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UPS Pilot Interview Profiles

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Date Interviewed: December 2006
Summary of Qualifications: Military 3500 hrs, 1600 Jet pic, 737 typed
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

UPS Interview December 2006 727 Sim, Ask about rwy centerline lighting and what I would expect to see at the departure end. I was asked how wide the runway was, I had to look at Jeps to find out. Full motion with visuals. - There was an intern working the sim. - Briefed departure using procedure you currently use rwy 17R - Depart SDF climb 5000' turn to 220 (vector) to intercept the IIU 250 radial. - I did a 180 degree turn right 30 deg bank turn, followed by a left turn 45' bank turn. - We then did a climbing turn up to 11000' - Approach requested an expedited descent to 7000' - Brief up approach, ILS 17R, again using procedures you are familiar with. I briefed up entire approach including missed to include holding at DAMEN. I briefed holding entry speed timing and altitude. - Flew ILS to landing full stop Sim impressions - Lateral control with the yoke seem very sluggish. o It seem slow and required a lot input to roll. - The yoke almost completely blocks view of HIS. o If you look around yoke then it is hard to see airspeed. - I tried using the runway depiction on the ADI but it caused me to have an "S"ing final Interview - They introduced themselves, briefly describe themselves and their careers. - They asked me to tell them about myself? - TMAT your integrity was questioned? - What makes good leader? - What are the challenges you see in training at UPS? - Where would you like to be domiciled?/Would you be willing to sit sideways? - What does CRM mean to you? - What do you know about UPS (recent info not 1907 stuff) - Have you ever failed a check ride? - Who do you have apps with and have they contacted you? - What kind of schedule do you expect here? - What would be challenging for you in training?

Date Interviewed: December 2006
Summary of Qualifications: 9500TT, 5000 PIC121, Former Checkairman. D328,CL65,B737,MD80,MD11
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

The gouge here is right on the money. The process was short, sweet, professional, friendly and low key. Mike and Paige for the HR interview. Everyone went out of their way to make me feel at ease. Buzz for the B767-300 FB sim, and he was great. Again, the gouge is spot on. The feeling is overwhelming that they WANT to hire you. Applied online October 2006 with no recommendations (several good friends there, but none had submitted recs yet... had them by the interview date), called for interview end November for December Interview date. Got the call from Buzz Thompson 3 weeks later with the conditional offer of employment before I had even received the pool letter! I'm sure the MD-11 type didn't hurt... I happen to have what they need right now. Pending drug test/background etc. Jan or Feb classdate. Good luck... anything is possible. It all happened so fast, I'm still trying to convince myself it's real.

Date Interviewed: October 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 6,500hrs, Military (C-141, C-17 EP), FurloughedMajor
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Applied in April and heard 2 months later. Shows how important employee recomendations are. They e mailed me all the forms and instructions. Also had me log on to the web site and fill out a complete application.

Showed the day prior and interviewed at 9:30. Three of us were there for the interview and all had different show times.

As per othere reports the interview is a short sim and an small room interview of you, a management capt and an hr person.

As for the sim. Had me brief the TO and Approach. Get a clearance and read back. Liked that I mentioned I would get the capt up here to listen as well. NO TECH QUESTIONS AT ALL. I expected some. I found the sim to be so over sensitive in roll as to be almost unflyable. No 767 flys like this. Needless to say I only did OK on the thing. In reality it dosen't matter that much. The idea is just to see if you sorta match your qualifications. I heard the sim pilot say later "everyone did great". I firmly believe only if its obvious you aren't the pilot you claim to be would it really draw any closer scrunity.

The interview is the money event. For me it was a one question interview. By that I mean I had just be furloughed and they knew I would probably be called back with-in a year. They asked about 3 different ways if I was going back. I expected it and had pretty heartfelt answers in responce. At one point the capt even said "American (my formore) was recalling pilots". Just to get a reaction. Must admit it caught me by surprised.

The rest of the questions were just as you read here. I would only recommend speaking of the culture of UPS vs the money and security. They're hire from with-in and they trust and respect of the employees. They really believe in the there people. That's another reason why recommendations are so important.

It's certainly a great company and the biggest game in town. Good luck.

Date Interviewed: April 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 4000 Total Time, 1000 PIC Turbine, 2800Part 121
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

SIM was first for me, standard profile that has been given before out of SDF. Takeoff, intercept a radial and level off at the same time, steep turns, brief an ILS, then fly it. Technical questions were mostly off the approach chart (one of the ILS charts for SDF).

What type of lighting at this runway? What do we need to see to go below mins? How would we get our clearance on the ground? If ACARS is broken, what governs whether we can go or not? ACARS is MEL'd, what freq do we use for clearance delivery?

For the HR portion: 1 interview Captain, 1 HR rep.

Tell us about yourself. Why do you want to work for UPS? What will be a challenge for you if hired at UPS? What do you like and dislike about your current job? Tell us about your best day flying. Tell us about your worst day flying. If hired, would you ever consider returning to the airline you are furloughed from? Why or why not? Who recommended you and what did they say? The interview Captain then handed me a piece of paper to read outloud a scenario which went something like this:

You are showing up for your 12 hour flight to (?????) with a Captain you have heard from other FO's is going through a nasty divorce. When you get to the aircraft, the CA is upset that the crew meals are not right. He tells you to take care of it and then gets a phone call from his wife and starts to argue angrily with her. What do you do?

I stated my answer, to which there were follow up questions, one of which, from the HR guy was, "Have you ever been divorced?" THIS IS ILLEGAL!!!!!! (I had not brought up the subject of my marital status at all!) Earlier in the interview this same HR guy had said to me that he was surprised that the Fortune 50 company that I work for had a flight department!!

Overall this was not a high stress interview, just get to know you.

Date Interviewed: February 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATPMilitary 2800 TotalMilitary Instructor 1000Heavy Jet experience1500 PIC Multi-Engine Jet
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I recommend arriving the day prior to Louisville to get your stuff together. When they call you for an interview, they give you a good hotel to stay in...it's the companies contract hotel so it's cheap but stay on guard, you never know who is watching.

Arrived about 45 minutes prior to the interview. The first thing you do is get finger printed and give the HR lady your paperwork copies...ie background investigation stuff they ask you to prepare. Then you go back downstairs and wait.

The management captain came and got me and put me in a small room with he and they nice young lady from HR. Very laid back...asked about me but nothing about the company. Asked about the following:

-- Best flying day ever -- Worst flying day ever -- What companies I had aps in with -- Hooked a checkride -- What is the importance of recommendations -- Who recommended me -- What'd they say about me -- What did they say about the company and how they liked/disliked it -- Zero about the company and zero technical airplane stuff.

Overall, be yourself. It is hard to be calm but be cool and yourself and never lie. They'll nab you.

Then the sim came. We all had the 767 including 3 current 767 pilots from various failing airlines. Weird. Standard profile you can read on others write ups. It doesn't change. They asked all the technical there:

-- Departure alternate required? -- Wx required for an alternate -- How would I get pressure altitude on the ground -- Distance required to alternate on 1 engine.

The one thing I wasn't prepared for...he wanted me to calculate my fuel required to alternate, hold and land all while executing the missed. Just ballpark it, subtract it from your current fuel and then he wanted to know how much time I could hold for at an average fuel flow of 12k an hour. Quick public math never hurt anyone. Good luck.

Easy stuff and they asked all the other guys the exact same things. As soon as you are done, they give you a voucher to leave in a taxi. Total time there...7 am till 2:30.

The rumor about the written test is wrong. They also give you an hour to study a book on the 767, the departure and ILS to fly. They don't expect you to fly the 767 like a typed guy so don't worry about flap speeds and all that. Just fly raw data stuff, stay on altitude and airspeed and youre set.

Overall, very pleasant people and a great company. We'll see if I get hired.

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