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Trans States Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: October 2012
Summary of Qualifications: CPL - ASEL/AMEL/Inst
ATP Written
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Previous gouges still pretty accurate. Paperwork collected - a typical stack for airlines, but far less than some carriers require. A short presentation on the company and a 50 question written. Previous topics were spot on for the written. Personal interview was short and sweet - crossing restrictions, holding fuel burn rate and endurance, questions from some Jepp Departure and Approach plates. If your instrument proficient and currently instructing, this is a breeze. I just would have studied the Jepps a little more if I did it all over again.
Date Interviewed: May 2012
Summary of Qualifications: 1,500H CFI, CFII
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Easy interview.

1) 50 questions from the ATP Written.
2) Collect all the paperwork.
3) In the Oral: flight experience, turbine engines questions, ERJ Icing, ERJ Limitations.

A guy was sent home because supposedly he log APROX 2000 hours (yes 2,000hours) that he never did.

Another was sent home because he went there missing papers, he left his passport.
Date Interviewed: May 2012
Summary of Qualifications: 7000 hr. ATP Pilot 1000 + hrs. of multi turbine PIC
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Company flies you to St. Louis the day before interview. Stay in $42.00 per night Best Western. Interview was as described in earlier posts. 50 question ATP written and earlier posts were dead on for content. Review Gleim and you will be fine. Interview starts at 0830. Started with a brief application supplement to tally current flight hours. Then complete the ATP written. Interviews started after writtens were collected. Actual interview was 3 on 1. Pretty laid back atmosphere. 2 Line pilots and HR. Fairly easy questions about previous experience and logbook review. No TMAAT type questions. No questions on the memory items at all although I had them down cold. Guy who interviewed before me also had some experience and he and I were both told we'd hear in about 7 days. 5 low time CFIs interviewed after me and all were offered class dates for June. It appears they are looking for low time pilots. No sim was used in the interview process. Everyone I spoke with Trans States was very pleseant and put you at ease.

Training is 5 weeks in St. Louis. Double occupancy rooms and your on your own for transportation from the Best Western lodging to the training facility. Benefits start in only 30 days after the first day of the month after the month of the start of training. Typical Regional pay but appears to be a good place to start in the industry. Good luck.
Date Interviewed: April 2012
Summary of Qualifications: 885TT, 260ME. CFI, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Company flys candidates to/from the interview the afternoon before the interview and recommends that you stay at Best Western Airport Plaza. It's $42.00 + tax per night for Go Jet/Trans States candidates. Hotel shuttle will take you to the Trans State Training Center (aprx 5-10 shuttle ride). Once the interview session is over, the shuttle will take you back to the airport to catch your scheduled flight.

Written Test:

Although they do not directly tell you your results, rumor was that you have to score a 80% or higher (50 multiple choice questions) to pass. Fairly simple test, everyone in my class of 8 passed. Questions were as followed:

-Advantages/disadvantages of swept back wings
-Characteristics of dutch roll
-Purpose of vortex generators
-Max airspeed below 10,000
-What altitude is DME required
-Decoding METAR
-Step-down fixes
-Airport diagrams/signs
-Takeoff alternate (1 hr for 1 & 2 eng w/ OEI)
-Lost Comms in IMC
-Max holding airspeeds


2:1 setting (w/ line pilot & check pilot). Very easy and laid back. Friendly people. Last aprx 15-20 minutes.
STUDY THE MATERIAL IN THE STUDY GUIDE that is sent to you via email.

-Reviewed logbooks and paperwork
-Was told to brief the EMB145 Ice protection system
(in study guide)
-Asked all memory items and limitation items on the EMB145
that were listed in the study guide.
-Finger-flew KFSM VOR Rwy 25 approach
-Asked if Approach lights are in sight, what does this
allow us to do?
-Asked which kind of holding entry at SPIRO
-What would you do if... the flight attendants oxygen
bottle was below the required PSI and the Capt. wanted to
leave the gate anyway?
-Capt goes below minimums on an approach?
-Any checkride failures? explain?
-Which base would you want? What if you got the other one?
-discussed previous flying experience


Sent out of the room for about 5 minutes, then called back in to the room for the offer. Very easy going interview. Don't stress about it at all.

Date Interviewed: August 2011
Summary of Qualifications: 1203 TT 870 ME Previous 121 Experience ATP written
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Extremely short, relatively painless. None of the BS that is prevalent at other airline interviews.

Day started at 8AM with a written exam. Straightforward and seemingly right out of the AIM. Lots of questions that if you're current or if you've CFI'd before it'll be a breeze. They don't tell you a score, but during my interview I saw a written sheet with a column and I'd gotten an 88. No one in my group of 8 failed.

A few moments later, I was called back in and the interview began with two check airmen. Again, no BS, right to the point. Why Trans States, failed checkrides, what are you doing to improve yourself as a pilot, etc. Plenty of softballs here, but this is your only chance to make a good impression.

Then they asked a few questions about the EMB-145 ice protection system. (this packet is emailed to you a few weeks prior). Here's where, if you hadn't prepared, it would show.

A few other wrap up questions like what base would you like, etc. I was offered the job on the spot.

**Disclaimer** Since interviewing, Trans States has ceased giving out class dates due to a lack of attrition. Rumor is that there is some ATR flying that they are pursuing but other than that, staffing levels seem to be adequate at both of the bases.

Hope this helps. Good luck to all.
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