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Skywest Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: April 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 1700 total, 600 ME, Instructor background
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

pretty nerve racking interview.....the worst part was waiting....started at 8 am with a presentation and a couple of videos....they put all the interviewees in a conference room to wait. the written test was first. After an hour or so, people started getting called into either the sim or the hr/tech interview part. the sim consisted of a precision, non-precision approaches, and a hold....the hr/tech consisted of everything you'd need to know for an instrument checkride, plus a little more. They asked questions on the most complex aircraft you have flown. After the entire group was finished with everything, they started calling people for the CRM scenario. Pretty simple...they give you a situation, and you have to figure out a way to use your resources to start forming a decision. The entire process was very nerve-racking, but supportive as well. The interview staff reminds you numerous times to relax, and they also let you know that the whole thing will take some time (10 hours in my case...8 am to 6pm.) The biggest thing to remember is to just relax, be yourself and not lie or try to cover up anything about your past. They are looking for people with integrity and passion for the job.....

Date Interviewed: November 2004
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, CFI-I, MEI, 2750 total, 500 multi, 250 turbine, part 135
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Went to the cattle call at the Westin Hotel near LAX. There were probably eighty guys (3 girls) who showed up - this just from the listing on their website - jeesh.
Watched a promotional Power point presentaion, a couple captains spoke then Camile Ence spoke.
Took the written - ATP type questions. I don't think I did excellent because it had been a while since I did my ATP but who knows? They also give a little mechanical aptitude quiz - it's fun: "This worm gear turns this screw, how many revolutions yada yada"
They then ditched anyone who didn't have any turbine time. Of course they didn't 'say' this but I'm damn sure that was their qualifier.
I knew a couple guys who didn't get past the 1st stage - no turbine time, and everyone I talked to who made the next stage had some turbine time. There were even two American Eagle pilots - that's how bad our industry sucks! Poor guys, they were'nt getting upgraded at Eagle and were looking for a way out.
They then sat us down with a captain who asked me about an ILS approach into SLC. I fly 91&135 rules so I always qualified his questions as to what regs we were following. He asked me questions on the airplane I was flying lately, again I should have told him a duchess because I'm sitting right seat on a King Air and am not as detailed as I will be on the systems once I get a commitment from my company to send me to school. I should have talked about a duchess or seneca - something I taught in. My advice is to just pick the twin you're most familiar with, don't worry if it's a piston, they're just looking for a way to evaluate your aeronautical knowledge.
I asked him some questions about how he liked the company and how long it took him to upgrade - "18 months but that was fifteen years ago. . .".
So after that they scheduled the next phase of the interview in SLC.
I fly out tues and stay on my own nickle overnight to do the HR interview and the sim eval.
They have a VERY very extensive paper trail they want on you. Ten year work history, signed letters from employers etc.
Frankly I find this rather offensive - it's not required by TSA or the FAA. I've got a security clearance already and I've been a self-employed contractor for many years. I am not going to go to my clients and say "please mister right me a letter so that SkyWest will think I'm OK. . ."
As my skills are pretty sharp and I know how to be quite personable I'm pretty confidant that I'll be offerd the job but I don't think I'm going to accept.
I can't afford to subsidize an airline, I'm staying with corporate flying.
For those of you who are under twenty SkyWest or one of the other regionals may make sense for you but I won't accept less than 30k/year to carry the responsibility of transporting passengers for hire be it in a jet, turboprop, piston twin, twenty-year-old chevy sedan or a city bus (bus drivers get paid more too!).
I really hope the Unions make some headway with the regionals but it's going to be an uphill battle if we keep taking chump change for flying.
As a guy who's older (39) and on his second career choice (former teacher) I've got different priorites perhaps.
I'm going to stay corporate and interact with the clients more and do my own flight planning and not know what the heck my schedule is going to be and basically be a private contractor.
There is no pay during your initial training at SkyWest. You can expect your pay to start with the beginning of IOE along with perdiem. Starting pay is $19.02 per flight hour regardless of aircraft flown. Perdiem is currently at $1.60 per hour.
At 75hrs guaranteed that's $1546.50/month or $18558/year.
Hey, it's chump change but that's the going wage at the regionals - aint flying great?
I say Unionize. I don't want six figures for flying an RJ but jeesh how about at least 30k/year minimum to start? I made more than that as a flight instructor and I'm sick of us pilots undercutting each other just to 'build time'.
OK I'm done with my rant. Good luck to those of you who interview w/SkyWest. They are one of the better regionals and are going to be almost an all RJ fleet. If you can suck it up for three or four years you will be making 42k/year as a captain and many captains stay on for their whole careers. I believe their pay tops out at around 75-80k/year. This may go up (as the RJ's get bigger) or it may go down (if Oil goes to $70/barrel!).
My fantasy is that we all stick up for each other as pilots and all agree to not fly for anything less than 30k/year or $30/hr but that's just a dream eh? Hey call me Norma Rae!
Good Luck!

Date Interviewed: September 2004
Summary of Qualifications: 1750TT 300ME Part 135 Prior Military
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Gouges are right on. I aced all aspects of the interview, except for one part. Something they've added, and they don't want you to know. HEHE (since I didn't get hired I have nothing to lose). I think it's only fair to let everbody in on this. They put you into a model CRJ cockpit, and pretend like your a Captain. They're wanting to see, what kind of decision maker you are, and how quickly you will react. The only problem I had with it, was the whole role playing situation, got a little cheesy. Your not allowed to ask questions, there's no performace data, to even make a really good decision. For example, I'm assuming a CRJ would probably hold 15000ft single engine, but I have no idea. I really think this is where I blew it.

I think another thing I did, was tell them I never broke a reg, and they thought I was lying. So make sure to tell them that you took off with the transponder on and then immediatly filed a NASA report. LOL.

Even though I didn't get the job, they seem to be a very solid company, but things can change quickly.

Date Interviewed: February 2003
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Just interviewed with Skywest. 8 of us were there and 3 made it by the end of the day. Expect to spend all day interviewing. The new news is, they are not paying for training anymore so get out your check books. Some of the questions on the Mech test was made up by them so don't plan on studying for it, I would recommend taking a quick college course before going. It blew our minds. Everything in the other gauges are about right. If your have problems with sims call American Aviation for a prep. They are gauging people with the price (75.00 sim + 36.00 instructor) but if you want to be ready it might be worth it to you. We were given the profiles to fly and told not to talk between each other both before and after the sim ride. I was given two profiles and during the sim was told to go miss using the other profile (which that would never happen in a million life times) Watch your MSA, they will give you an alt to fly and you will be below terrain clearance. BUST. Also watch your takeoff and landing min. Airspeeds 130 climb and 120 on the approach flaps 15 on base will slow you to 140 then gear down one dot above. 26 or 27 will put you at 120 kts. Everyone was real nice, but watch out I felt like that was a priming. I stayed at the Candlewood suites, about 41.00 a night with tax. You can get something to eat by walking about 3/4 of a mile down W. temple. I don’t feel good about this company because if United goes down, then they will be laying off. They didn't say that but it seems they are getting to fat.

Date Interviewed:
Summary of Qualifications: cfii, mei, 1000+ total 100+ ME BS degree, only flight instruction
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Flew into SLC a few days early from Hawaii (had to buy own ticket to LAX, they dont fly that far) and sim prepped at 2 different schools because American Aviation isnt always available. Everyone knows to go there so set it up early if you can. You want to practice in an ATC 810. All the hotels are pretty cheap because Skywest has a discount contract of some kind. Took a cab over to the Skywest hanger. 7 guys total all interviwing, all with 2,000+ hours most with turbine time. As a fight instructor I felt out of my league and it turns out I was. Started out with 3 different written tests. Personality test/pysch profile is easy (as long as your not crazy I guess) a lot of the questions are wrong vs. wrong so theres no right answers. The 2nd written is an ATP regulations test. I had taken the 1 day crash course at ALL ATPS the week prior to the interview and it helped tremendously. If you have no 135-121 experience this is something you have to do. The skywest atp test does not contain any weight and balance nor any system or time speed distance stuff. So concentrate on wx, aerodynamics and regulations. 3rd written test is mechanical aptitude. Some algebra, ex. 2 airplanes take off different times different speeds, how soon until they meet? Also stuff about gears one turns one way which way does the other turn? You can and should study for this by getting the ASVAB (armed service vocational aptitude battery) book that military applicants use.
Everyone in my group passed the writtens(but Camielle pointed one guy who barely passed) so we all made it to the next round.
We were individually called back for Sim and HR/tech interviews. This takes a long time so be prepared to wait. I was called back first for tech interview and I sat down with 2 RJ captains and Camielle (HR). We started out with Electrical on my airplane (Travelair) what voltages? Why? What kind of batterys ( lead acid as opposed to Nickel cad or lithium)? How does a circuit breaker work? I knew this well so we moved on. Thats how it goes, if you know it they move on if you dont then they start to dig. We never talked about props, gear, fuel system of my airplane. We talked a bit about engine numbers and what they mean and how a carburetor works. Then I was asked about 20 questions about turbine engines despite the zero experience I had. Bleed air? Compressors? Turbine shafts and starting procedures. I knew very little of this and I thought it was a personality test to see how I would deal with pressure. Turns out I needed to know this.
Next was Vmc, critical engine, How Cg affects Vmc and performance? How is Vmc calculated by the manufacturer? WX stuff including overflight of thunderstorms (read the AIM) Charts Know Mea, mora, moca, Mca, climb gradients, uncontrolled airspace on Jepp charts.
After that it was basic HR, Ever been convicted? DUI? Why Skywest? Where you goin be in 5 years?
That was it. After the interview I was waiting for the sim, I was called back in and told that I didnt have the knowledge required and that I could go home. They Skywest employees were super nice and professional. I think that they really want to hire people. But you got to know a lot about jets because thats what they fly.
I hope this helps you guys in preparing. Good Luck

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