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American Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: December 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

It is now 2 days again, starts out late on day one for your sim eval in a KC-135 sim, profile is as previously stated then the next day is going over your paperwork, a MMPI test and then a board interview with 2 capts. very relaxed and pleasant experience. This is as of the beginning of Dec.

Date Interviewed: December 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Had an interview with American on 6 & 7 Dec 00. All gouge was good. The process has changed a little from what you have. First the simulator checkride was the night before the interview. We met at American at 7pm and were broken into 4 groups of 2. The sim was very straight forward. KC-135 simulator (B-707 similar); one pilot did takeoff and flew radar vectors with some changes in heading and a last minute stop climb to see if you would over control. The other pilot flew a LOC to a missed approach and got the same heading changes etc as the first on the departure/radar vectors. Then the first pilot flew the LOC to a full stop and the landing was not graded. The key was work with the other pilot CRM CRM CRM CRM. The other key is stay at 20 degrees of bank. When I went to 30 degrees the trim changes were enormous. I have 5,000 hrs in B-707 airframes and I had my hands full. It is a simulator, what can you say. The next day show times were staggered based on when you went to the sim (ie My partner and I were first in the sim the night before so were the first to show in the morning). Showed at 0830, sat down with HR person and went over paperwork. I then went to take the 240 question personality test. Can't study for it but found if you answer the questions across the page (ie 1, 21, 41, etc) as opposed to in order (the answers were in columns 1-20, 21-40 etc) you will find that they all relate. Helps you not to answer I love my Mother at the beginning and I hate my Mother at the end. I still found that I was honest as they weren't that bizarre as I had always been led to believe. My interview was with a Captain and a First Officer. The First Officer was my buddy and the Captain was very in my face. He interrupted my answers and even looked at the FO while I was talking and started talking. Each time I kept my cool and waited until he was done and then finished my answer. At the end while I was in mid sentence he loudly closed his note book and stated "This interview is over" I figured that I had blown it. But I KEPT MY COOL!!!!! I was not totally prepared for this as nothing I had read said that I could expect anything other than hugs and kisses. There was even a gouge book at the hotel (the first one they recommend in their invite) at the front desk. I was called a week later to come in for my physical!!! I think that because I was an older military guy they wanted to see if I could handle a dickhead Captain.
Bottom line your website did not give me the 100% solution to answering their questions but it gave me something to study and it above all gave me confidence. I would also recommend (because I did it) get some interviewing coaching. I had never had a sit-down interview in my life. They cannot give you the answers but it helps you answer more concisely and not to sound like a retard! Hope this helps and good luck to all!!!

Date Interviewed: October 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Simulator Night: All of the candidates met at 1900 at the academy. We all chatted for a while until the instructor arrived. She brought us upstairs
where she explained the plan for the night. We had 8 guys and were broken up
into 4 groups. She showed us a video on the KC-135 and strongly suggested
CRM in the sim Eval.

KC-135 Pattern Downwind- 200 kts
Flaps 20 3000 lbs F/F
180 kts Flaps 30 3500 lbs F/F
Final Prior to FAF -- Gear Down 160 kts Flaps 40
4500 lbs F/F
After FAF
140 kts Flaps 50 3500 lbs F/F

We flew two patterns out of Salt Lake City. We took off from runway 34R. We
were given runway heading up to 10000 feet. As I climbed through 7900 ft I
was told "traffic at 12 o' clock" level off at 8000 ft. Shortly there after
I was cleared to 10000. We were given a left turn to 280. Then a downwind
leg to 160. We switched controls and he flew the first ILS 34R & of course
G/S inop. I briefed him the approach and we talked ourselves through the
configurations. We executed the missed approach and came back around for
another LOC 34R approach. This time I shot the approach to a landing. The
landing was not graded. Straight forward-no tricks. Shoulder harness was

Questions on my Interview.
How did the sim go? How did your partner do?
Hve you ever had an emergency? Tell us about it.
Tell us about yourself and your flying progression.
What are the characteristics of a good Capt?
Tell us about a time you flew with someone you did not like.
What are two or three of your best and worst qualities.
What other airlines have you applied to? Which have you interviewed with?
What do you do with your spare time?
How did you prepare for this interview?
Why do you want to fly for American?
What excites you about American.
What is your favorite and least favorite crew member type.
What would you do if you get a call from United when you get home.
Captain slow on approach into LGA. First 10 kts at 1000ft. Then 15 at 500 ft?
After landing and inside terminal, Capt decides not to
talk about it. What do you do?
What will be the best thing about working for AA?
Good and bad things about your current employer.
What was the biggest decision you ever had to make?
What do you think will be the most challenging thing about flying for AA?
I had to brief an approach. Questions about MSA, FAF on ILS & LOC. Lost comms
on approach outside FAF with wx below mins!
Runway lights and how do you know distance remaining at night.

The interview lasted about 90 minutes. Very relaxed and comfortable. I was
called for the Medical 8 days later.

Date Interviewed: August 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

My experience at American Airlines


Nov 98: Initial application

Updates: 2 updates sent approximately 6 months apart - then reality set in about who was being hired* and I stopped updating.

*(Friends/relatives of people inside and those who had “tackled” Capt. Ewell in the parking lot - I found out about this technique too late or I would have used it myself!)

5 Jun 00: Received the following request for update from American: (Thanks Capt. Kudwa!!!)

“American Airlines is currently reviewing your file. Please fill out the enclosed update form and return attn: Emma.”

6 Jun 00: Returned requested update 1 day later

17 July 00: Wife received interview invite letter dated 12 July 00 (I was TDY)

21 July 00: Called to set up interview and got 14 August 00 simulator and 15 August 00 interview (On return from TDY)

14 August 00: 7pm - 777 simulator (details below)

15 August 00: 10am - Paperwork drill / Interview/Psych test (details below)

18 August 00: 3pm - Wife received call from American - they would not tell her anything - said I had to call back. I got message too late so have to wait till Monday. (I was TDY - again)

21 August 00: 9:00am Dallas Time: Called Pilot Recruiting and they gave me a conditional job offer based on passing physical and background check. I am TDY and no idea when I will return so must defer physical date until I know my return.

24 August 00: Going home so call and schedule physical. Earliest date was 31 August so I grabbed it!


EVERYONE does the 777 simulator now
CRM is the key - I had the altitude alert go off twice and was all over the sky for a short time till I got used to the bird (I am pure “steam gauge” experience - no EFS at all so it was a challenge for me). My sim partner would not descend on the approach and had to go missed approach (I think this is a requirement anyway). The key is that we worked together, we never got pissed at each other and we eventually ended up being in a safe position to land. THE LANDING IS NOT GRADED!
Our profile was a mission from JFK to LaGuardia. You have about 30 minutes of planning time. You are given charts and approach plates to study before the sim - just look them over in the same order you are going to fly them and come up with a plan with your partner. Just pretend you are planning a mission in your aircraft and go through the same routine. See who is more comfortable with the left seat and decide who will sit where.
We ended up flying 2 different VOR’s into LaGuardia. The others in our group had a mixed bag of ILS’s and VOR’s. Nobody had circles or NDB’s even though they were in the packages. You should probably bone up on the ILS/VOR approaches before any others.
You are given a departure that is nothing more than radar vectors to an initial VOR. Once you reach the VOR, you can then transition to the JEPP low chart. You are expected to load the navaids into the FMS but it is so user friendly, anyone can use it. After the videotape they show you, it is cake but if you have any questions, ask your sim evaluator - they are there to help!
THIS IS ONLY MY IMPRESSION, BUT I THINK YOU MAKE YOUR BIGGEST POINTS WITH THE SIM GUYS WHEN YOU ARE NOT FLYING. What I mean is they are looking to see how well you help out your sim buddy. Let’s face it, not many of us have flown 777’s but we have all helped out our partners. It may have been across several miles with a wingman’s call on the radio or just cross-cockpit with a timely deviation call. Key here is the CRM and your ability to help out someone you don’t know in a totally foreign environment.
Pay attention to the “trend indicator” on the airspeed tape. You will notice as you make power changes that a green arrow will originate at your current speed and go up or down on the airspeed tape based on your power changes. The arrow indicates where your airspeed will end up based on the power you select. Therefore, if you reduce power trying to slow to 250 kts below 10k, look at the green arrow. If it does not go all the way down to 250 kts, guess what, pull it back more. It took me about half the sim to figure this little jewel out…but what a difference!
They have different profiles and different approaches so no way to gouge up on that. One of the best pieces of advice I got before this whole process was, “just relax and be yourself - unless you’re an ass - then be somebody else”
Good luck!!


“just relax and be yourself - unless you’re an ass - then be somebody else”

EVERYONE that I talked with said that if you have made it his far, that they want to hire you. In fact, you are hired unless you give them a reason not to. Something to think about. Relax and have a conversation with them!

One of the biggest pieces of advice I can give is the guy I used for interview prep (I have tried AIR Inc and talked with others that used some of the better known companies for prep and all were disappointing). The guy I used is outstanding. His name is Rob “MOZAM” Beeks. His specialty is actually Southwest. However, he has developed interview techniques that are superb for any airline. I interviewed with US Airways and although I did well, I felt like an idiot. Before my American interview, I decided I needed some help. My confidence level was through the roof when I went to American because of the format he taught me. I can’t say enough about this prep. Rob’s number is 623-877-2029. I give him my highest recommendation.

First session is with receptionist. She takes all of your logbooks and gives you some release paperwork to sign. Then you wait.

Second session is with Human Resources person - THIS IS PART OF THE INTERVIEW - they start by reviewing your address and other information you supplied - then they sneak in a couple of questions like, “who else have you applied to”, and “why do you want to work for American”. They are very nice - just be nice to them. Then you wait.

Third session starts with someone walking in asking for you by name - two pilots - no HR people for the interview.

Questions asked:

We see what’s on your resume and job history - please expand on that a little and tell us about who you really are.
What are your top 4 or 5 priorities in life?
Do those ever change for you - what I mean is do you ever reorganize those priorities?
Tell us about an unusual occurrence in your current aircraft and tell us how you handled it.
You’ve told us already that you have applied to many airlines and interviewed with one of them, why do you want to work for American - what sets us apart?
How did your interview at US Airways go?
Why didn’t you get hired? (I think I did but they stopped hiring so I never got the call)
We agree with your reasons for liking American - we’ll agree we’re partial - however, this last year has been stressful. What can you tell me about rocky times at the airlines and how you will handle that.

That was it!! No technical - although I have heard they like you to brief an approach or they set up a scenario where you are driving into work and you see snow and the road is slippery. “What are your thoughts about the upcoming flight?” Think icing procedures! You then go to take a psychological test - a battery of 250 questions. No big deal - just answer honestly - really!!

The tone was extremely friendly - in fact that was the tone from the minute I called them to begin the process.

Date Interviewed: May 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Ogden Transportation (USA contracts them to move people around (412)-269-4845

Call and they will take you from hotel, or airport to the RIDC bldg for the interview. 4th floor. Straight out of the elevator and you are there. All the people in suits are interviewees

USAIR Timeline 02-16 Mailed in Application 05-10 Call for Interview 05-15 Interview/Simulator evaluation 05-24 Conditional offer 06-02 Medical date

I heard they were hiring 110/month. So to get in now means you won't be junior for long

USAir flies you Positive Space to the interview. However you have to live near an airport they service. I flew DEN-PIT. Stayed at Wyndham Gardens 724-695-0002 for $71/nite (UsAirways rate) . The people the re including the van driver know where to take you. You lust tell them you have a simulator evaluation or the interview

I had the simulator evaluation the night before at 2300. There were two retired line pilots doing the evaluations, Sam Proctor and Ralph E'iennes. Nice guys, they really want to put you at ease. The whole process took about an hour. Show up early because there will be a folder waiting for you with simulator evaluation criteria and appch p1ate (Indi ILS 51). You will want time to review. You will be evaluated in a 737,727, or DC9, whatever is available. I would only add that you should brief the approach. You can assign the a/c to the evaluator while you do this.

we finished at 0100. The lady who scheduled my interview seemed to anticipate this and allowed me to show at 1000 for my interview There were 8 interviewees, 5 male and 3 female. I think they were all C ivilian. r didn't get much time to speak to everyone because I showed late.

We went right into the 5 written exams. Each was 25-50 questions, timed for 15 mm. They are quick. I studied from ARCO Officer Candidate Tests and APICO Mechanical Apti tude and Spatial Relations Tests. Maybe some of you have seen this stuff more recently than me but I haven't taken these kinds of tests since SAT's. I have referenced to the parts in the ARCO book that were similar to the tests, not the answers. It is just to become farnil jar with the kind of questions.

Verbal Reasoning: ( ___ is to pod as nut is to_____)

Choose from a,b,c,d

Basic Math: Pencil and paper. NO CALCULATORS!

I would suggest spending time with fractions, square roots, percentages. Only answers I can remember are: if there is a long algebraic equation divided by another long algebraic equation, the answer is e.

Square root of 169=13 4.036 divided by .04 = 100.9 1/5 divided by 9 = none of the above

484 x 25 = 12100 .016 x .016 = .000256

Mechanical Aptitude

This test is much easier than the math. Reference ARCO page 228

---->pulleys, levers, turning cams and cogs, car running around a track, which wheel is spinning faster.

Logic Sequence: Mech Apt and Spatial Relation Reference ARCO page 143

Test gives you sequence of shapes and you pick the next shape in the sequence

Spatial Reasoning Reference ARCO page 65

They give you a piece of paper that you would fold, shaded or decorated sides. You must figure out what the shape will look like once it is folded.

This is where I went to lunch with 2 other interviewees. A guy from the office took us to a deli downstairs. Little did I know that he was one of the ones who would interview me later. Just goes to show that they are hiring people, not just pilots. They are all super friendly and they want to get to know you while you are there. They like it when you talk!

After lunch I went into the interview. The HR lady's name was Inez. She was very nice, and also was a retired line captain. It is a very easy atmosphere to relax in. They kid around and joke a lot to put you at ease.

They will start with a general review of your ap. Then they will begin with situational questions. Be sure when answering these to be as specific about these things as possible: Date, aircraft, specific situation, solution. You don't even necessarily have to talk about an aviation expereince. They like creativeness.

Questions I was asked:

1. Favorite class? Least favorite? GPA?

2. Current job responsibilities? Do you like your job? Why do you want to come here then?

3. A stressful situation where you took charge. How did you handle it?

4. Time you had to deal with an annoying or arrogant crew member?

5. Time you made a mistake and you wish you could change it?

6. Most difficult decision you ever made?

7. Ever make a decision that others didn't agree with? How did you handle it?

8. Time you disagreed with a rule or procedure?

9. Time you had to deal with someone sensitive?

10. Example of your favorite captain leadership skill?

11. Ever flown with a captain you didn't like? Why?

12. What can you bring to US Air as a flight officer?

13. Any questions for us?

Review of logbook and some paperwork (5 minutes). Keep a copy or 2 of everything you bring, and have the originals on hand, too. Bring a current 1st class medical. They thank you for coming then you go into the waiting room.

Computer Testing

Psych profile done with 241 questions that ask you similar questions several different ways. BE truthful, and state "strongly agree " or strongly disagree" when you can.

Some games done with a light pen to test hand eye coordination, memory, ability to do multiple tasks at once, and decision making skills. SPEED and ACCURACY are important. These are really fast paced and you can't really study for them.

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