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Latest Posts

Spirit Pilots Conduct Strike Vote

After over two years of negotiations the pilots of Spirit Airlines will begin voting whether or not to strike on August 21. Voting will end on September 8th.

Frontier Pilots Possible Strike

Frustrated by the slow pace of contract talks, the Frontier Airlines MEC voted unanimously to conduct a strike authorization ballot which will open on August 22 and close September 8th.

Boeing "797" News Released at Paris Air Show

Boeing has released that it plans to launch a new aircraft model dubbed by many as the “797”. Boeing hopes to have the new airplane flying with airlines by 2025. Plans are for the new aircraft model to serve markets in between the long range 787 and the short range 737. The airplane is planned … Continue reading Boeing “797” News Released at Paris Air Show

American Airlines Pilots Receive 8% Mid-contract Raise!

American Airlines has offered it’s pilots an 8% raise effective May 1, 2017. This mid-contract pay raise was offered to the pilots without any contract concessions and is nearly two years prior to their current contract amendable date.

Don't do this at your job interview!

The Interview “Don’t Do” List

As you go through the application and interview process, you will discover a number of well-meaning souls who will give you all kinds of “sure-fire” advice on what to do for your interview. Although I encourage my clients to debrief those individuals who have been through a specific airline process, it is important to remember that what works for one person will not necessarily net the same result for you.

Getting to a Major Airline

This might come as a shock to many pilots but we are not special in the mind of the recruiter. We are a piece of the equation that needs to be in place to make the machine of the airline work. Yes we are a key piece, however, a piece just the same. Doing the job correctly and not making waves is the main concern of the recruiter.

The Single Pilot and the PC-12NG

Single pilot (SP) IFR flying is a perfectly choreographed tango between the pilot and his/her skills (stick & rudder, knowledge, experience, common sense, systems management), and a dance partner (aircraft) with just as much capability. Luckily for us, the PC-12NG is the perfect dance partner. What’s more, there are many ingredients to a successful SP IFR flight. Most are taught at the very basic level of IFR training; however, as aircraft become more technologically advanced and pilots stray … Continue reading The Single Pilot and the PC-12NG

JetBlue Pilots Vote ALPA

JetBlue pilots overwhelmingly vote in ALPA as their CBA! After twice rejecting bids to unionize in 2009 and 2011, JetBlue Airways pilots overwhelmingly agreed to be represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, the union said on Tuesday. The Airlines Pilot Association said 71% of JetBlue’s 2,529 pilots voted to unionize.

Pilot Interview

Addressing the Pink Elephant

Addressing problem areas at an airline interview is, for almost everyone, an anxiety-producing part of an interview.  However, areas of weakness or failures do not have to be overwhelmingly difficult to discuss. It is important to remember that we all have faults.  Everyone has personal situations they would rather not discuss.  It makes no difference … Continue reading Addressing the Pink Elephant

Submit an Interview, Win an iPad!

Have you submitted your last pilot interview experience with us?  What are you waiting for?  Help your fellow pilots by sharing your experience today!  Not enough incentive to share your experience?  How about a chance to win a new iPad mini? Submit your pilot interview experience today and possibly win a new iPad mini! Submit … Continue reading Submit an Interview, Win an iPad!

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