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Ameriflight Pilot Interview Profiles

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Date Interviewed: February 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial Single, Multi, Instrument... 1200hrs 144hrs multi
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed at the Burbank office with Joanie. I arrived early and was handed two sheets of paper, one about benefits the second about the history of Ameriflight.

Once Joanie came and got me she took all my paper work and made copies. This took about ten minutes. She then started with the basic HR questions: Why Ameriflight? What are you hobbies? What do you like aabout your current job? ect.

Then came the easy part, part 91/AIM questions. If you passed a checkride in the past 30 years you should be able to get past these questions. Joanie says "the more you get right, the more I skip." Questions were; What is the speed limit in Class B Airspace, Class C airspace? What 3 things must you report when you enter a hold? If not told which direction to turn in a hold clearence, which direction do you turn? What is the max variation on a Dual airborne VOR check? How often must it been done? Know all your light gun signals. This part took about 10 minutes.

Joanie then took me over to the pilot's lounge where I had about a 10 minute wait for Alex who evaluated my sim ride. The Sim is the hardest part of the interview, UNLESS you have had some sim time recently. I would suggest you get at least 2- 3 hours in a sim.

Alex gave me approach plates (Jepp) and an en route chart (copy of a section, also Jepp). He gave me a brief overview of what we were doing and said this is just an evaluation of instrument skills nothing funny. He gave me a clearance: "Cleared to Burbank, fly runway heading to 900ft, direct LAX VOR, then out 316 radial to SILEX, climb maintain 4000, squawk 3131." The chieftain Sim was broken (again) so we used the Beech 1900 sim. Flew the route to the ILS 8 to Burbank went missed got an amendment to the missed procedure to take us to CONAG then the VOR 8 Burbank.

I messed up pretty bad in the sim, but I still scored 75 on my eval. You need an 80 to pass. Now I don't know if it's because they are desperate for pilots or because I was so close, but I was told that if I get some sim training focusing on single pilot IFR I could come back 20-30 days and redo the sim ride.

All in all, the interview was not intimidating and was very casual. Mostly a fun experience. I hope I can get the sim training so I can redo the ride and get in with them.

Date Interviewed: September 2006
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial-ASEL/AMEL,CFI, CFII 2300TT, 41 ME
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
First of all, the interviewer was very cordial, professional and non-threatening. He was not intimidating at all. I walked in, and he wanted to see my paperwork. Have your driving record for the past 3 years with you, all certificates, medical, etc. with you. We started off with questions about why Ameriflight....what do you like most/least about your current job? Then we jumped into multiengine stuff, like Vmc, aerodynamics of a twin, fuel system and electrical system of twin I had most time in, and also V speeds on that twin, low enroute chart symbology, a math problem dealing with time, speed and distance. He asked me about Part 91 and 135 regs. He asked questions on IFR rules....such as when do you need an alternate, when are you suppose to go missed...etc...then we jumped into the simulator evaluation. He briefed me on what we were going to do...did a DP out of the local airport there, that led into a VOR approach, which went missed, into an ILS at my alternate airport. That was basically it. He told me all he wanted to see was instrument proficiency. They want to make sure you have the basic instrument skills you'll need to complete the ground school. He didn't throw any emergencies or anything like that at me. It was pretty straightforward. Just be instrument current, and study the FAR/AIM and know your multiengine stuff and you'll be o.k.
Date Interviewed: November 2005
Summary of Qualifications: 1250 total 230 multi CFI/CFII/MEI
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Interviewed in dallas with jay bernstein at addison airport. it began with a set of 4 questions: One about fuel management and reserve involving an unexpected diversion, one about a customer telling you about a pilot with a bad attitude while you are covering a run for him, and i cant remember the other 2 but they were not hard...no wrong answer type of questions. Then jay asked all kinds of questions...begining with the airplane you have the most multi time in (fuel system, landing gear, ect.) He asked questions on VFR charts, IFR charts (jeppeson only, no matter what kind you have been using in the past.), weather (metars, winds aloft, TAF, none on the crazy charts like weather depiction ect.) he asked weather questions about frontal lines and wind shear, rain, hail, sigmets, airmets. Multiengine aerodynamics, what effects vmc, how does burning fuel effect cg. He asked questions off of approach plates (again, only jepps.) Situational questions like if you are here and flying to here which way will the vor be deflected and where will it move. then we had a timed military type test involving a grid of numbers. it was just to grade you on following directions..."what number is where X17 and Y12 meet?". i think it was do as many as you can in 9 minutes. Then there was a sim eval with stan. it involved part of a departure out of dallas, a hold into a vor approach that goes missed...vectors to an ils with a missed that involved tracking an NDB bearing to a vor intersection to hold...but all he wants to see is you know how to use the NDB. and that was it. i got a call about 4 days later.

Date Interviewed: February 2003
Summary of Qualifications: Comm, CFI/CFII/MEI, 2300TT/350Multi
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed at the headquarters in Burbank. It started promptly at 8:30AM,
with the HR rep collecting my paperwork, certificates, and logbooks. The
HR/Technical part was one-on-one with the Manager of pilot recruiting. After
discussing the history/benefits/career progression at Ameriflight, went right
into the interview.

*****HR Questions: *****
- Started out first with a logbook inspection. Wanted to see instrument
currency, where and when I did
any holding?
- Wanted to see High Performance Endorsement
- If hired where would you like to be based?
- How does Ameriflight fit into your career goals?
- What can you offer Ameriflight?
- What do you expect from Ameriflight as an employer?
- What do you like/dislike about your current employer?
- Tell me about a confrontation you had with someone and how you resolved it?

*****Technical Questions: *****
- Diagram out the electrical system of the most complex A/C you are current in
(For me it was the BE-76).
- Asked me to explain how it worked, and how the various components functioned.
- Went into Jepp Low Alt en route charts.
- What's a MORA, and clearance in mountainous Vs non-mountainous?
- Trace you route along an airway and describe everything along the way,
MOCA's, MEA's, MCA's, Etc., Etc.
- Gave me a hypothetical hold, and asked me to describe how I would enter.
- VOR & NDB types and service volumes.
- O2 Requirements.
- Pointed to a random airport, and asked me to tell everything about it.
- Then went into Jepp approach plates...
- Asked quite a few questions on approach plate symbology.
- How would I set up for an approach? Freq & OBS settings for Nav1 & Nav2.
- When can I go below DH/MDA under various conditions?
- Alternate requirements, When must you file? Standard Vs. non-standard Mins.
- Asked a few weather questions about Fog and Icing.
- What is Prevailing visibility?
- Asked quite a few mental math type questions...
- Gave me airspeed, fuel burn, and distance to an alternate, then had me
calculate how much fuel I was legally required to land with under IFR.
- Gave me a MAP that required a certain climb gradient in Feet per NM, then
gave me a climb rate in Feet per Min and an airspeed and asked if I could

Given a clearance: Departed SMO runway 3, intercepted the LAX 316 radial
northbound, procedure turn at SILEX, then direct for the BUR ILS 8. That was
it, very straightforward with no surprises. You are given a simple checklist
and all the charts. All they want to see is basic instrument skills and
situational awareness. The sim is fast, but very stable and easy to fly.

I was very impressed with the whole process. They make you feel very relaxed
and comfortable. Over all I thought I did pretty well on the interview.
However they don't give you and indication of how good/bad you are doing. They
make that clear from the beginning though.

Date Interviewed: February 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed at AmFlight the other day and here's what I can remember...

The oral started off with a couple of situational questions, one of them being: - You are training a new hire with 4000 hours and he is a cowboy in the airplane - no regard for procedures or checklists. You have less hours compared to him. What do you do? I was also asked to brief the BFL NDB and ILS approaches. How do you enter that hold? What is the obstacle clearance for the MSA? What is this predicated on? He then asked what airplane have I given the most dual in. Talk about the landing gear and flap systems. Does it have a hydraulic accumulator? Why Ameriflight?

Then, onto the Sim. Sim ride was in their own special Navajo sim. DP from Burbank rwy 8 (ELMOO 5 DP). Track a radial from SLI, hold S of LAX 24R LOC. How would you enter? Cleared ILS 24R approach LAX. Contact tower at FAF. That should do it. They seem like good people and they want good people for their company.

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