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Pinnacle Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Went to an Express 1 interview on 2/16....here's how it went.

Flew in the night before on NWA and checked into the Radisson Hotel
recommended by Ms. Monroe of Express 1. Its kind of a shabby hotel right on
the airport. My room was very noisy and it took a while to get to sleep.

In the morning I went out to catch the shuttle to corporate, and there were
about 20 other candidates waiting! My advice, be out there early or you may
arrive late.

Once we arrived at Express 1 corporate we all went into a conference room to
wait, then moved to another room. HR came in and gave us a quick rundown on
the days events and we were then moved into a larger area where all the
applicants were, again about 20 of us.

We were given a company history and expected future:
Used to be a Republic Connection until NWA bought Republic. Ex1 is the only
Northwest Airlink that is a wholly owned subsidiary. Big time growth about
to happen. I think 54 conformed RJ's coming on line starting in April.
About 1500 employees now at Ex1, but 5,000 by 2002. 250 pilots now, 1100 by
2002. Upgrade times; 340 Cpt. within 1 year, RJ Cpt. 2 years. Under 1200 tt
pay for training but reimbursed over 3 years. Over 1200 tt company pays.
Pilots do not get paid during training. Pilots paid upon completion
(successful) of checkride.

Then we all took a 50 question test based upon the ATP and instrument
written. It was much more difficult than other "quizzes" I have taken. They
picked questions that were very forgettable.... a lot of weather theory.
Know those tests cold. I got an 84 and was told that was a very high score
by HR.

Date Interviewed: January 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interview is held in Memphis I stayed at the Airport Radisson, told the
desk personnel I was down for a pilot interview and received a discount on
the room, It ran about $59 including tax. You need to be at the Corp. offices
no later than 8:30 am
just tell the front desk and they will take you there. The day started with
filling out the
application, make sure that you bring everything with you past 10yrs of
employment, housing for the last 10 yrs, driving record, Photo copy your last
three logbook pages, any letters of recommendation and references. A human
resources person came into the room and had a Q & A session, followed by an
ATP written (from the jepp ATP)
then waited as they pulled us out one by one for an interview. The interview
was a typical panel with the Chief pilot, line check captain, and an HR
The atmosphere was very relaxed and had a lot of situational questions, What
do you do if the Captain goes below the DA and you call out no runway. Lots
of those type of questions, had some generic multiengine questions (what is
vmc, do you have vmc on the runway, what happens when you have aft c.g. and
lose the critical engine, what is blue line, What aircraft are you currently
flying, do you like the aircraft? ect...) The technical portion is on a
couple of different types of approaches,
Know your Jepps, What do you do if your here and lose radio contact? Why is
this altitude for the procedure turn higher here than your inbound alt. prior
to the FAF? What is your clearance limit for an approach? , etc., all in all
it was an very enjoyable interview, They make you feel very relaxed through
out the entire process........ I was offered a class date.

Date Interviewed: October 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Interview was very relaxed with a human resources guy and a Captain. The
human res. guy wanted to know about my past flying exp., what planes I flew.
The capt. asked me questions about VOR appr. to Memphis(review it and what if
min. go down) and review an arrival. Of cource You will chat with them about
aviation and nonaviation stuff. Everuthing went smooth. They offered me a job.

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