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American Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: June 2019
Summary of Qualifications: Military and Part 91. No 121. 4500TT, 1500 turbine
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Overall a fantastic interview experience. I had interviewed at other major legacy airlines and by far American was the most relaxed atmosphere. The pilot recruitment department at American Airlines want you to succeed and they went out of their way to make you feel welcome.

Not one question was asked about my logbooks or my documents. Just bring everything HR asks for at the time of your interview. All the documents that you give to HR (Start of Day one) goes in a clear plastic folder with your name on it. On day one you leave your logbooks with the HR folks in the pilot recruitment office. Day two at your panel interview your interviewers will give your logbooks back to you. Just have your logbooks neat and organized.

Day One cognitive testing is difficult and there is nothing you can do to really prepare for it. Everyone interviewing felt they did awful and thought the interview was over for them. The tests seem designed to make you feel like you failed. I have never heard of anyone not moving on to day 2 based on day one cognitive testing. Just relax and don't spend a lot of time and energy preparing for day one cognitive testing.

Day two panel interview. Panel interview with a Captain and First Officer and a one on one HR interview. The Captain and First Officer asked:
Tell about a process, procedure or SOP you improved upon.
TMAAT you had to council a peer or subordinate.
TMAAT you had to step in and stop an action that you thought was unsafe.

Then was given two scenarios:
Taking off with a thunderstorm a few miles from departure end of the runway with wind shear alerts and tower clears you for take-off. What would you do?
Captain becomes ill and incapacitated. What would you do?
The panel interview with pilots lasted about 50 minutes.

The HR interview is one on one interview and lasted about 30 minutes. The HR questions I received were:
TMMAT you had a conflict with a superior.
As a pilot for AmericanAirlines how could you save the company money?
Was asked what is the earliest date I could start and did I have any check ride failures or anything in my background that would raise red flags?
Date Interviewed: August 2014
Summary of Qualifications: Regional Pilot, 5300TT, 225PIC Turbine, 4 yr Degree.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
received an e-mail about 5 and a half months after completing the online application and questionnaire (psych test) inviting me to complete a video interview within 5 days. It is pre-recorded so you can complete it any time. (the e-mail went directly into my junk/spam folder so be careful of this afterwards I saved it as a VIP contact, so I received a distinct ring tone anytime a future correspondence came along.

American Airlines Video Interview:

Locate a quiet well lite area; be mindful of your backdrop and any background sounds.
I worn a suit and practiced recording myself with the webcam to be mindful of mannerisms and quirks.

They read each question twice, then allow you 60 seconds to respond, once started, you have 3 mins to answer, the start and stop time can be controlled by you if you want to start or finish early.
1. Why do you want to work at American and what do you know about its history and culture?
2. Tell me some of the negatives and positives about working for American?
3. TMAAT the last time you had to start as a new hire pilot and how you learn about it’s culture, operations, and how they deal with passengers?
4. This question the voice reads off the details of an approach plate and then had to read it back. (I wrote on postit and posted them next to the camera so it didn't look too obvious that I was reading it back)
LOC 31 Freeport dated 3 Mar 2014, LOC freq 110.3 Inbound course 312, FAF Ducky 1600' min crossing altitude, MDA 360', Runway 31 TDZE 44', MAP at .3 DME, MAP instructions: Climb to 1000', then climbing right turn to 3000' to freeport VOR and hold, MSA 2,500', 1/2 vis, Med intensity approach lighting with a PAPI (on left side), notes DME or Radar required.
5. TMAAT when you experience an operational delay and had to explain it to someone?
6. Describe some of the conversations you have had with people when you have talked about becoming a pilot at American

Response: On the forums it can take anywhere from 7-21 days to receive a response e-mail from American. This e-mail will redirect you to log into pilotcredentials and when you go to the Pilot Info tab, a newer tab called additional info will appear at the bottom. They request your SSN and DOB. Once that has been submitted it takes exactly 2 weeks to hear back about an interview (My notification e-mail arrived at 23:59 on the last day).
Interview: They usually give 2-3 weeks, but in some cases less (I had 8 days). They will positive space you from an airport of your choosing down to DFW. They will put you up at the LaQuinta DFW South, and provide shuttle service to and from the activities. There were 20 of us broken up into two groups for the first day, we all seemed to met in the lobby an hour before show time to catch the shuttle to the AA Academy. (5 Military, 5 Regionals Pilots)
Clothing for day one is business Casual, most of us wore a button down dress suit, dress pants, black shoes (No ties or jackets). There is a cafeteria with Starbucks coffee if you arrive early.
First they collect all your documents and log books (you get all but the logs back the first day). Then you hear over to the computer room for the 3+ hour cognitive testing.
Patterns and Focus

Math Q’s (simple but can’t use paper and pen – add, subtract, multiply, divide)

Cubes and Joy Stick
Memory Items
Color Testing 


1. dot going around a circle, when it skips hit a button (25 mins of this, same slow speed, stay focused, I counted each one, and started over after a skip)

2. complex patterns - 3x3 grid with one block missing - have to figure out the pattern and choose the right
solution from 6 possible squares
(patterns are fairly complex, found that half the solution is left to right, and the other half of the same problem is up and down)

3. math - complex problems like 2?4?6?8?9=34, you have to put in the correct sign in order to make the function equal out, (+,-,x,/) keep in mind there are repeated signs and multiplication and division always goes first, some of them are fairly complex (16?8?19?714=52)

4. dots and squares - dots popping up all over the screen, when they create a square you hit a button
(once again focus, this goes on for 10-15mins, do not focus on one corner of the screen, I put my seat back to try and concentrate on the entire screen at once)

5. lights, beeps and colors – This is the fun one, you have a custom keyboard in front of you, there are 5 colored circles (blue, red, white, yellow, green), right below that are 2 long bars (one on top of the other), and you have 2 rudder petals. When a color flashes, you hit that color, when you hear a high or low tone on the headphones you hit the corresponding high or low bar, when you see the left or right rudder petal block turn from black to white, you hit that rudder… goes faster and faster until you start missing them, then slows back down, designed to take you repeatedly to failure.

6. pie in the sky - inverted triangle moves around and you have to keep it centered over a green-T. This one is difficult to explain, you have two joysticks, left controls the “flying pie” left and right, the right joystick controls front and back motion as well as the bank of the pie, (think left hand rudder, right hand stick) you must line up the pie in the center of the upside down green “T”. As you get better, the “wind” gets stronger and changes rapidly (once again, taking you to failure and back)

7. matching cube designs - you seen 3 sides of a cube and have to choose the option that matches plus the
4th side
(this is dimensional orientation at it’s best, pay attention to minor details such as pattern angles within each cube, I didn’t find this too challenging.

8. maps - they flash a city map with POIs on the screen for 5 sec, then the symbols disappear and it asked
you where to find certain Pols. This was my worst activity, they start out small with 2 or 3 points of interest (i.e. find the airport), then they jump to 8 or so items all over the place.

Day 2: Interviews:
Remember that you are checking out of the hotel on your way to the interview, they have a place for your bags there.
Most of us showed up in the usual attire: Black/Dark Blue Suit, White shirt, Black shined shoes and tie (solid color navy blue/maroon) The escorted us to the Museum and had a short meet and greet with System Chief Pilots and DFW Base Chiefs. There were all very friendly and did their best to try and relax us. They had coffee and water there as well. One by one we were escorted to the pilot on pilot interview (one Capt and one FO) with you. They were very relaxed and you could tell this was just to see if your personality jived with theirs. Here were the questions I remember:

What do you do in your free time?
What do find are the best qualities of an airline pilot?
What does you friends and family think of you applying to American?
Tell me about a time you had a conflict with another crewmember
Tell me a time when you dealt with a disgruntled passenger
Tell me a time where you had to make a difficult/complex decision
How do you motivate you crew after a long day?
T ell me a time when you had to go above and beyond
Tell me a time when you dealt with an emergency
Tell me a time when you had to work with someone you don’t like
Tell me a time when you were task saturated and had to ask for help
Tell me a time that you called out Fatigued
In your logbook, is there any PIC time that you logged while sitting in the right seat?
Tell me how you make apologies to the passengers
Tell me what would you do when a Captain flew and unstable approach? And did this ever happen to you?

Most of these questions where followed back a back and forth discussion, again, they didn’t so much care about the outcome, but rather how you deal with things, decision process, and personality. I can out feeling great, really good group of people who are very excited about the direction of their company.

We then went back to the coffee station to await our HR interview, this was about a 15-30 minute wait, they then called us one by on. This was a one on one interview to mainly clarify any questions about you application and resume, they restated that they are hiring for both companies (AA and US), and that if we are ok with either. I then had a few HR questions:

Tell me a time you made an unpopular decision?
Do you find authoritative commands are better than coercion to get a task accomplished?
Tell me a time when you dealt with a displeased passenger?

My first interview maybe lasted 45-60 mins, second one maybe 15min. Then back to pick up our bags. The lady at the desk was awesome; she already checked us into our flights and gave us our boarding passes. We then headed to the airport and awaited the next step.

Next step: the next day, I received several e-mails about a background check, link to the website to re-enter my 10 year history for the third party background check.

12 days after my interview I received the call… invitation to join the Company, with more information to follow… Good luck!
Date Interviewed: May 2014
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 9000TT, 8000ME, 3500 Turbine PIC
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Still two panel interviews. One with HR and the last one with Pilots. Each panel interview lasted about an hour. Very relaxed and straight forward. Wore my current uniform to the interview as requested. Lots of TMAAT questions!

HR Interview Questions:

TMAAT when you had to deal with a difficult crewmember?
TMA your worst mistake?
TMAAT when you went above and beyond your duties as a pilot?
Have you ever had any problems with training?
Have you ever had an accident or incident?
Why US Airways?

Pilot Interview Questions:

Questions about RNAV arrivals and departures
Holding Speeds?
Brief ILS 27 approach to BOS
Brief a tax out and taxi in from chart
Min weather for take off with runway light out of service?
What would your Chief Pilot say about you?
TMAAT when you refused an aircraft?

That's about it! Great experience and looking forward to getting a class date!
Date Interviewed: December 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 5700TT, +2Internal Recs
Military, Regional CA
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
The first step was the application with psych test. Once that was reviewed I received and invitation to do the video interview with the same 6 questions everyone gets (mentioned previously by a different applicant). The last step is the face to face interview.

The interview was in two parts. First I talked with 2 line pilots (both former Navy guys like me) and then I talked with one HR person. It seemed that they were trying to match each interviewee's background with the line pilots doing the interviews. Very considerate. I did not have any technical questions but many of the other people did so the list below is far from complete but a good sampling and is a compilation from 3 interviewees. It looks like they tailored the questions to the background of the person being interviewed, i.e. less experience equaled more technical questions.

Of the questions below I was asked numbers 3, 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 23, 24, 25, 26, 30. Overall many of the questions were more conversational with back and forth discussion encouraged. They said it would be 2 to 3 weeks and then a possible class date in early February. It turned out to be 2 weeks with an offer made by phone on Christmas Eve with a letter to follow with more info like class dates, etc. They are planning on running 2 classes a month (approx. 20 per class).

My group of 20 was the 3rd group to interview and the first 2 groups filled the first 2 classes in January for off the street applicants. So with minimal extras (instructors and people coming off furlough) the classes were almost entirely off the first 2 sets of folks getting interviewed. I can deduce from that that the offer and acceptance is about 17-18 out of 20 per group of 20 getting interviewed. They are bringing in people they want to hire. They also stated that they have about 10,000 applications currently so I was honored to be among the first 60 to get the chance to interview. The attitude and atmosphere around AA is bubbly, almost giddy. Everyone is excited about the merger and coming out of bankruptcy. Everyone was thrilled to finally have new-hires again and the prospect of upgrades.

1. TMAT you counseled a peer, you told a peer bad news.
2. TMAT you deviated from an order.
3. TMAT you worked for someone you admired and the qualities you value in that person. Are these qualities you have embraced in your own leadership?
4. TMAT you made a decision that impacted a peer?
5. TMAT you were proud of a team accomplishment.
6. Tell me about your thought process with a recent decision you made.
7. What did you do in preparation for your interview?
8. TMAT you had a conflict with a crewmember.
9. TMAT you had to use your leadership skills.
10. TMAT you had to work in a group to achieve a common goal
11. Tell me the qualities of an airline pilot and which is the most important for you (CRM and why)
12. How would you describe yourself?
13. Tell us about yourself. What do you think we may have missed in the questions?
14. Why should we hire you?
15. TMAT you changed a person's approach to something? What was the outcome and what could have happened if it was different. Did this impact that person in a positive manner?
16. TMAT you accomplished something you are proud of.
17. Tell me about your thought process with a recent decision you made.
18. Tell us a situation you regret.
19. TMAT you had to give tough feedback.
20. TMAT you went outside of standard procedures to get the job done.
21. What community activities or organizations are you involved in?
22. TMAT you had to make a tough decision to improve safety or avoid an unsafe situation. What was the result?
23. What did you think of our testing?
24. Are you willing to be based at all of our bases?
25. How do you build rapport in the cockpit? Is it important to the success of the flight?
26. TMAT you corrected or refreshed another pilot's procedures or approach to a problem.
27. Tell me about a situation where I made a decision and a colleague disagreed with me.
28. What do you do to foster good interpersonal relationships with other team members?
29. Tell me about a group project that you were proud to be a part of.
30. What would you do if the other pilot was not stabilized inside the FAF and would not go around when requested?
Date Interviewed: October 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 3000+ TT 2 Internal Recs
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Video interview questions I received:

1 - Why AA and what do you know about the corporation/culture?

2 - If selected, you'll be expected to start working out of one of our pilot bases immediately following training. Please tell me about challenges you've experienced commuting or moving to a new city.

3 - You are given a hypothetical situation involving a colleague. You are not required to solve it, you must only describe the situation as you understand it.

4 - TMAAT when you handled a non-safety related situation that would've normally been handled by someone with more authority, but no one was available.

5 - TMAAT when a colleague complained to you about a decision you or another colleague made. What did you do?

6 - What excites you about the opportunity to work for American Airlines?
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