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Pinnacle Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2001
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Just got through with an interview with Express I today. Gouge was accurate
on most parts. I was one of 18 pilots interviewed today. Jeff Watson with
HR stated this was first time in some time that this many people had been set
up for one day. Start of interview is the same. All applicants were placed
around same card tables and chairs and were asked to excuse accommodations
due to expansive growth within company. After blitz of paperwork that was
not sent in initial app then given then speech about company, its history,
becoming sole subsidy of NWA and its projected growth. Also told about
upgrade times on aircraft. For Saab FOs approximately 6 to 8 months and 12
months on RJ if seniority number allows you to hold line. Also told that in
March 00 Express I will start flying out of Detroit again and in June 00 out
of MSP. For FOs that want to live or work up north bid the RJ if given
opportunity because most senior pilots are still wanting to stay in MEM from
what I could discern. With this came a clause about being equipment locked
for one year after upgrade to help prevent a lot of lateral movement. Also
told that training goes like this:
Approximately Six to eight weeks. FOs are not paid during training.
Times must be as follows. 1200-1500 TT and 300 ME must still pay for
training but will be reimbursed over I believe a 12-24 month period. Over
1500 TT & 300 ME, no pay for training. They are taking Captains off the
street for Saab. If eligible with prior 121 experience company will pay a
per diem and housing while in training. All training done in MEM with sim
rides taking place in STL. Facilities in MEM owned by FSI are for recurrent
and upgrades only at this time. They are particularly looking for people with
time to upgrade fast to captain on Saab. People with 2500 TT and turbine
time can expect quick upgrade to Cpt on Saab and those with 3500 TT 1000 ME
and turbine time with 121 experience can upgrade to Cpt on RJ once can hold
bid on seniority.
After paperwork given 50 question test with basic 91, instrument,
commercial, ATP, and weather questions. After test told to hang out and wait
to be called for interviews. We were given lunch and then called for
interview. Interview is with HR rep and a line pilot/CA. Basic questions
why Express I and what do you have to offer the company. Asked speeds for
holding on different types of aircraft at different altitudes, when you can
go below DH, how would you handle situation where captain jeopardized
possible safety of flight, and asked about Jepp approach plate. Also asked
of time where I had a conflict with person in aircraft and any situation
where in hindsight I would do things different and have learned from that
I was also asked if I had visited sites like NWAirlink.com and others
looking for gouges. They are aware of this and as a result change their
questions for every applicant. Very laid back friendly manner in which they
want to get to know you as a person while at the same time maintaining a
level of professionalism. Interviews lasted from approximately 20-45 minutes
per person.
After interview we were told that if we did not receive a call within
a week then we would be getting the "Dear John" letter. Overall a pleasant
experience. Lots of movement within company searching for qualified
applicants with the possibility of a relative quick upgrade time for pilots.
Applicants in class ranged from 121 drivers, 135 drivers to instructors and
people looking to get back into aviation. I think that for the most part by
the time interview took place they had and idea as to who they already wanted
to offer jobs to.

Date Interviewed: October 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Overall the people were extremly friendly. (on the outside), they even brought out a "toy Chest" and all the interviewees played trivial pursuit while waiting for the interview. We got an extremyl brief run down of the company everything is right starting pay is 19.10 an hour!. The beggining of the intervieww was the easiest written test ever, It is probably all the easiest questions from the commercial written, no ATP questions.

INterview itself was exactly what theyr saying except they kept pucshing me intoa corner,

drunk captain questions with a lot of then whats until youve exhausted every possible answer. (i thought this was a little uncalled for becuase what captain in there right mind would show up drunk???, The correct response is to get him to call in sick, and they asked what if he says no ((talk to the stewardes get her to verify)).

Oh yeha another strange one was who I admired most and why? (Wht the hell does that have to do with flying???)

anyway, no way in hell I got the job but Ill find out for sure monday good luck, youll need it!!!!

Date Interviewed: September 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Had an interview at Express Airlines One, Northwest Airlink, Memphis in
Sept. 2000.
I am reminded of an article in Professional Pilot Magazine a couple
years ago where the MEM airport manager said that express airlines one
was a mess, many flights late or canceled, many bags lost, many
passengers disgusted. Things have improved a little, but they still
have a looong way to go. There are some very ignorant people in middle
management. The chief pilot ( I think his name is Terry Medford ) seems
to be a good man, outside of that there are a lot of people there that
are far behind the power curve in knowing how to run an airline. After
the interview and after learning more about the company I declined their
offer of employment. There are a lot of other companies out there that
have their act together much better. I have an ATP, 4 type ratings in
real airplanes, not bug smashers, 7000 plus TT. At express airlines one
they are still hiring guys with 500 to 1000 hours if they pay a $10,000
bribe ( training fee ). There are a lot of pilots there that have no
business operating jets under pressure in winter ops. Look for another
accident in the future.

Date Interviewed: May 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interview was in Memphis at Northwest Airlink's corporate office at 8:30a.m.
Fortunately I only live about 60 miles from Memphis, so I had a short drive over.
There was only two of us that showed up, me and a female. I had 1225 total and 215 multi. She had around 3000 and a flight instructor for Fed Ex. We spent the next hour and a half filling out the application. Luckily, I had most of it done. Then Jeff Watson, an HR person, gave us the spill on company history and benefits. By 11:00a.m., we were given a 50 question multiple choice test on commercial regulations and weather, a few instrument questions. This was fairly easy. It took about fifteen minutes. Then about noon I went in to interview with Kim Monroe and Kevin "Skeeter" Wilson. They started by looking at my logbook. Then some personal questions about where I was from and what brought me there. Basic get to know you type stuff. Then Kim asked who have I always looked up to. Kevin then asked me to give an approach brief on a Monroe jepp chart. Where are the IAFs, what is the Maltese cross, what is the MSA for, DH, MDA, Missed approach procedures. Then it was situational questions. What do you do if your captain goes below mins. What if it happens a second time. ( Key the mike and tell ATC you have no runway and you are going missed.) Now you are no longer cleared to land and you stopped the captain without touching the controls. Next what is accelerate-stop, V1, and what do you do if you are 5 knots over V1 and have a right engine fire. ( You keep going and comeback around to land). Then it was just questions for them. It lasted an hour and they told me with the holidays it would be at least a week. I was called on Thursday a week later and was given a Saab class date of Sept. 18.

Date Interviewed: April 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Arrived on April 25th for a 26th interview. Interviews are every Wednesday. Stayed at the Radisson on the airport. Very noisy until 2 am local
time, don't expect to sleep much unless you have earplugs. Interview show time was 0830. Radisson shuttles you to the corporate offices,
about 5-10 minutes from the airport. Waited in an unused open area on fold out chairs and beat-up card tables. At a little after 9 am, you're
given a 50 question, multiple guess test. All from the commercial written exam and very random/broad in scope. At 1030, Jeff Watson, Human
Resource Chief, apologized for the lack of comfort/neatness, etc. due to the "explosive growth!" This term was used frequently. Jeff answered
questions about benefits, pay & company policies. His major focus was on the growth of the airline with the RJ being delivered at 1/month until
2001, then 2/month. Hiring into the RJ is by sheer luck for FO's since they don't know when the class dates come open from Flight Safety,
otherwise, expect the SAAB 340. Jeff also guaranteed that with the growth, Saab FO's would upgrade to Captain within 12-14months and
Captain of the RJ within 24 months. Anybody with less than 1500 total and 300 multi pay for training costs and get reimbursed after IOE
completed. No pay during training until IOE complete. New hires pay incidentals during 3-4 week training in Memphis. 2 week sim done in St.
Louis until Cat D sim in place around July. Captain Jack Moers came in and answered pilot specific questions about scheduling, commuting,
reserve duty, monthly flying, etc.

Interviews began in order of who had to catch flights out first. Some were scheduled as early as 1:30 in the afternoon. The interview was in the
office of Jeff Watson with Captain Jack Moers sitting next to you. You are asked for all your paperwork, licenses, logbooks, and medical. HR
starts off by reviewing your application and confirms phone numbers, addresses, expiration dates, etc. Any yes answers on your apps are
questioned. I had answered yes to a conflict with an employer and was asked to explain.

HR Questions
-Have you had any conflicts in the cockpit? How did it resolve?
-Walk me through your flight training beginning with Private Pilot (where, when, progression)
-How did you build your hours/experience?
-Are you willing to work long hours, weekends, holidays?
-How many hours have you flown in the past 12 months?
-What CRM have you had, use, teach?

Technical - Capt Jack Moers
-Evaluated logbooks, asked about gap in flying between Pvt Pilot Certification and next flight
-How would you handle an unruely/drunk passenger? (he said this happens quite often!)
-How would you respond to a Captain who told you to sit there and do nothing?
-What do you need to proceed at the DH/A? How much lower can you go before going missed?
-How does the FAA define icing conditions? (+5C and visible moisture)
-How did you prepare for this interview?
(reached into bag for enroute Jepp map, never asked anything on it)
-What qualities should a Captain have?

Overall Impression-
Northwest recently acquired Express 1 as their wholly owned subsidiary of NW. Growth is happening faster than Express 1 can handle. HR
offered jobs to fill gaps in class dates to 3 out of the 4 who interview with me. I was offered the job before I could give a closing statement.
Company sent application package with photo copies of forms that were barely readable and crooked...not a good first impression. We were
ushered into an open storage area and waited on old card tables and chairs. Everyone was very polite and focus was on the reception of the RJ
and the money that NW was "dumping into" Express 1. Hiring will continue at a strong pace. They anticipate growing from 300 pilots to 1100 by
2002. HR seemed very eager to meet given quantities instead of overall quality. My interview lasted 15-20 minutes before I was offered a May
12th class date due to fallout. I asked about going into the RJ to start. It's totally luck of the draw. If you interview the day after a class opens up,
you go to the RJ, otherwise a 340. NO SIM EVALUATION during the interview.

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