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American Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: September 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

The Interview: With one Captain and one Human Resources person. Real laid back and not stressful. About one hour and forty five minutes(1:45) It really doesnt seem that long. They look at your licenses , medical, fe written, light looking of your logbook. 1. Tell us your flying background. 2. How did you get interested in flying. 3. Why did you choose the college you attended? 4. What was your favorite course in college? Why? 5. What was your least favorite course in college? Why? 6. What was your GPA? 7. What was your favorite Job? Why? 8. What was your least favorite Job? Why? 9. Were you ever given a task that you didnt have time to prepare for? How did you handle it? 10. Have you had to take charge of a group or situation? How did it turn out? 11. Have you had to make a decision that other people didnt agree with? How did it turn out? 12. Have you flown with someone you didnt like or get along with? How did you deal with that? 13. Have you had a dispute/disagreement with a co-worker? How did you handle it? 14. Have you had a dispute/disagreement with a customer? How did you handle it? 15. Is there someone at work that makes you angry or that you would rather not work with? Why? 16.What is the hardest decision you have had to make? How did you do it? 17. What is the most stressful situation you have delt with? How did you handle it? 18. If USAirways offers you a job, what would be the biggest change in your life? They give you time to think about it. 19. If USAirways offers you a job, what would you bring to our company? They give you time to think about the answer. Then they ask if you have any questions for them. Come up with 2 or 3 for them to show you are interested in the company.

Written Tests: Four of them. They are timed. They let you know when you have five minutes left. They range from 15 to 20 minutes. Get the Officer Candidate Test study book. It will help you get in the mode of these tests. They are similar. 1. Math Test : fractions (dividing, multiplying) , long division, multiplication, light algebra, decimals(officer book) 2. Verbal Analogies: (Officer book) boy is to nephew as girl is to _______ (Neice) 3. Mechanical Comprehension: (Officer Book) Pulleys, gears, fulcrums A car is in a left turn, which way = will it slide? 4. Spatial Orientation: you are given 4 boxes with patterns in them and you are to guess the next sequence. (interesting)

Computer Tests: Most of these are timed. There is no way to study for them. Some are fun. Mostly memory, decision making, how quick. 1. Phsycological Profile: About 244 questions. Answer Strongly Agree to Strongly disagree. Answer strongly if you can and be truthful. They ask you some questions 2 or three times in a different way. Ex. I sometimes cheat at Solitaire. I enjoy reading poetry.

2.Given a flagman: you have to tell what hand the flag is in. Sometimes he is upside down and facing forward and back.

3. Given a series of numbers and you have to do them in reverse order. up to six numbers 4. Two sets of numbers, tell if they are the same(timed) 39ru4ss 39ru4ss (are they the same)

5. Some hand eye coordination tests with a light pen ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Simulator Takeoff out of Indianappolis on 5right. Intercept the 090 radial out of Brickyard VOR track outbound. Then you do two 30 degree bank turns left or right 180 degrees. Then do two 45 degree bank turns left or right 180 degrees(pitch sensitive) Then go direct to the Brickyard VOR and hold, he gave me the 180 radial right turns. I told him the entry and he said good enough, dont hold. Then proceed direct to the OM for 5L at Indy. Do the full procedure turn and come in and do the ILS. Very easy, no wind, let him know when you want to slow down and he will put flaps and gear out. Remember 250KTS or less because you are at 5000 ft and hold at 200 or less below 6000ft. At 300 ft he says the eval. is over and if you want to land you can, he instructs you at this point. The whole thing lasts about 35 minutes, includes prebrief in room and in sim and debrief Physical Blood work, EKG, Complete physical, Stress test on the treadmill (hooked up 12 places, 12 minutes and every 3 minutes it gets steeper and faster), hearing, eye and urine tests, and chest x-ray. Took about 2 hours.

Date Interviewed: September 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Just went through the AA interview, all information on your site was very accurate.
thanks a million.

Date Interviewed: August 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed on Nov 2 1999 and the information is dead on, with the exception of the sim ride: it was a DC-10 LOFT ride from DTW to ORD with no

The day will start about 0815. Try to get acquainted with other candidates if you
are early. After you turn in some information, you will be led down to the psyche desk.
There really is no gouge for this test. It is not timed and consists of 240 questions that
basically deal with getting to know you. They will tell you not to lie because somehow
they can tell and you will have to take the test over. The best advice offered here is be
yourself, and answer middle of the road on everything.

When everyone is finished, you will all be in one room together and you will
introduce yourselves to each other and tell about your flying background, etc. A few
more papers will be given to you to fill out. Going over flight times and other info takes
until about 1030. Now time for the sim. The profile is discussed in the first section of this

The interview itself follows the sim ride. This is also disused later. If everything
goes well, you should be invited back for the physical within 2 weeks. You are
conditionally hired before the physical and officially hired afterwards. The whole process
has always been reported back as a very positive experience. Pilots are always
professional and work very hard to make you feel relaxed.

Note: The American Airlines interview is now only a ONE DAY PROCESS.

Sim Profile

Boeing 707 Power Settings:

Phase Speed and Config Target FF

Pattern 250k Clean 3000lb/hr
Pattern 200k Clean 2500lb/hr
Base 160k Flaps 14 3500lb/hr
Final 141k Flaps 25 4000lb/hr
G/S 138k Flaps 40 3500lb/hr

The sim profile is flown in a Boeing 707 with two candidates acting as
FO and CA. The instructor will play the role of the FE. There are several
different profiles, which are all conducted in a LOFT style. Common ones
are: LAS-SLC, LAS-PHX, Detroit to Chicago, and Vegas to El Paso. The
Vegas to Salt Lake seems to be the common one, so here it is broken down:

The sim briefing consists of a videotape that lasts about 15 minutes,
followed by an instructor who talks about gauge locations, sim anomalies,
and what type of CRM they are looking for. You will then break up into
groups of two and begin a 30 minute prep for the ride. You will be furnished

1. 2 Jepp approach plates (LOC 34R SLC) No G/S

2. 1 Jepp Low Alt. enroute chart (9/10)

3. Clearance: Depart Rwy 28 Las Vegas, Right turn, Climb to 8000’, expect
10,000’ in 10 minutes. Expect radar vectors to intercept V394. Route is
V394 MMM V21 FFU.

4. Arrival Wx (SLC): RVR 5000, Vis. 2 miles, temp 32 F, blowing snow.

5. Takeoff and Landing data (V1, Vr, V2, Vref, and flap speeds)

*NOTE: Review your MORA, MOCA, MEA, and discuss your plan should
you experience a communication loss or pressurization problem.

Here are some highlights of this particular profile:

- CRM is the name of the game. Always back the other pilot up.
- A loss of pressurization may occur around 15,000 ft.
- Pilots will each perform the LOC 34R approach to SLC, swapping duties
after the first landing.
- Be prepared to hand-fly because the autopilot will most likely be “broken”
- Landings are not graded.
- Besides a loss of communications or pressurization, there are no
emergencies given.
- The sim guys are there to help, so ask if you have ANY questions.

Interview Questions

What makes a good Captain?

If you were CA and had a brand new FE (1st day), how would you deal with
it and what would you tell him/her?

If you had weather ahead and the CA did not appear to be taking any action,
how would you handle it?

You are on short final, the CA lets airspeed bleed off slowly to 15 kts below
ref. What will you say, what will you do if he doesn’t care or doesn’t react?

The tower calls the WX below landing mins when you are in the final
segment of the approach. What do you do?

What is the worst thing you have ever done on an airplane?

Describe an abnormal situation you have had on an airplane, how did you
handle it, and what would you different next time?

You show up for work and the CA appears intoxicated. What will you do?
What will you do if he insists on flying?

How do you get ready for a flight?

Why would you make a good CA?

If you were furloughed by AA for a couple of years, and another company
offered you a non-flying job with a salary of 120K, would you take it and for
what reasons?

If AA hired you tomorrow, what would you bring to the company?

Tell about a conflict you had with a CA and how did you resolve it?

Describe 3 of your best and worst qualities.

When would you take an airplane away from the CA?
What if it meant losing your job?

You are at FL310 enroute from Detroit to Newark and you lose comms. How
would you continue flight? How would you brief the approach? How would
you know what RWY is being used? What would you do if you had to go

Why do you want to work for AA?

What if Delta calls?

Tell us how you handled your worst emergency.

How did you become interested in flying?

What would you give special consideration to when departing from a
contaminated runway?

How is V1 affected by contamination on a runway?

Would you land if braking action is poor?

What type of CA are you?

Rate yourself on a scale 1-10 and explain.

What would you do if you lost your medical?

What are 5 things that make you fulfilled in life?

When did you take your last checkride?

Name 3 things your examiner said you did good/ 3 things you did bad.

How do you handle a 7 leg day as a commuter pilot?

What is the most gratifying flight you ever had?

Why should we hire you?

Tell about something you did with an aircraft that you regret. Would you do
it again and what did you learn from it?

Tell us about a crewmember not performing up to standards and what did you
do about it?

Where do you see yourself at AA in 10 years if we hire you?

Tell us 3 good and bad things about working for your company.

How would you feel about being an FE for 5 years when some of your friends
are upgrading to FO?

You are flying and hear a loud bang. What do you do?

How would you handle a caution light that is not an emergency, but may
cause you to divert?

Do you have a mentor?

Does your present employer know you are here?

In your own fantasy, if you could have anything, what would it be?

How would you go about calling the CA’s attention to something he was
doing that was wrong?

Can you learn from the worst guy you ever flew with?

Human Resources Type Questions

Are you Nervous?

Who else have you applied for?

What are our domiciles? Which do you prefer?

What are the highlights of your previous career?

When did you decide you wanted to be a pilot?

Why a pilot rather than a doctor or lawyer?

What does the flight engineer do?

How do you feel about being an FE for 5 years?

How do you feel about unions?

How do you feel about a two-tier pay scale?

How would you rate yourself on a scale from 1-10?

What is the difference in a good pilot and an excellent pilot?

What makes a good airline?

Why do you want to fly for American Airlines?

What can you offer our company?

What are some of your weak points?

What are your career goals?

What are your personal goals?

How do you spend your time when you are not flying?

How do you feel about minorities?

Do you prefer IFR or VFR?

How do you feel about women pilots?

How many pilots do we have? How many aircraft?

Would you abort a takeoff for a generator failure?

What if captain showed up drunk?

What does CRM mean to you?

What is your most memorable IFR experience?

*NOTE: There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. Be truthful
and be very positive about the company. At the same time, try not to talk
down about your previous or current flying job, no matter how bad it is.
After all, it probably got you this interview!

Date Interviewed: June 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

FIRST : I got the call from US Airways within two or three week of sending my resume. I got the june 8 & 9 appointment, I flew from SJU, in Puerto Rico with the company, then I went to the Pittsburgh Plaza Hotel, then at 8:30pm I was in the Sim Center. when I get there the security guard explained to me how to get to the receiving area and he gave to me the approach chart to use with a brief in the all kind of manuevers to do in the sim once the flight is in progress. when I get to this area there was a guy to explained to me what to expect, and like relax, study this papers, and the most important thing use a lot CRM and talk to the evaluator all kind of questions in mind and also used to help you in the flight. the evaluator come to me within 5 mins. and we went to an office and he brief me about the power setting to use and also he told me I'm going to just sit there put flaps and gears at the right moment as you wanted. the sim we took off from IND 5R runway to 5,000 ft runway heading and then at level off, right turn 090 to make steep turns 180º turn and 30º angle of bank to the right then to left the another 360º turn to any side I wanted. then after roll out fly Direct to the VOR and makes some airspeed changes like reduce speed to 160 kias then but to 240 kias then reduce again to 140 kias then back to cruise. then he told me" to hold west in the 090 to the VOR and tell me what you going to do once you cross the VOR" I brief the evaluator then he told me forgot the hold you are right fly this heading to intercept the ILS 5L at IND the I flew the A/C then at the ILS and establish thelocalizer he clears me for the approach the I continue flying the ILS all the way, then almost at 300' ft he told me the Simualtor is Over you're OK for me if you want land the A/C on the runway this part doesn't count I landed the A/C and that was it for that day. then at the end he told me was a nice flight, and Good Luck Tomorrow. then I returned to the hotel... The Next Morning I went to the Headquarters for the big day, I was Tense and nervous but once I get there and one of the HR dept Brief to all of us ( 8 ) including me,about what going on and how they going to work with us. I get more relaxed, then they call me and three more for the written test, for this test I get prepared with the ARCO Officer Candidate Test, I made the first three part of five, because they call me for the interview with 1 HR Dept. and 1 Retired Capt. then they start with the interview about me and my experience , that part wasn't too dificult just be your self and you going to be fine they want know you and your plans. I was in there for about 1 hr 30 mins. aprox. I really don't know because I didn't watch the time when I get there. but at the end they look my loogbook and my paperwork, also the interview is all about what you put in the application because in my case they was looking the application and asking questions, then I went back to finish my written test, then i went for lunch at thye lobby of the building. One hour later I went up again and I start the computer test, the first part is just like playing with toys in one computer and the other is 241 questions about you and the answers are strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree. at the end of that part I went again to the lobby to see the other guys and we wait for everybody then one person from HR dept. came to see if all of us we done, than she told to us that was the end of the day, they going to evaluate all of us and they going to select and they call us or send a letter for the results

Date Interviewed: May 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

sim check is 737-depart and intercept radial, then track inbound and hold, rv to outer marker and do procedure turn to ils-no problem- very nice sim guy.

test/interview starts w/15 minute written apptitude/battery( boxes,shapes,math,verbal mechanical etc.) not hard really except for some algebraic questions. then computer testing- mmpi personality test-200 questions( would you rather live in an isolated cabin or in an apartment in city? ), reaction/memory skills next.

Interview is w/1 hr & 1 captain- very nice,no technical-ALL BEHAVIORAL questions, i can't stress enough the importance they place on your behavioral responses. tell the whole story-setup,task,solution,& outcome-always spin a positve. many questions were cockpit senarios-how did you get along etc.

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