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Silver Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: November 2011
Summary of Qualifications: CFI 1900TT/50ME
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Everyone was really nice. Interview was conducted at company office in Sheltair FBO. Was asked what I knew about the company? Any problem with being based out of CLE or BIL? Strengths? Weaknesses? What makes a good captain? Asked to see logbooks and resume, and discussed work history and flight training. Ever fail a checkride? Couple of TMAT questions. I asked alot of questions about training, bases, commuting, contract, etc. Just be yourself and relax. HR interview was very conversational, and they put you at ease. Afterwards, I was asked to step out for a moment and then was asked to continue the interview by filling out HR paperwork (background, etc). Be prepared for this by making sure you have previous employer, school, residence info, etc. This will take a long time to fill out. Next was fingerprints, then off to the sim. Very straightforward, took off direct to VOR, given holding instruction. Just had to say the entry then vectors for ILS 9L at FLL. Sim instructor takes care of everything (power, navs, etc). Even takes controls while you brief approach. Went down to minimums and landed. Was told I did well and that she hoped to see me in class. Was told they just want to see that you are trainable. Was even told I would not be expected to hold altitude. Finally I took the written, which was on computer 50 questions. 8-10 ATP FAR questions, and the rest were AIM/IFR/Approach plate questions. Examples: VASI lights, what does WS on METAR mean, alternate/takeoff mins, highest obstacle on approach plate, ILS crictical area, etc. I did not study for this and did very well. Was told that there is no failing score, but the average of previous applicants was around 70. Again, just wanted to see where I was at and if I would be trainable. Very nice group of people who make you feel right at home. I am excited to start class!
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