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Skywest Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: March 1998
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Here are some of the written and interview questions I got. Every one in my group of five passed both the sim and the writtens; they really
were easy. Please disseminate this to all who ask. For the record, my
interview was 3/98. There are 50 questions, here are 20.

Written (multiple guess):

Required reports: vacating an altitude, FAF outbound/inbound,
entering/leaving a hold
Which TRW is more likely to spawn tornadoes: squall line/cold front or
A type rating is required: above 12,500#, or when two crew members are
What is the on-G/S indication for a PAPI? (a four-light PAPI was not one
of the choices)

The smallest size of water droplets produce what kind of ice? rime
What speed is the stalling speed or minimum controllable speed: Vso Vs1
When cleared from off an airway for approach, when can you begin
Dual white lights indicate a military airfield.

The airplane with a given HSI presentation is which airplane in diagram
There’s a max pallet weight question that requires a calc. The answer is
Here’s a date on which both crew members got their first class medical.
On which date can they still legally fly together?

Lost com procedures question, the answer reads a bit like: Altitude is
the highest of the assigned, minimum or expected, the route is assigned,
expected, or filed.
Angle of attack determines lift and drag.
What are the minimum requirements for instrument currency (new Part 61).

The question hints at the airplane class requirement for instrument
currency, and the degree to which a ground trainer may be used in
substitution of an airplane. Just know it.

Some question about a clogged pitot tube and drain hole acting like an
Vmc is determined in what weight/CG condition?
METAR/TAF deciphering, but oh-so-very easy.
What are the VFR cloud clearances in class E at 8,500’?

The most out-there question was this: What is the VFR fuel reserve for a
4-engine recip for domestic supplemental ops? I guessed :45. Another
choice was 3 hours.
Failure of what equipment requires IMMEDIATE notification of ATC?
Engine failure, DME (the right answer, no joke) and one other thing.

Interview Stuff:
Over all they tried their best to put me at ease. I didn’t cross my
legs until everybody else had. (OK so call me a little obsessive) After
about :20, we all really started having a good time. I wasn’t a
laugh-a-minute, but my answers became more candid, and the questions got
less specific. There grew to be an easy rapport among the six of us (me
+ five interviewers). There was some ribbing between the interviewers,
and all were friendly from the start. Be yourself that we all like, (or
you wouldn’t be reading this), but remember: they will act like your
friends, but they are not your friends.

What are the limitations on a procedure turn?
METAR/TAF deciphering, including conditional language. Can you depart?
What is mach buffet? Critical mach number? (I interviewed with jet time)
How does your engine anti-ice work?

What would you do if you experienced an inadvertent icing encounter?
What approach category is your current airplane straight in/circling?
What are the symptoms of tail icing? what does it mean to you? what
would you do?

What does CRM stand for? What does it mean to you?
Capt briefs he will bust mins, what will do? Capt unexpectedly but
purposely descends below mins, what do you do?

What would a captain you’ve recently flown with say about you?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What is the engine failure procedure in your aircraft? (ALWAYS ask which
phase of flight)
What three words describe you?

How is Vmc determined? How/why does it change with altitude? What is Vmc
in current a/c.
Do you like flying at your current job?
How do you handle conflict in the cockpit?
Have you ever failed a check ride? Why did you fail?

On this approach, we see the approach lights. What does that mean? how
low can we go?
Say we then see the runway CL lights, what then?
Do runway CL lights count as runway lights? (I said yes quite
decisively; I was wrong. Oops)

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