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Alaska Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: November 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Military 3050 total PIC 1450 ME Jet ATP
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Day 1
Nov 7th 07 Last interview of the day
Two pilots: Kurt Brisbane and Tom M (don't remember) and Beth HR
Greatest Acheivement to Date
Pet Peevs
To us about a time of going above and beyond/breaking regs
ANC LOC questions; holding and starting the approach
Plane has a problem; make an anouncement
Flying history
How would you rate yourself as a pilot
Define CRM and customer service
How many apps out with other airlines
How will handle commuting
What do you do in your free time
What stresses you out
Tell us about an emergency
Brisbane knew a pilot I fly with in the reserves who I know quite well. Asked
me what he would say about me.
Favorite Movie

Very friendly and gave immediate feedback on the pilot questions. Beth takes
a ton of notes so don't be surprised if she fills up a couple of pages!

Day 2
Nov 8th 07 Last interview of the day

Pilot Swanigan and Cindy Bruner HR
Flying history
How will you portray the company
What do guys I work with say about the company
Tell us about conflict
As a pilot, what can you do about customer service
What do you love about flying the C-17.
Alaska is not doing well with on time departures, company image is not as good
as it used to be; what can you do as a pilot
How will you handle the commute to LAX or ANC Very friendly environment. Told me to wait in the lobby. Five mins tops and then had the job.
Date Interviewed: May 2007
Summary of Qualifications: ATP,CFII,FE,multiple types, 10000 hours,3500 PIC,Parts 121 and 135.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I was emailed by Lynne Hiemer about 2 weeks prior to interview date. Received several emails afterwards regarding updates, documents required as well as any schedule changes as per notes and saved emails. Documents include PRIA forms, application, SS card, driver's lisence, ATP, medical, college transcripts, driver's background check form, letters of rec. ect. I was flown with a confirmed seat assignment (can only get boarding pass at checkin) and hotel accomodations the day prior. 12:30 show for a 1:00 pm preliminary paperwork check (HR asked several questions: DUI,felonies, tickets,ect.). Waited for approximately 45 minutes for first panel interview (3 people: 2 pilot management and 1 HR). Questions asked: Why Alaska Airlines? 10 year background? Any emergencies? Any troublesome co-pilots or captains? Any checkride failures? Do I know the payscale? What base do I prefer? What aircraft do I prefer? How would I grade myself as a pilot from a scale from 1 to 10. How would you describe yourself regarding the airlines 5 ideals? In other words which one best describes you. Tell us about your current employer. Afterwards, I was escorted to the assesment testing area where I was handed a code and password which I handed back to HR rep (Bethany) after the testing. Test consisted of multiple choise "strongly disagree---to---strongly agree personality questions (20 minutes). 2nd one consisted of number sequences and match first letter to given definition. Example: the Buddist word for heaven Answer.. B,D,E,N. N is Nirvana (20 minutes). Afterwards was taken into the cafeteria and told I was unsuccessful. It helps to be cordial to everyone you meet regardless of how or what is said to you. Example other HR rep. (Cindy, who I met in the lobby) seemed antagonistic. Otherwise it was a great experience and I know the pilot group is a great bunch to fly with from my references.

Date Interviewed: August 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 3 type ratings, 3900 total, 2000 PIC turbine, Part 135, prior military   
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

FIRST INTERVIEW (1 HR rep and 2 captains environment is very friendly) You show up the day prior and interview the next day at 12:30 PM (travel and hotel paid by Alaska). Will meet with Lynne Hiemer to go over application first (smoking, traffic violations, accidents/incidents, DUI etc. Go over 10 year work history (remember dates between jobs) Why Alaska Airlines? Anchorage approach plate ILS 7R. What are the three transitions for the approach? Captain wants to go below minimums at uncontrolled field in the middle of the night. I believe it was 1,000ft MDA and he/she wants to go to 800ft due to low ceilings but good visibility. DON'T LET HIM! SAFETY OF FLIGHT. TALK him out of it first, TAKE the controls if he continues, and TELL him, a mentor, and chief pilot about it afterwards. Drunk passenger gets on the airplane. A very loyal and regular customer. Never gets out of control. But always drunk. Flight attendant doesn't mind, captain doesn't mind. They let him on all the time. What do you do? DON'T LET HIM (regulation). How do you handle a captain who is upset about the new arbitration? What is CRM to you? What is the service ceiling of a previous aircraft you flew? Why should we hire you? Do you have any questions for us? Think of at least one. Take Psycology test on computer (can't really study for). First part (no right or wrong answer) is how you relate to the statements. Strongly agree, slightly agree, neither agree or disagree, slightly disagree, strongly disagree. Second part is a number game example 0 1 5 8 16 what's the next number? If it takes 5 people 8 hours to dig a ditch, How many would it take to dig it in 2 hours. Then they have you think of the first letter of a word that relates to the word shown. Example confused is the word, then your answer is like W, L, C, or M. Don't sweat this test. I didn't understand most of the second part. So I just guessed and I still got the job. They said it was timed but I got interrupted halfway though by Celeste Green (HR generalist) to be invited to second interview. NOTE: Study history of Alaska Airlines (recommend reading "The Alaska Airlines Story," and Airline interview prep), stock prices, quarterly earnings statements compared to previous years. # of aircraft in company and by type, and how many on order or giving up leases, new routes etc. SECOND INTERVIEW (Director of Training and Director of Employment Services. Environment is not as friendly) Only invited if you did well during the first interview. Basically is a review of the first interview in relation to ten year history and resume (no technical or scenario questions) They just want to know more about you. So be yourself! Why Alaska Airlines? What is flying to you? Why you? Any questions? Questions pertaining to working for Alaska and your ability to transition and do the training. They just want to know you are going to be a good investment. Sell yourself! it's a GREAT company to retire from. Make sure this is were you want to spend the rest of your career though. Good luck!

Date Interviewed: June 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP,7000,4200 Turbine Pic Part 121 CRJ/Military C130 USAF R
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Flew in the night before the interview. Reviewed notes (no sim). Left the hotel to go to the Alaska Training center 2.5 block behind the hotel. I met with Lynne Himer and she reviewed the paperwork. She asked about nicotine use, was I ever fired from a job, FAA accidents or incidents. Then Lynne took me to a computer for a two part assiment. 165 question on personality no right or wrong answer. The next 25 question were more math and logic. They asked the number squence types...2 4 9 12 14? Then there were some questions on math such as if it took 10 people to dig a ditch 262 feet long how many people would it take to dig a dicth 73 feet long? I met with the panel and that lasted about 1 hour and 15 min. Celest Green and two pilots. They started on the 10 year work history with dates and job duties, They will ask you question about your jobs as you go through this process. They cover FARs, time/duty limitations, icing, systems on aircraft, performance, approach plates and enroute charts. Then they ask if you have any questions for them. They will let you know in about 5 days. I recieved a phone call saying thanks no thanks try again in a year. Best of luck

Date Interviewed: June 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP >7,000 hours
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

VERY NICE PEOPLE HERE Started wih basic HR type of stuff. DUI, Incidents, Accidents, Etc. (None for Me) Then met with Celeste (HR) and two captains. Everything is very layed back and I was even offered a bottle of water, which came in handy. Questions: All about the 10 year work history. I think I bored them to tears, but I did try to spice it up a bit. Three blank faces. What do I like about my current company and what would I like to change at same company. This was followed by some questions about my college transcripts. 15 minutes for random questions about previous jobs. I answered completely honestly. No incidents or accidents, etc. Technical Questions: ANC ILS LOC/DME approach... Everything. Just like the last guy said. What would you do if there was no RADAR available, minimums, approach brief, etc. How do you figure VDP if none is depicted? What is turb. penetration speed on your aircraft? What happens when you pull the Engine Fire Pull Handle? Gear down speed and gear retraction speed? What if you've been drinking all night and scheduling calls you for an earlier than expected departure? What if the captain suggests he wants to bust minimums? Captain incapacitated during approach? Pilots you did not get along with and why? How did you handle it? Flight attendants you did not get along with and how did you handle it? Tell me about a time you were scared or upset in an airplane? After the tech. questions everything was very casual. They will ask about any questions you might have about the company. This is followed by a computer assesment which is kind of random. No flying questions. However, I found out after the fact that it is timed. I would not take too long if I were to do it again. I'm not sure why I wasn't offered a chance to continue in the interview process, so I can't give much feedback there. I kind of feel like I was kicked in the stomach because I've always wanted to fly for Alaska, but that's the way it goes. OTHER INTERVIEWEES: I got to talk to some other candidates that were there for their second interview. They were very nervous and said that the Second Interview is not so friendly. You will be looking at blank faces for most of the session. Not sure what it's all about, but I did not make it that far anyway. It seems like a great place to work and I wish you all the best, I hope you find this gouge helpful! Best Of Luck!!!

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