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Lynx Aviation Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: May 2009
Summary of Qualifications: BA3100,Do328-100 and DHC-8 type ratings. Flight Engineer with B727 experience. 12,000 hours total time. DASH-8-Q400 instructor with Flight Safety International.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Positive space accomidation to Denver on Frontier was provided. I was interviewing for a training department position. Waited for over an hour to be interviewed by two line pilots and the c/p as well as the lady from h.r. that set up the interview.

During the interview session they advised they were only hiring f/o's at that time at $18,000/yearly and not in the training department any longer. I got up and left the room.

Since the interview did not start on time I missed my flight home and had to pay for my own hotel room.
Date Interviewed: February 2009
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, CFII/MEI, Furloughed 121
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
They will positive space you on Frontier to Denver. Interviews take place at the Corporate Offices in Westminster, CO (approx. 30 miles from Airport). Transportation and Hotel (if needed) is on your own dime. The Extended Stay America, (just a few blocks from corporate offices) offers a Lynx rate at ~$65/night. Transportation: Airport Super Shuttle (~$25/one way) or Rental Car ($20-$30/day).
Interviews usually start around 9 a.m. with an overview of the company (pay, benefits, fleet, training, future, etc.) and a short Q & A session. Things that were discussed during the overview: Aircraft #11 is due to arrive in July now. Still planning on receiving additional Qs. Currently in process getting CAT III certified. Pursuing flying for other carriers, but Frontier is No. 1 priority. First Year FO pay $21.56/hr, $1.25/hr. per diem, 72.5 hr. monthly guarantee. Looking to increase per diem and monthly guarantee. Training: 2 weeks ground school in Denver (no accommodations provided), Sim training in Seattle (hotel & per diem provided); 20-30 hrs. of IOE. 1 year training contract (non-prorated; $15k), begins at completion of IOE.
After that you値l take the 40 questions, multiple-choice test (no figures). Most questions came out of the Instrument Written Exam. I only recognized a few from the ATP written. After the test you値l go back to the break room and wait to be called. They will usually have one or two current linepilots there to answer questions and keep you company.
The person doing the interviews will most likely bee Dee (HR), Ryan (Fleet Manager) and/or Chief Pilot, and possibly a current linepilot. They will start off by going over the questions you missed on the written test, followed by some basic questions. Give us a brief history of your work experience. Ever been in an uncomfortable flying situation? How are you an asset to your current employer? What is CRM? What makes a good Captain? Standard HR questions. They値l ask a few questions on an IFR low en-route chart (MEA, MOCA, OROCA, MCA, Blue vs. Green airports, etc.). Then finger-fly and talk through an approach using Durango, CO - ILS RWY 3. You are coming in from this direction, how will you fly this approach? What altitude? When can you decent? What is the MSA? What frequency? How would you fly a circle-to-land to Runway 21? You lose visual during the circle, now what? Don稚 forget to read the notes section! They値l give you a diagram of a VOR, pick an airplane and then give you a hold clearance. Draw the hold. What kind of entry? Max. airspeed? leg length? They値l ask you to bring your aircraft manual or something similar. Basic limitations on your current aircraft. Talk me through a go-around with an engine failure. Interview will probably last 20-30 minutes. Everyone I met was nice. Pay, benefits and work rules are still below standard. I was a little disappointed to be interviewed by the fleet manager and a fairly new FO, I was hoping for a Chief Pilot or someone you would be flying with or interact more on a daily basis. Overall it was a fair interview process. I wish everyone at Lynx all the best and hope Frontier will soon emerge from Ch. 11 as I think they are a great airline. Good Luck!
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