over all it was a relaxed
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