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UPS Pilot Interview Profiles

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Date Interviewed: August 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 2800 hrs, 2750 turbine, 1700 PIC turbine, ATP, military (widebody/intl exper)
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Very simple process - 2 parts. A sim ride and a panel interview. I think they are only doing about 2 interviews a day right now. Anyway, I stayed at the hotel they suggested in the invitation email. Its a Holiday Inn and is about 15 mins from the interview site. There's actually another Holiday Inn just across the interstate (3 mins away)but you wont get the cheaper UPS rate. I saw several UPS crews at the further hotel so staying there may give you the opportunity to talk to some pilots before you interview. As for the actual interview I arrived in the morning and I was taken to a small room on the second floor that would end up being the interview room. A very nice lady took my documents they requested (only the copies). She then walked me down the hall to get fingerprinted and then I came back to the room. She gave me a book on the 727 and about 45mins to review it. That was more than enough time. When the time was up I was taken to the sim by B.T. He was very nice and we spent the first 20 mins or so talking about where everything was in the jet. The actual flying was only about 20 mins if that. My profile was as follows: I was asked to do a takeoff briefing before starting. I was given a basic clearance (something like Rwy Hdg to 5000ft). We started with engines running on the rwy. Just prior to t/o it was changed from Rwy hdg to a turn to intercept a radial. After t/o a right turn to join the IIU R-250 (or something close to that). Then came left and right 30-degree bank turns. Followed by 2 45-degree turns. We then did some Vertical S -Delta (maybe 2 or 3). Next we did an expedited descent from 5000 to 2500. I was told to maintain 250 kts until 2500 ft and then slow to 210. Basically he wanted me to leave the speed brake out through level off and then slow with the brake out. Finally he put me on a 10-13 mile final (no winds) and had me brief the ILS approach and then fly it. Wx was 1000-3. I landed and that was it. There was no holding or anything wacky or tricky. No flight director...everything was raw data. My only technical question was "what did I need to set for rwy hdg and where on the plate can you find it". It didnt even seem like a quiz question...it was almost like a "by the way" type question. I recommend sim prep if you can. I've flown big and small airplanes but this jet felt very sensitive in the roll axis. In addition ,the HSI is blocked by the yoke and that threw me off. I ended up leaning forward most of the flight in an awkward position trying to fly. I probably should have sat high to give me a better view. If this happens to you I dont think it would be a foul to have him take the a/c while you readjust (although I didnt do it at the time) Anyway, after the sim I waited about 30-40 mins and for the panel. That was plenty of time for me to beat myself up and nitpick my sim performance in my head. The panel was the same sim instructor and one other lady from HR. They asked me a series of questions that went something like this 1. Tell us about yourself 2. Why UPS 3. What do I owe my employer 4. What does my employer owe me 5. What are the domiciles 6. What would be your choice of assignments (airplane and base) 7. Tell us about a mistake you made and what you learned 8. What kind of people do you not like to work with 9. What do I plan to do if based in ANC 10. How did you come up with you PIC time 11. What reservations do you have about working for UPS 12. A standard list of no-brainer questions (ever committed a felony, busted a checkride, family members at UPS etc) 13. Questions for us There were a few others that I cant recall but nothing tricky or unusual. The sim instructor reviewed my logbook and other paperwork during the questioning. THe whole panel lasted about 45-50 mins. It was very informal and they were both very nice. I was honest and myself and avoided giving canned answers. I got a call that I was in the pool about 2weeks later....

Date Interviewed: May 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Military C-5 Instructor Pilot. 3500 hours, ATP, FE written. 200 hours of Civilian single engine time.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Stayed at the hotel they suggested. Went to dinner with two UPS pilot friends. They were crucial in helping me polish my answers. I wish I had gone over some of my answers with them much earlier. I checked with the hotel front desk about reserving transportation to the UPS training facility the next morning. They were very helpful and reliable. I arrived at the training facility the next morning 15 minutes early, went right in and checked in with the front desk lady. There was no need to wait outside until the time of your interview got closer. I gave her all the requested paperwork. She went through it and brought me upstairs for fingerprinting. She showed me where the break room area and restrooms were. I was told that I'd be interviewing first and simulating later. I waited in the lobby for Buzz Thompson to come get me.
When he came, he introduced himself and we shook hands. He asked if I would like something to drink, such as water, soda, coffee, etc. I said sure I'll take water. At which time he brought me to the break room so he could buy me a bottle of water. I was thoroughly embarrassed and tried to pay for the water myself, but he wouldn't have anything of it.
He brought me into the interview room, introduced me to Pamela Lee and took off his jacket and said I was free to do the same, which I did. They both told me a little about themselves, Pamela has been with the company for over 20 years, gone through Operations, moving her way up. Buzz has been with the company a long time as well, see other write-ups for details. Pamela said they wanted to get to know me and were not interested in hearing canned answers, she said be truthful, and honest. She started asking me questions and furiously taking notes on her laptop, while Buzz went over my paperwork. Questions were as follows with no particular order:
1. TMA yourself.
2. Why do you want to work for UPS?
3. Where are our pilot domiciles?
4. Have you applied anywhere else?
5. Why UPS?
6. Do you have any family who works for UPS &/or its subsidiaries?
7. TMAT when you thought outside the box to save your employer $$$.
8. Tell me about your personality.
9. What's a bad habit or trait you have?
10. What makes a person difficult to work with? (I gave her a specific example in my career of how I dealt with difficult people.)
11. TMAT you had a conflict with supervisor/captain. (After I gave her my example, Buzz asked to brake in and expound upon this. I got the impression he may not have liked my answer, and dug deeper. I answered his digging and he backed off. I thought I ended that exchange with a definite positive note.)
12. What does CRM mean to you?
13. Who do you know works for UPS? Who recommended you?
14. What do they say are the Pros and Cons of working at UPS?
15. Are you prepared to be based out of Alaska?
16. Where would you like to be based, and what aircraft?
17. What would your employer say about you?
18. TMA an accomplishment you're most proud of.
19. How would you handle flying the C-5 and learning a new aircraft?
20. What do you expect from an employer? What do you expect to give your employer?
21. Tell me about a work policy you think is unfair.
I was then given a scenario to read out loud. Female Captain in sim, very unhelpful during my flying, and nothing but bad to say. When it's her turn, she gets engine malfunction and calls for wrong checklist. She's screwing up by the numbers prior to this. How would you address this situation under these circumstances?

They then asked me if I had any questions for them. I had a couple. By the end, I had them both laughing out loud. For my first ever airline interview, I thought I did pretty well. I was honest and tried hard not to B.S. anything.

After the interview I was taken to the break room by Buzz and he gave me the Sim book to look over prior to getting in the box. I had approximately 45 min to review it. I focused on the page with the speeds and call outs.

Buzz was my sim instructor. I had the 727, and it was my first time ever seeing that cockpit, real or simulated. I sat in the left seat, he sat in the right. He painstakingly explained basic instrumentation of the 727 and what he was going to do for me as the Pilot Monitoring. We took off. The 727 flew like a rocket!! Clean-up altitude comes fast, but I was looking for it and cleaned up on schedule. I intercepted a radial as we leveled off at 4K. I didn't have any problems with level turns, or constant rate climbing/descending turns. Put it on freeze and had me brief the ILS to the NE runway. He asked questions throughout, but mostly during the brief. Very basic questions like what's HAT? What's the length of this runway? What are my minimums? Then he asked me questions that only someone familiar with Jepps would know. So knowledge of Jepps approach plates and other areas of jepps would be helpful (i.e. review them before the interview, if you're not familiar). I flew the ILS and configured on schedule. At the end of the approach (1 mile out) I had the runway in sight and I got 1 dot low, then 1 dot high. I elected to continue the approach, since I was visual. I didn't expect to land, but Buzz actually let me and the landing was good and on centerline. After we stopped I mentioned to Buzz, kind of after the fact, I elected to continue because we were visual. As we walked out of the simulator, I asked him, well, how did everything go? He said, I believe all the objectives were met here. Who knows what that could mean!?!
I got the thin letter, roughly two weeks later (June 15th). I did not get hired. I think the only thing I can point to is maybe the answer to question 11 and perhaps the 1 dot low on the ILS in the sim.
Good luck!
Date Interviewed: February 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 5200TT, 2900PIC, 1450 TPIC, Part 121/ANG
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

3 person panel, 2 HR, one from flight ops. Sim in the AM, 767 FBS w/ Buz. Briefed takeoff from 17R. 3 questions, rwy width? Heading on HSI during lineup? What is MALSR? Takeoff rwy heading to 5K. Vector to intercept radial off of IIU VOR. Plenty of time. You call check at 80kts, gear up at pos rate call, ask for climb thrust/retract flaps on schedule at 1000 AGL and accelerate to 250. A few turns to heading, followed by 45 degree steep turns. 180 left and right. Climb (vertical S) to 11K. No VSI to manage. He offered to set climb thrust about 90-95 N1. I pitched for a/s only. Level at 11K, accelerate to 310. Descend to 8K, expedite thru 9K. Idle, speedbrakes, WATCH A/S GOING THRU 10K!!! I verbalized that caution and he agreed it was a good idea. Level at 8K. He takes the jet, you brief the ILS. Remember to brief the hold, how you would enter, and at what speed. Repo'd to a 12nm ILS final about dot right of course with 15 degrees of flaps, 165 kts. He pointed this all out and even stated a left turn was needed to intercept, so no tricks or the like. Interviewee ILS calls: GS alive "gear down, flaps 20, speed 160." 1 dot below "flaps 30, speed 145, landing checks". Flew it down to DA. No missed approach. Very easy and stable. Overall, the ride seemed almost as instructional as it was an evaluation. No tricks, he will explain everything along the way. He wants you to succeed. Interview in PM. Buz, Phil D, HR lady. TMA yourself? TMAAT conflict with supervisor/capt? You were a CFI, most difficult student? Why UPS? Dream A/C and base? TMA and emergency and how you used CRM. What is CRM to you? Do you have crew schedulers at (your airline here)? How do you feel when they call on days off? TMA accomplishment you are most proud of Where else have you applied? What would your supervisor say about you? You fly for (your airline here) and the guard, how will you handle learning a new system(a/c and company ops)? When are you available? Willing to go any base and seat? What do you think about diversity in the workplace? TMA a work policy you think is unfair? Any ? for us? Buz had a few logbook ?'s. Of my 3 major airline interviews in the last year, it was the most thorough inspection of all the airlines. A few questions about my online app, but it was related to a bug in the new system. Not my error. Overall, a very positive experience. It felt like the wanted to hire you if you're there and the job was yours to lose.

Date Interviewed: January 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 6000 TT, ATP, 1500 turbine PIC
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

-Went into the 767 FTD with Buz Thompson. He briefed the sim and the expectations and was very nice. He made me feel very comfortable. I was asked only 2 technical questions. Does the deicing process start on any particular wing? When does the holdover time begin? -One thing that was different from my practice session was the departure procedure. The plates that Buz gave me did NOT have a turn procedure on departure, which made it easier. -I was never asked to copy down a clearance, Buz just told me what to do. Departure off of 17R, turn right heading 190, intercept the IIU 250 radial outbound, maintain 5000'. All of the power settings from the gouge were very accurate, but I found that the 767 thrust levers were sloppy and I had to constantly make small power adjustments of 2-3 percent. -Leveled off at 5000' and did a 30 degree bank turn to the right then left. Next a 45 degree bank turn right and left. I was not asked to demonstrate a vertical S. I was not brought up to 11000 feet at 330 and asked to slow and decend. I was asked to descend and turn from 5000' to 4000' using the flight spoilers while slowing to 200 knots. -Buz worked the flaps and had me slow from 200 to 180. Then 180 to 160. Then he paused the sim. -He asked me to brief the ILS 17R and I just followed the gouge and thoroughly briefed the entire plate and hold. He released me from flight freeze and I flew the approach. *A word of caution* While configuring you spend about 2 minutes at 2500 feet before intercepting the glide slope - don't get too slow. I flew the approach down to mins and he said "Great Job, very nice, lets get out of here" For the interview I had Paige, Warren? and Greg. Warren was training to take over Paige's job and mostly was a note taker. Paige asked 90 percent of the questions. Greg spent most of the time going through my logbooks, transcripts, ects. They all went through and introduced themselves and then asked me to do the same. (Paiges questions) -Tell us about yourself -Why do you want to work for UPS -What kind of person are you? What would your friends say about you? -What makes a good Captain -What kind of Captain are you -Tell us about a time that you had to correct a Captain you flew with? -Tell us about a time you flew with a Captain whose personality conflicted with yours -Tell us about a time you went above and beyond to save the company money or to serve the customer -Who recommended you? -Do you have any friends that fly for UPS and what have they told you about the job? -Are you prepared to be based in ANC flying 12 day trips? -Senario: Your flying a PC check in the sim with a female captain. You fly first and don't do very well. You ask the captain for help and support and she leaves you to hang yourself. On her leg she is noticably frustrated and makes many mistakes including calling for the wrong checklist on a single engine departure. What do you see as the problem here and what would you do to fix it? -What would your dream position be here at UPS(aircraft and base) -Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish here at UPS (Greg's Questions) -most of Gregs questions were logbook related questions like when did you first get typed in the CL-65? -How much PIC time do you have in the D0-328? -What is a C303 -Why do you log your flight time by the month? I felt like a lot of these questions were used to gauge a reaction. The only technical question that Greg asked was "your flying your first leg out of IOE. Your a first officer based in ANC on the MD-11. Shortly after takeoff the Captain and the S/O let loose on the company and start complaining. How would you handle this situation?" That was it. They asked if I had anything for them and I just gave them my final plea. Overall a very positive and comfortable interview.

Date Interviewed: January 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 7000 Total time, 1500 Turbine PIC, Regional RJ Captain
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

I arrived about 25 minutes early and checked in at the front desk. I waited a few minutes until Linda Rich came down and met me. We went to a small interview room where she went over my paperwork, and ensured everything was in order. After paperwork, she briefly described the pay and benefits for the first year. We then went and did the electronic fingerprinting. After finishing, she walked me back to the lobby so I could wait for my interview. After a short wait, Buz Thompson came and brought me back to the interview room and introduced me to the HR Rep, Pam Lee. They were both very friendly and we had a casual chat before starting the interview. The interview was exactly as has been previously reported. It flowed very much like a conversation, with Pam Lee doing 90% of the questions while Buz looked over logbooks and paperwork. Here are the questions I remember, although they're not in perfect order. Tell us about yourself Why do you want to work for UPS Tell me what you know about UPS, other than the airline What kind of person are you What would your boss say about you What do you feel a company owes you as an employee What do you owe your employer How do you feel about crew scheduling Has crew scheduling ever done anything that irritated you Which of your flying jobs have you learned the most from Tell us about a company policy you disagreed with (and what you did about it) What pilots do you know that fly here What did they say about flying here Do you do any night flying at your job Are you ready to do night flying the rest of your career Where are our domiciles How do you feel about Anchorage What is your dream aircraft/base assignment Would you accept any seat/domicile Have you done any international flying other that Canada and Mexico Do you feel you're ready to fly an MD11 out of ANC to the Pac rim I was given a scenario to read out loud. A female Captain you're flying with causes a flight delay. She later blames the delay on you while talking to other crewmembers. How would you handle this situation? Do you have any questions for us? After the interview I was given the sim briefing book for the 767 Fixed Base Sim. It includes a few pages about the intent of the sim and what is expected from you. It also says that the evaluator will do what you ask, but nothing more or less. I had a few hours before my sim, so they let me leave to get lunch (I drove myself there). Buz came and got me and took me to the sim. He was very friendly and said he just wanted to see basic flying skills and see that you're capable of flying a UPS aircraft. Buz did a very in-depth brief on the sim (both the profile we'd fly and the operation of everything I would use on the 767). Buz said there were no weather concerns, MEL's, NOTAM's, to worry about. He gave me our clearance (Derby City One Departure off 17R). He asked for a takeoff briefing, then we started the ride. He cleared me for takeoff and told me to fly heading 190. After turning to 190 heading, he said to fly heading 220 to join the IIU 250 radial and maintain 5000. After tracking outbound for a while, he asked for a turn to heading 180. We then did some level turns, followed by steep turns. After steep turns, he asked for a descending turn at 1000 feet per minute/250 knots. He then asked for an expedited descent from 4000 to 2500 feet, then reaching 2500 slow to 210 knots (use spoilers). The sim was frozen so I could brief the ILS 17R. After the brief, I was asked two questions (What does MALSR stand for and what is Threshold Crossing Height and where is it found). He positions you 12 mile final for 17R, just to the right of the localizer (about scale deflection). All you have to do is turn for a gradual intercept and do the following callouts: Gliedslope alive "GEAR DOWN, FLAPS 20, SPEED". You are asked to maintain 160 knots in this configuration. At one dot below glideslope, call "FLAPS 30, SPEED". To maintain glideslope required about 62% N1 and about 2 degrees nose up. He froze the sim prior to DA, and said that was it. Total time in the sim including brief was about 30 minutes. While there is certainly a game plan for the sim, most of the time Buz seemed to be going off the top of his head. So don't be surprised if the sim profile is different. I thought the sim flew very nicely. The ailerons are a bit sensitive, but not too bad. I can't say enough about how friendly everyone is and they do everything possible to make you relax. Aside from some good comments during the sim, I received no feedback on the interview. They said good or bad, you should hear something in 2-4 weeks. I got the letter informing me I'm in the pool exactly one week after my interview

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