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PSA Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: January 2007
Summary of Qualifications: cfi, cfii, mei; 1450tt and me260
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Stayed a night before the interview. Went to USelessAir hangar at 7:30a.m. scheduled at 8:00 a.m. The interviewers did not show up until 9:00a.m. There were 25 of us vary from military, 135s, mostly beginner instructors and some 121 guys. Started out with company info which was very depressing due to upgrade time might be 5 to 6 years. whoah, I though American Eagle was bad. The airline's growth is dictate by USAir plans which was if USAir does not want to fly the route, then PSA gets it. But since there is no competition at Charlotte, probably not. Started out with 39 question test can only missed up to 5 questions. Some questions are not out of the ATP book. Was told that we did not passed the questions and demand to see what we missed because we study the gouge question which was exactly the same questions. Three of us studied the gouge and knew the answers. I have some doubt in them being truthful or how they treat there employees so decided not try to a second time to joined this company.

Date Interviewed: December 2004
Summary of Qualifications: CFI,II,MEI, ATPw 2010 hours, 377 Multi, Part135 Cargo
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

For the most part, the interview has remained the same. The test is exactly the same and the HR/Tech interview is the same. The differences are that they hired a hiring consultant (a former US Air Captain with 34 yrs of service) to assist them with the process. Also, (and this is what did me in) they now use a full motion level D CRJ-200 Sim with the Glass cockpit. It kicked my butt, and I fly hard IFR part 135 cargo single pilot with no auto pilot. I did not know where to look for stuff or anything. I figured I failed by the end of it. The interviewers were Melissa and Nicole from HR and Tom the C.P. and Jim the 'consultant'. There were 6 of us on the day that I interviewd, former part 121, part 91 corporate, and part 135 cargo. Only 3 of us did the sim, not sure what happened to the rest. I found PSA to be quite cordial and professional and I enjoyed meeting with them. They informed us that if US Airways does not make it that they will continue to operate, in all honesty, I had a hard time understanding and believing that since they are 100% owned by mainline. If momma goes, baby goes, is how I thought about it. In any event I will not be finding out first hand. However, I certainly wish them well as they seemed very nice.

Date Interviewed: July 2004
Summary of Qualifications: 2100 TT, 125 multi, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

First the written test- 25 questions from the ATP. Icing, hyperventialtion,ILS appraoch chart and 2 questions, what minimum altitude to intercept GS, what is the DH?, definition of a crewmember, radar contact, T-storm, wind shear, PIC recurrency 12 months, Lost comm, when does oxygen need to be provided to pax. Then after they graded the tests we went back to the room and they gave us interview times. 2 rooms, one for people with less than 200 hrs multi time, and the other for people with over 200 hrs multi time (they don't tell ya that but thats the way it went). People with less than 200 are put in a pool, but still interviewed. Very brief interview, maybe 15 minutes. TAAT you helped in a conflict TAAT you were stressed in the cockpit or had an emergency Pick a system in the aircraft you are comfortable talking about and tell me about it. How do you like your current job.

That was it, very brief. friendly people both the panel and the applicants.

If you have over 200 multi you will most likely get in.

Date Interviewed: June 2004
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial 1230 TT 995 ME 960 JET
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Previous gouges are right on except no Sim ride anymore. Had a 50 question test right out of the ATP prep. Went in for the interview with Chief Pilot and Director of HR both very nice and professional. It was a very laid back interview they ask some questions on the systems of your current aircraft. They then ask questions like tell me story when you took charge of a group or tell me when you helped change the minds of a group, tell me when you helped another person out and so on. They are in dire need of pilots and now is the time to interview if you get called drop everything and go. They are growing and are only hiring for CRJ 200/700. This hiring craze should last a while, but it's best to try and get in now. This is a good company with good people and I have never heard anything bad about them.

Date Interviewed: June 2004
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 1900, 490 Multi, 135
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Arrived in Fort Lauderdale night before interview. Stayed at hotel where interview was. Next morning went to room and there was about 15 of us. Ranging from 727 F/O's to Navajo guys to 121 RJ captain, C-310 135 guy, you get the picture. Most all of us in navy blue suit with conservative tie, etc, etc. Two HR ladies and one CP. They introduced themselves and were very pleasant to listen to. I was nervous at fist. They talked about the company and THEY ARE HIRING GANGBUSTERS! They are increasing pilots from 400 to 800 within 1 year HURRY HURRY! Anyway we then all got a chance to introduce ourselves and then they gave us a chance to ask some questions (ASK SOME QUESTIONS, IT SHOWS YOU ARE OUTGOING AND INTERESTED!). I asked a couple. We then took a 45 question written. It was mult choice and right from the ATP written basically. Minimums, Metars, T-storms, Loss of Comm, PIC stuff, Holding questions, Icing, etc etc etc. Study your ATP stuff and you'll be fine. We then got a break. Four washed out after the written. One guy was gonna wash out no matter what. As we were sitting down before it all started this guy says to the HR ladies, "why dont you two smile and relax, we're the ones who should be nervous". He was ALL DONE right then and there. He was a total unprofessional fool who was blabbin out in the lobby about how PSA wanted him so bad and how they called him in for an interview without him even applying. When he introduced himself during intro's he came across like he was OVERQUALIFIED and talked how he has like 5 flying jobs. HE WAS A LOSER AND HE LOST! We all (the interviewe's) talked at lunch how we would never fly with that guy anyway (A REAL JERK). Anyway just an FYI to be confident, polite, and so on and so on but dont haggle an HR or CP ever! Anyway the remaining pilots got an interview time. Mine was 10:30. The panel of 3 were great, they helped me relax and asked the questions. Mostly HR questions: TAAT stressed in cockpit, TAAT when you failed, TAAT when you disagreed with a policy or regulation, things like that. Couple of technical questions but very comfortable atmosphere. PSA sounds like agreat company with a great future ahead. I am pleased to be joining their team. They have 85 new CRJ's being delivered up until 05'. RJ's are phasing out the Dornier's. Upgrade time as of today is about a year. They are looking for good personality and motivated individuals. Customer service and communication skills are vital I think here. Great interview and super time I had! GOOD LUCK ALL!!

Oh yeah don't forget to bring copies of your medical, and pilot cert's.


NEW F/O !!!!

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