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Republic Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: September 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 1300 TT
570 Multi-Engine, 120 Turbine, 670 X-C
141 College, Restricted ATP Mins
Clean Record
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Arrived in KIND the day before the interview and chose the Drury Inn for my hotel. It cost $55 and you get dinner and breakfast. Other guys stayed at the Embassy Suites for $67.

I arrived at Republic HQ at 7:40 and filled out the company paperwork waiting for us on the table. BE HONEST on the traffic tickets/DUI section. The Republic Supervisor walked in and walked us through the company paperwork and to put our logbooks, licenses (FCC and FAA), Medical, Passport and 1 Copy of all of these. I also attached a copy of my ATP written test.
First we started off with the 20 question ATP written exam (the questions were from different sections). After that, we took the Wonder lick test. Answer the questions you KNOW not taking a random guess on! There are practice questions online.
Next we got the 30 minute presentation over the company history/overview and had time to ask questions. Then we went to the sim room and got our sim briefing. The lady is very nice and gives you all of the hints. She stressed following the Flight Director it really helped. Then we went back to the room and they called us one by one for the technical/sim exam.
Sim Evaluation:
VERY Easy! Before you fly, she asks how you enter this hold (she explains it) and whats your max speed. Then you take-off, and get a climbing right turn to 5000 feet, then get descending vectors to intercept the localizer and follow the glideslope all the way down to minimums and land. You're in control of the throttles and yoke that's it. She takes care of call outs and everything else.
Technical Evaluation:
HR: Why Aviation? Why Republic? Would you pay back the $20,000 contract if you break your agreement? Talk to me about any traffic violations, DUI/DWI's. Do you have any failed checkride/stage checks/ 121 or 135 rides/ etc? Talk about a time you flew with a bad captain/student. Explain what made them so bad to fly with. What would you do if he goes below the DH/DA?
The difference between light chop/light turbulence.
Read this METAR FULLY (The remarks section was so simple. Know A02, SLP, and actual temperature and dewpoint numbers) That's what was on mine. The TAF was very easy too,he points to a line and you read it. On mine, the ceiling dropped and gusty winds. Then he asked what defines a ceiling?
When do you need a take-off alternate(unable to get back in)?
When do you need an alternate (1-2-3 rule).
You're landing on the runway and see white lights start turning to alternating red/white lights? What kind of lights and what does this mean? (Centerline Lighting, and the 2000 of the last 3000 ft remaining OR 50% of the runway length is alternating red/white. The last 1000 ft is all red.
Any last minute questions?

**Overall, a great experience and a great company with A LOT of growth. My advice, BE HONEST and tell the truth. It will not hurt your chances, but they want honesty. They want people who are easy going and would be fun to fly with**
Date Interviewed: September 2013
Summary of Qualifications: TT:+3,500hrs
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Arrived at IND early in the afternoon the day before the interview. Stayed at Embassy Suites which is less than a mile from the Republic HQ. Limo service from the airport to the hotel courtesy of Republic. Yes, a stretch limo picks you up and drops you off.

Interview Day

You meet in room 125 on the first floor; it's a break room. There were 8 of us that day.

1. Filled out some paperwork.
2. Handed over logbooks, PRIA Forms, and copies of all certificates, Medical, and FCC License.
3. Took a 20 question ATP test, the test didn't focus on one particular subject over the other.
4. Wonderlic Test, you have 19 minutes answer as many as you can you are not graded on the ones you don't answer.
5. Introduced to the CRJ200 Sim and what you'll be doing.
6. LISTEN CAREFULLY to the Sim Instructor she will guide you through everything all you have to to is follow the flight director and keep your speed steady on the magenta line.
7. Before the sim starts you are seated in the right seat and asked some questions about holds and holding speeds.
8. Take off from IND and get vectored around by the sim instructor. She's funny and will make jokes and tell you where the power settings should be. She's a big help! Listen to her carefully.

HR / Tech Questions:
Why Republic?
Tell us about a time when: dispute with a coworker, traffic violation, issues with a student, etc.
Do you have any traffic violations? Why?
What makes you suitable for this position?
If you were to leave the airline before your 2 year commitment would you payback the $5,000 sign-in bonus?
Would you payback the $20,000 for your training? [E170/E175 only.]
What have you done to prepare for this interview?

HR Questions:

1. What is the difference between light turbulence and light chop?
2. Read this Metar (Hands you a metar, you must know the remarks section.)
3. If we are landing at SFO at 0700, do we need an alternate? Refer to TAF below Metar.
4. We are in bound on the 28L at SFO and the tower says that the airport is now below 1,200RVR state your intentions.
5. When can you continue the approach if tower calls for conditions lower than published? FAF Question.
6. What are flashing red and white runway lights mean? [I didn't get this one.]
7. What are the holding speeds for: Gives you an altitude.
8. When do you file an alternate?
9. What are the alternate minimums?

Finally, is there anything else you like to tell us?

Good luck!

PS: Republic has a very professional and very admirable team. I suggest for you to be honest and respectful. They are a great company to start your airline career with. Best of luck to you and your peers.
Date Interviewed: August 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 1500TT/1000MEL
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
The interview itself was a very easy interview and exactly what the previous gouges indicate. However, the way there doing interviews right now, they are only hiring for the Q400. And that is the reason why i didnt get the job because being a current 121 First Officer with competitive experience, and my interview in all three stages went very well and i was proud of the performance i displayed at the interview and I was very optimistic that I will certainly get a class date for sure, but the one question where maybe they didnt like my answer was when she asked me IF I AM WILLING TO TAKE A Q400 class?. Coming from a current turboprop operator I declined the Q400 and told her I had prefer a jet equipment for enhancing my skills and experience. Other than that every question that I was asked I had answered correctly and had received a positive response. The formula to success at Republic Interview is just say YES to the Q400 and you will be hired, and that's even if you have a DUI or any thing on your record, some of my friends have been hired here with something on their record because they happily took the Q400. I had a clean record and close to 2 yr of 121 experience and they declined me the job since I said NO to the Q400, tells you the kind of structure this company has. But Good Luck to everyone who interviews there but I am proud of the decision I made with this company and have been offered a Jet job yesterday with another carrier.
Date Interviewed: June 2013
Summary of Qualifications: 2700 TT 2000 Multi
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Previous gouges are accurate. Started the day off at 8 am with collection of logbooks followed by about an hour presentation of company. After the presentation is the 20 question ATP wrtitten. The questions were mainly on aerodynamics, around 5 that were basic aviation questions.Then came the wonderlick. Nothing to say about this test except do not stress it.

Next was either sim or hr/tech portion. HR was right on from previous gouges. The technical part started with reading a taf followed by asking if we need an alternate at a time he gives you. The brief an approach from jeppessen plate. Asked required vis and how to enter hold on missed. Very straight forward stuff. What is displaced threshold and that was it. They made you feel very at home during the interview.

Last was the sim evaluation. Very basic and no tricks. The lady in charge of sim was awesome! She briefed and set up everything to where all you have to do is fly and throttle. Asked how to enter hold before takeoff, then climb to 5000, climbing turns and decent. Get vectored around for ILS, breakout and land and it's over.

Everyone at Republic seemed very nice. Company is adding planes and not parking planes. I am very excited to start work there.
Date Interviewed: June 2013
Summary of Qualifications: CFI 1600 TT 105 MEL ATP minimums
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
First, Republic recommends the Embassy but there are a lot closer hotels for a lot cheaper. I stayed at the Drury which gives three free drinks and was $58/night. Republic pays for Carey Limo to pick you up from the airport and I was in a stretch limo for the 25 minute trip to the hotel. You can walk to the interview from here and several guys did. I took a cab because I thought it was a little further than it actually was. The interview started at 8am, I got there at 730 and just wait at the 3rd floor. 7 guys in the interview and a very big mix. Several CFI's, Several previous Airline guys and even a couple Military guys.

The first 30 minutes of the interview is a presentation by HR. They do not sugar coat anything and tell it pretty straight forward which I liked. Come with questions for this part. After the presentation you will take the 20 question ATP written. About 18 of the questions were aerodynamic questions and 2 were weather. I bought the SheppardAir test prep for Airline interview. I would make sure you can get 100% on the Aerodynamic questions from their test bank. Next was Wonderlic which is the exact same test that college football players take in the combine. Do not worry about this test. First they tell you that they will only use this test if you are on the bubble of being hired or rejected to make the final decision. Second, you cant study for this test. Lastly, it is SUPER easy if you can do any basic math. Most the guys answered 33 questions. Next the person who gathers all PRIA paperwork comes in and lets anyone know if there is something that is missing. I have a very long list of 5 year history so I had printed all the information from word and they made me fill it out on their form and use multiple forms.
Out of all airlines this place has the easiest paperwork process.

The second phase is SIM. They took 3 of us down and the other 4 waited upstairs in the break room. I did the SIM first. It is a CRJ 200 FTD. Very cool SIM and I would go back and do it again, I was smiling the entire time. The evaluator briefs the flight and asked during the brief how you would enter the hold that she gives you. The evaluator even draws it out for you so if you mess this up just go home. You will fly as FO and your evaluator will be the captain and make all the call outs. Just repeat the commands. You do not have to worry about briefing the approach or weather for this, just fly the plane. EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU. You Take off, climbing right turn to 5000, track a radial which is setup for you, get setup to intercept the ILS, fly to minimums and land. The evaluator DOES EVERYTHING FOR YOU. All you have to do is hands on the throttle and hands on the yoke. You fly off a Flight Director and since the evaluator is setting everything up, JUST FOLLOW THE FLIGHT DIRECTOR. She even mentioned, "I can't believe some of the people who come in here and don't trust the FD". Just keep eyes at the flight director and do exactly as it tells you to do and you will be perfect. Use the throttles to control airspeed with small adjustments. Biggest piece of advice. FOLLOW THE FLIGHT DIRECTOR, FOLLOW THE FLIGHT DIRECTOR!!

Last phase was the Tech/HR interview. The interview is done with someone from HR and a line Captain. Started off by asking HR questions.
1. If you accept the $20,000 training contract will you repay it if you break the contract
2. Will you pay the $5,000 signing bonus back if you break your contract
3. What makes a good FO.
4. Tell us about a situation where you had a really rough student and how did you deal with that (I think I was asked this because I was CFI)
5. Tell us about a situation where you had an emergency or any close call and how you handled that.
1. ILS to Nashville, Tenn. What are minimums for weather and clouds.
2. What does the MSA mean
3. If at this point on the approach and weather goes below minimums can we continue. You are within the FAF and for 121 you can continue if inside the FAF.
4. METAR - this threw me off because he asked to read AFTER the RMK "Remarks" section. I hardly ever look at that stuff and told him I was not sure. He guided me to the answers.
5. What is the reciprocal of 150
6. What is the reciprocal of radial 050
7. Asked a question I had never heard of before and told him that. It has something to do with Advisories.

They let you know that it might be 4 days before you hear either way. They made me feel like I had the job. Even told me that I should get my first class medical renewed as soon as I get home.

After this they ask if you have any questions for them. Then you wait for Carey limos to come get you and take you back to the airport. I was back at the airport by 1:30pm
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