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IASL dba Maldivian Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2018
Summary of Qualifications: Highly qualified expat Captain.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Skype interview for screening asking usual familiarization questions (get to know each other).

Interview in Sri Lanka, at Sri Lankan Airlines.
Stay over at Negombo area hotels not Colombo (too far from airport).
Airline only reimburses for travel to/from interview if joining the airline.

Interview with management pilots: Asst D.O.(head of Airbus Fleet Training), Airbus C/P, DFO (if available), and head of HR or senior HR staff.

Usually in A320 SIM briefing room.
Review submitted documents, technical questions about A320: Protections, Limitations.

Immediate SIM: Typical easy pattern. Line up on runway VCBI04
Take off, stay in pattern, ILS with go-around or MAP engine fail, hand fly visual traffic pattern, may do approach and go around single-engine if time otherwise only 2 pattern.
2 candidates per session. If 2 captains then change seats.

Will advise by email about joining or on wait list or no interest, try again in 6-12 months.
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