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Air Tahoma Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: May 2003
Summary of Qualifications: CFII,MEI,ATPW, 1400TT 100 Multi,
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Was emailed an offer to work for Air Tahoma, a 121 cargo airline out of columbus oh. Called them up and was given a phone interview. Overall very easy. Given a class date and gave two weeks notice the next day.

paid training during the 4-6 weeks of indoc,systems, and flight training. Possible sim ride, ok company to work for. be patient and willing to learn. do not come with expectations. Otherwise one will be disapointed. Flying the Convair 240 and 580. Big jump for most beginner pilots. get intrument current and fly NBS with hold. Hop on flight simulator and practice differant approaches and you will be alright. Checkride, Take off from columbus Oh, climb at 200 knots to 8000' steep turns 2 in each direction. airspeed configurations, stalls. Have fun on stalls as a 60,000 lbs aircraft does not stall anything like a cessna 150. Emmergency decent to 2000k talk your way through it. Know all emmergency procedures by heart as you will we quized on them during the flight. Next approaches,NDB,NDB hold,Vor arc, Ils, 3 takeoff and landings and end of checkride.

applied online at www.aeps.com

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