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PSA Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: May 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Hi, I just came back from PSA and all the information you currently have posted is one hundred percent correct. In addition to the questions you have I would add the following: 1) Be prepared to answer 4 or 5 questions during the written exam based on a Jepp approach plate. (DH, MAP, TDZE, TCH, G/S Intercept, etc.) 2) Suggested reading: Officers Candidate Test Book, this book covers very similiar mathematical and logic questions that the military uses. I borrowed a copy at my local library. 3) Some of the panel questions I got: a) Tell me something you like and dislike about your current Chief Pilot. b) If crew scheduling asked you to fly a trip that violated a contract item what would you do? c) Captain smells of alcohol. d) How do you do an air start on the airplane you currently fly?

The sim ride was basic instrument flying with one approach. If you have no experience with glass instruments I would suggest finding a way to have a look at a glass cockpit. Even just on the ground, if someone allows you into their cockpit to look. Thank You

Date Interviewed: April 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I just completed the PSA interview. The written test is the same as u have. There was a timed math test, comprehension and logic test. The systems questions are the same. The sim test is t/o from Dullas (DCA) get some vectors to the tille NDB then you are asked what kind of entry then vectored to the NDB approach which terminates by going missed. Followed by the ILS approacn to full stop.

Date Interviewed: June 1998
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Written Questions (45 multiple choice)

1. What items must a PIC of an air carrier carry with him? Load manifest, dispatch release, flight plan. 2. Asked to decipher a simple Pirep. 3. Definition of a crewmember. 4. Air Carrier proficiency checks done how often? 12 months 5. PIC has emer authority to exclude anyone from a flight. 6. What fact decides minimum # of fire extinguishers? # pax seats 7. Pilot leaves his seat at 35K what must the other pilot do? Don and use oxygen 8. What cabin altitude must all pax have oxygen supplied? 15K 9. TCAS II provides? Traffic and resolution advisories 10. Criteria for critical engine? Center of thrust closest to fuselage 11. Define load factor. Lift divided by weight 12. What are the characteristics of an aft CG? 13. Visual reference is lost on a circling approach, what do you do? 14. At the holding fix (not the IAF) you go lost comm when do you descend? 15. What does “min fuel” mean? 16. Where do you land following a heavy jet to avoid wake turbulence? Beyond its touchdown spot or 1000 beyond the touchdown spot? Beyond 17. Where is the most hazardous zone for thunderstorm windshear? All sides and underneath. 18. Wind shear occurs? With a wind shift or windspeed gradient at any level of the atmosphere or around thunderstorms & temp inversions. 19. Given a TAF with no wind in the forecast, this means? <6kts or calm and variable? Calm and variable 20. What is the min altitude for IFR? 21. How long is a temporary medical good for? 60 days 22. “radar contact” means? 23. How do you determine “outbound” in a NDB hold? 24. Define MEA. 25. What type of wind is most dangerous landing behind a heavy jet? Light qtring tailwind 26. What are the PIC mins when the PIC has less that 100 hrs in type? Add 100-1/2 27. What is considered rwy environment when landing in minimums weather? 28. Which type of icing is most dangerous? 29. What is the definition of hydroplaning?

Dornier Questions

1. How many fire bottles per engine? 2 2. Fire button pushed what happens, what is shutoff? 3. Is there a smoke detector in the cargo bay (class “D” cargo bay) ? No 4. What happens when the fire squib is pressed when the dischage light is lit? Nothing 5. If there is a break in the fire detection loop, will the fire light illuminate?


Describe your aviation career. Scenario: Captain is seen by van driver drinking late the evening prior to flight... what do you do? Give me an example of a pilot you respect the most and why. Picture yourself with this company in 5 years where do you see yourself? Have you interviewed elsewhere? Why did you join the miltary? Describe the worst individual you have ever flown with and why... how did you handle it? Describe a conflict you had in the cockpit and how you went about handling it. Scenario: Captain wants to fly an aircraft that is slightly overweight limits... what do you do? What was your worst situatio ever in an aircraft... what was your best? What traits do you think set you apart from the other applicants... why should we choose you over them? Scenario: Senior captain doesnt want your help with the checklists... what do you do? How did you prepare for this interview? Do you know anyone who works for PSA? Why did or are you planning to leave your past employer? 2 questions on standard rate turns...ie your flying on a heading of 230 how long at std rate will it take to turn to 320. What is the service volume of a low VOR at 18,000feet? In a constant rate climbing turn what is your primary pitch instrument? Is there anything else you would like us to consider in our decision process? What does crew resource management mean to you? Tell me about the systems in the aircraft you are currently flying...power plant, hydraulics, fuel ...

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