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Republic Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: February 2014
Summary of Qualifications: Cfi/cfii/mei
150 multi
1400 total
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Everything previous regarding the hr/tech was spot on.
Know when you need an alternate
When can you descend below dh
What is msa on the Jepp appproach chart
Know highest obstacle on that chart
Type of holding after miss approach

Very touchy
Follow the flight director

Very professional and friendly group of recruiters
Date Interviewed: February 2014
Summary of Qualifications: N/A
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
GK Test
Used Sheppard Air's 800 question interview prep. Only studied Aerodynamics and Aircraft, General and W&B sections. Never saw about half of the questions on the test.
-What is the maximum speed during takeoff that the pilot may abort and stop within the accelerated stop distance? V1
-To go from SIC to PIC, what type of training is needed? upgrade
-What item must each pilot have? A flashlight
-Min glycol for de-ice? 80%

-If you're given clearance to Rwy 32, can you cross Rwy 32 as part of your taxi? No
-What are the IFR fuel requirements?
-What actions do you take if you receive an RA?
-What is a stabilized approach?
-How do you take off from a field without a tower/tower closed? What is a clearance void time?
-Read a TAF. Alternate required? RMK AO2 SLP170 T10561139 55015 $ =
-Brief a Jepp Approach. Asked if there was an alternate hold. There was, same fix but off a different navaid.

Sim CRJ 200
Asked holding entry & speeds, did not fly
Heavy nose, use a lot of trim
Tendency to over control on roll
Date Interviewed: November 2013
Summary of Qualifications: CFI, CFII, CFI-ME
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Submitted my packet on Friday, and was called on Tuesday for an interview.

The HR representative sent me information on the location of the interview and local hotels. I called the Embassy Suites which is less than a mile from the interview site. They give a good rate. I arrived the night before and drove in as it was close by.

The interviews are conducted at the corporate headquarters. When I got there, I was asked to set all logbooks, medical, FCC certificate, Pilot Certificates, and Passport on a separate table. A line Captain and First Officer went through the information and made notes to be asked during the interview.

We then did 2 written exams. The first was similar to an ATP written exam. If you have not taken the exam yet do so before the rules change this summer. Also I recommend you get the Shepard Air Program. After that written, we did a Wonder lick Exam. You can Google for help on this exam. If you do not know an answer just skip that question as you do not have much time. You will not complete all 50 questions, and you need to answer as many as you can.

After the tests, if there was any questions on your PRIA, or other paperwork that will be discussed. Make sure you fill out the paperwork completely, accurately, and be honest. If you got any traffic tickets, put it on there. Also make sure you fill out the work history form, and sign the PRIA per the instructions.

We had a break and then went through a company presentation. Republic bought the new CS aircraft with options for more, and are in contract negotiations with their union. Not much detail was given about those items, but the bases, aircraft, and life style was given.

Based on your flight schedule you will be assigned to either a HR interview, or the Simulator. As I drove in, I was the last one for both. We were told that depending on your air carrier in to IND it was Space Available, and on the way out is was Space Positive. Plan accordingly. You are given transportation in the form of a limo back to IND.

They used a CRJ-200 Fixed Base Trainer. The simulator was fun, the examiner gave you suggested power settings, and when she says follow the flight director, follow it. She also asked some questions about your flying experience and glass cockpit time. She also tuned in Brickyard VOR and said to hold on this radial, and showed you a potential position, and asked what kind of entry would you do? We took off from IND on 5L. You will start to set the power, and then call for takeoff power. This is the only setting that the examiner will do for you. He/She will then suggest power settings. We started our climb to 5000 feet and 220 knots and made a series of turns. The simulator is heavy on the controls, but follow the flight director. I was then given vectors then direct to VHP. Once past VHP we had a descent to 3000 feet and vectors to the ILS-5L at IND. The approach went down to minimums and broke out. The examiner said we do not grade the landing.

I was then sent up stairs for the HR interview. It was a line pilot and an HR representative. Tell me about a time questions. The technical question was about Jepp Charts, MSA, and what would you do if... questions. Make sure you know what items you must have to begin a descent from the DH to land. Know the distance that an MSA covers. Read a TAF and determine if you need an alternate. Remember that is both 2000 feet ceiling AND 3 miles visibility.

I got a conditional offer 3 days later. Good luck.
Date Interviewed: October 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 2000TT 500ME
Part 135 Piston
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Stayed at the Embassy Suites. AWESOME! Limo ride from the Airport. Republic is across the street about 5 minutes. So dont freak when the hotel tells you they will leave at 7:45. The room is on the left hand side as you walk into the building. (The room numbers on the doors are not in any sort of order so after wondering the halls for about 4 minutes I finally found it.)

8am Take 20 Question ATP written (Used AIP Shepard very helpful) Wonderlick test. Then HR overview of the company. Sim ride *follow the flight director set power settings.

Tech Questions:
Metar decode, Brief approach, Alternate 1-2-3.
Tell me about a time a captain was not so great X2
How did you get started flying?
Why Republic?
What is your view on foreign policy? Just kidding.
Great experience and hope to hear back soon.
Date Interviewed: October 2013
Summary of Qualifications: CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP WRITTIN
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
I didn't get the email regarding hotel or transportation suggestion. All I received the email with paper work and then travel ticket. I read on other gouges where they suggest Drury inn and I start calling Drury INN near IND. I got lucky with first one that they are the one close to republic with special rate. Also I met another guy in airplane from my company. He received the email where they tell you who to contact in airport. So I tagged along with him. Republic do have limo service and the limo took us to hotel. Drury INN is good, they have light dinner (hot dogs, soup, snacks, some pasta) and 3 free drinks.

The hotel said they have free cab service which can drop us to Republic HQ. The HQ is 1.5 miles. One suggestion call the cab early. we were suppose to be there at 0800 and we told the receptionist to call cab at 0730. when it didn't showed up by 0750, we start walking (yes with bags and suits on). we saw this one cab on intersection and it was the cab coming for us. So we got lucky and made it exactly by 0800.

The lady from HR will do introduction. two line captains went through our log books while she was giving us future of republic. Then 12 minutes time for 20 questions ATP written question.
Few questions were, mach tuck, dutch roll, adiz (5 min, 20 miles), increase speed will decrease the bank angle and increase radius, vortex generator help to use aileron in high speed.
I studied shepherd air and that will help you. I took 5 min and was done. Then it comes wonderlic test. Suggestion, answer only those questions which you are sure of the answer. Wrong answer will go against you, if you don't answer it, then it don't count.

After that one by one we start going to sim and hr/tech interview. They schedule it according to whose flt is earliest. The guys who drove were scheduled last. Sim is simple, just fly the flt director. the auto trim was hard for me as I come from CFI job so we always do hand flying. so I hand flew it. He asked me what he plans to do, give me north and south. He told me my heading will be 160 direct to VOR and I will need to hold on 200 radial. I replied that it looks like direct entry. he just look at the woman sitting behind and said ok we are ready when you are. when I did take off I asked for hold and he said no, don't worry about it, I will RV to localizer. (some other guys who couldn't figure out they made them do the whole hold). so I figure if you tell them correct entry then they just move to next thing. also they asked me we will be 5000ft, what speed do we need to hold. (0-6000, 200kt, 6001-14000, 230kt, 14001, 265kt). he give me almost different 15 headings and I was just flying flt director. I didn't know if he wants to see how well I do it or he didn't know him self what he wanted me to do. (normally the woman do the sim, but she was sitting in back, and this guy was line captain taking over). so this was his first time as well. anyways, I got clear for approach. I forget to add that I was sitting on right seat and he was sitting on left as captain. he does every thing, he sets the bugs, the call outs. so one right seat you will be using your right hand to control the York. there is a hidden button on the back side, which if pressed will deactivate the flight director. they tell you about it, but few guys hit it by mistake. So when I was on final, gs and loc aligned the Flt director suddenly start acting weird. and it just messed the whole approach. I told him and he start fixing and I start to control the airplane. At the same time, the auto calls, "PULL UP" and " BANK ANGLE" makes you feel very uncomfortable. He redirect me to localizer then again some thing went and flt director acted weird. well finally I got RV to final and maintained 1700ft, broke out and land it. Now I didn't know if I hit that button which made the flt director all crazy or some guys said they might want to see if you will follow flt director blindly.

After that they told me to go upstairs for interview. It was 1230, so I went upstairs had a cup of tea in waiting area. The HR lady and one of the line captain came and told me to follow them to room. HR lady said I don't want you to loose your limo ride to airport (my flt was at 1800 but the limo was at 1300). so She said we won't be doing a lot of joke and our regular chit chat. we will just ask you few questions. She asked me straight questions about "Why Republic". I said why not, the airline has multiple bases with multiple certificates. it gives me variety and choice. she asked, will I give back the sign on ($5000.00) bonus if I leave the company in first year. I said "YES". then she asked "if you get ERJ175, then will you give us prorated amount of $20000 back if you decide to leave the company before first 2 years, I answered "YES". then line captain asked me "why aviation". if I know any one in republic. then she told him to ask me tech questions. they are listed as follows,

1. what is max speed under class "B" airspace. 250kt

2. when do you need alternate."123 rule and explained it"

3. he asked me the min on approach and then asked when can you decent. I replied with red terminating light bars on alsf 1/2 approach lights plus those 10 items.

. he ask me to read the whole metar, I did. he said ok I am done.
Hr woman said , she will be busy so don't expect any thing before Tuesday. I rushed to limo.
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