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Colgan Air Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2005
Summary of Qualifications: 2500TT, 2370PIC, 275ME PART 91
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Ok here I go..Arrived at Reagan Arpt at 8:00am waited for about 1 ½ hr for the shuttle to arrived. We got p/u at about 9.35am..guys be ready for a looooong ride to hqtrs, don't go to sleep on the van like one guy did. Every one had different backgrounds cfi, cargo; one guy had 3200hrs of beech 1900 and like 1000hrs on 727 as co-pilot.. Meet w/ Mr. Colgan at the lobby took us to a conference room where he briefed us about the company. Then we meet Mrs. Francene (very nice lady) and exchanged some paper work with her. Immediately we started on the 50 qstns written test from the gleim but some qstns are worded their own way, so be careful what u answer. Then one by one were called for the 3-1 interview very simple all HR qstns like why colgan, what are your career goals, duties of a co-pilot, 2 years from now your first priority money, flight time or time off then same qstn 10 years from now etc. Then had to brief an approach plate and that was it for everything. Ohh one more thing we didn't do the pizza thing instead we had SUBWAYS really good courtesy of Colgan enjoy it. After a week went for then sim ride, at LGA flight safety, my advise to you is just be calm basically what u have to do is fly the down thing don't worry about call outs or appch brfs, the instructor will do everything for you. Power sttngs 160kias on climb 180kias cruise hold at 160-180kias ILS 22 at LGA on loc flaps 17 160Kias 1 dot fly up Gr dwn (props max) GS intrcp flaps 35 130Kias on final just FLY IT and keep your SCAN up, for the most part that's probably what he wants to see. The sim had a mechanical problem, the guy before me had to land it gear up on purpose felt really cool.. In my turn I had to fly the entire time w/ the gear down felt pretty heavy. Over all great exp this company has one the fastest upgrade don't care if it is turbo prop button line, PIC time is what we all need. Hopefully I will get the call not the letter wish u all luck

Date Interviewed: January 2005
Summary of Qualifications: Type rated BE400-A,MEI,5800TT,1580 Turbine PIC,550JET, Flight engineer B-727.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Took the long van ride from Ronald Ragan Airport too the headquaters in Manassas. There was about elleven of us,two of which were Women. Most of the people in my group were flight instructors. Mostly pilots with around 2-3 thousand hours. I think I was the only big fish in the croud with around 6 thousand. We were brought into a room where we were introduced too Franceen. She is the head of HR. Seemd nice. She took all of our info and introduced us to Chuck Colgan. He came in and gave the pitch about how your not just a number and how they were expecting at least 60 new positions opening up with in the ranks. Sounded good on the sruface. After that we were given a 50 question test. Alot of the questions were out the ATP book but some were specific to colgan. Some worded diffrently, so read them carefully. Some approach stuff into Ronald Ragen and the surrounding airspace. After that, we got the cold pizza treatment. wasn't that great. Then we wre bought in for the face too face. I was asked why colgan where did I work last and how many busses did my jet have. They asked if I would have a hard time commuting untill I got the base I wanted or if I would have a hard time taking commands from a younger pilot. That was about it. Then things took a diffrent course. I was expecting to get a slot for the sim portion of the interview. Then Chuck Colgan himself came to me and said. "Because of the ammount of expirence I had, I would not be taking the sim ride". OK. Sounds great. I think. He said that I would hear form them soon. I got back on the plane and headed for home. Two months and a few phone calls later, I am still twisting in the wind. I mean c'mon guys. What about that speech about your not just a number? It's mid March and I still do not have a clue if Iam in or out. I guess that speech was ment for after you get hired. Well good luck. I hope you don't fall through the cracks like me. Happy flying.

Date Interviewed: February 2001
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

My Total Time 1500+, MEL 109, ASEL 160, RW 1200+ The interview was pretty straight forward. I arrived about 15 minutes early and met 3 other guys in the lobby. Colgan schedules interview throughout the day and seems to have them every Wednesday. The interview is one on one with either the Director of Operations or the Chief pilot. I got the chief pilot. He came to the lobby took me to his office. He asked how recent my ME time was. The questions I remember are, when do you need an alternate, what must the wx be @ the chosen alternate, brief this approach (ILS 23 @ BLF), what FW aircraft have you been flying recently, what kind of Eng. are on it, how many cylinders, how much hp, gear speed, flap speed, if you are not based here at Manassas can you relocate or get an apt at one of these other locations, all were in the northeast, most in Maine, I remember one in NH. He offered me a job, flying BE1900's. Upgrade time about a year, probably less. He then allowed me ask some questions then took me upstairs to the personal lady, Kim. She went over the details of the pay 17/hr for the BE1900 and 20/hr for the Saab 340, class dates, training contract, yes, they want you to stay 1 year from the first day of ground school. They pay nothing except a hotel room while you are in training. She gave me a class date and welcomed me to the company. Colgan puts considerable weight on recommendation from their pilots, especially if you have flown with them.

Date Interviewed: May 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:


Just though I would add a little to the Colgan Air Interview stuff.

Once you get to the Offices in Manasses, you will be taken to a room
upstairs to feel out some paperwork and a 50 question test. The test
covers allot of weather stuff, FAR's (do you need an alternate?),
performance questions, vertigo question, and a few more item that I
can't remember. Not much just make sure you can brake down your hours,
and have the info for a 10 year background history. From time to time
the Chief Pilot would come in and get someone to go with him to
interview. He will tell you to bring your logbooks and a resume, and
you will go to his office. Also, one of the HR personnel will come in
and give you a briefing on the company benefits, training, training
contract, things like that. In the interview, the question are like
most other aviation interviews. He will ask you question about the
aircraft your flying. You will brief him on a approach (Jepps). A few
reg questions, when do you need an alternate, if the weather goes below
minimums before the approach fix what do you do? If there is a
Thunderstorm in front of you and ACT is busy what do you do? He will
give you the bad side of working for Colgan Air, long hours, over
worked, underpaid, things like that. I found the people there to be
very professional and very friendly. The pay is average with other
regionals, good medical and dental plans, great pass benefits!! If
your wanting to work for a place that very one knows you and your more
like a family then Colgan is that place. The flight experience that one
would get from flying up in the Northeast Corridor is invaluable if your
wanting to go to the majors. If you can fly in the Northeast in the
winter, you can fly anywhere. Good luck to all.......

Date Interviewed: December 1998
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

A little brief on the Colgan Interview.......Parentheses during interview is
me speaking
1- Lots of paperwork to start..Standard flight time grid, 3 References with
name address and Phone for each, 10 year employment history with some sort of
verifiable numbers or contacts, Alll forms for ALL records for PRIA( pilot
records improvement act), including FAA check, Driving records check, and
forms to be sent to Previous employers for job verification.
2- while iam filling this out in the employee break room A company check
airman comes in and we go to go meet the D.O for an interview. ( i was saying
hello and Good morning to everyone so I actually met him before he introduced
himself to me) ...As i was led up the stairs we passed by a training room
where a recurrent groundschool was going on. ( pretty cool.) Into the DO;s
office Introduce myself and the Check Airman sits next to him after closing
the door..( hahah Here we go)
the DO starts with "So your flying the " " how do you like it? ( i love it,
Great Airplane)
What kind of Engines are on it? ( Answer) Great what kind of power are they
producing? ( fourteen and a quarter sir) Are they 5 bladed props? (No they are
6 bladed props) And some more stuff on the engine..then the Check airman
chimes in with
-What are std T/o mins? (1/2 3eng or more 1 mile 2eng or less) When do you
need a takeoff alt? (when field is below ldg mins)
-When do you have to file an ALT? ( 1-2-3 rule) What are std alt mins? (800-2
600-2 but our ops specs allow us to derive lower than std alt mins) OK good
what are they? ( 1 approach add 400-1 to ldg mins 2 approaches to seperate
rwys add 200-1/2 etc etc) OK does that include a circling approach? (Yes)
The DO was chiming in but this was mostly the Check Airman interrogating me.
- OK what does the AIM say about Lost comm procedures? ( well three items to
worry about Route Altitude and Clearance limit etc etc...) Then back to the
(A/c your flying) nothing hard but this was a good question..
-OK say you are a Molecule of fuel in the wing tanks, tell me exactly how you
would get to the exhaust and what you would pass.( i end with the turbine) OK
what turbine is that called..( I said Power turbine which was half right i
should have said FIRST the compressor turbine then the power turbines. Also I
forgot to mention anything about the Fuel control unit He then sayd OK you
mentioned something about Primary and secondary nozzles..what are they and
What are they for? ( for starting so as not to have too much fuel with a low
Mass flow rate of air etc etc)
-What is the Engine fire drill in your A/C?
-Then the DO hands me a NOS approach .VOR/DME 24 at Erie PA and says brief
that as if we were flying together and your the flying pilot your 25 southeast
of the VOR and cleared for the approach. I ask for a minute to study the
Approach and mumble to myself while iam looking for Field elevation, Minimums.
Final approcah course Etc etc, I brief the approach and they seem to be happy.
Then some situation questions on the approach. What if stuff..THEN
-Why come to Colgan? Why leave a ( a/c your flying)We would base you in one of
these bases
( it was like Rutland, Manassas and Bangor? Would you commute? I said no I
would Move and get an APT. then I ask them a few questions and we are done.it
was Cool ..Semi inrerrogating i guess like any interview, your under the HOT

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