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Republic Airways Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: September 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 1500+ Total Time (Cessna's & Piper's), 80+ Multi, 100+ Night, 100+ Instrument (act. and Sim.), ATP Written, CFI, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Sorry for the delay. It's been a busy last couple of months. I interviewed in Sept. 2015. For the interview, one thing I must stress is paperwork. Whatever they ask for (and if you aren't sure about something ask them) bring it with you even if you don't think you need it and keep it organized. Logbooks, electronic (if you did one) and hard copies, are required. The environment overall was good. They take care of travel and hotel arrangements for you. Flew in the day before my interview and was put up in the Hyatt by the airport. Following day was the interview. Was picked up at 7:30am for an 8am interview. Started late with a company presentation, where the airline is going and then were asked if we had questions. Everything in the previous gouge about the interview was spot on. HR was your typical tell me about yourself, tell me about a time when questions. Some of the answers didn't have to be aviation related. Flight related questions were given either by an FO or CAPT depending on who is there at the time. Don't stress over any of them. If you have been flying you'll have no problem. METAR and TAF briefing. Needed to determine if alternate is required (123 rule). Fully briefed an ILS approach. JEPP chart was used. Remember FOREFLIGHT isn't JEPP so they are laid out differently. Then they asked about how I dealt with a difficult student or were put in a position where I had to intervene. Real straight forward. The interview was on a Friday and heard on Monday that I got the offer. Was finished by 11:30am. There is no more sim evaluation which I felt should have still been required. They bought us lunch and then we were taken to the airport. They are hiring pilots so as long as you can answer their questions, I'd plan on getting a call. Go in there with a positive attitude, look sharp, and make a statement. Don't forget the basics either. On side note, they are building a new training center in INDY so there are going to be more classes real soon and probably more class date options for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Date Interviewed: August 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 1200TT, 32 Multi, 500 PIC turbine time, 900Total turbine time.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Sorry for this detailed review, but i wished I had it all before going in. I flew into Indy the night before and stayed at Hayat place (really nice suite paid by RAH. Following morning was picked up in a limo/SUV. (Note, the hotel is 20/25 mins away, unlike mentioned in previous gouges) however, the limo shows up at 7:30 sharp and leaves at 7:44 unless all the occupants are present). There were 3 of us, we got there at 8:15 and no one was there from RAH. The recruiter showed up at 8:30. They asked to put the PRIA and any other paperwork (141 certificate , military paperwork) on one table and the logbooks, license, medical, radio license, letter of recommendation, ATP written, passport on the other table. Then they is a 20 question test righ Out of ATP. No need to buy Shepard interview prep. If you review all the questions listed in previous gouges, should prepare you for it. The couple questions I didn't see are 1. If you inadvertently fly into fog, what will be your perception ( pitch up, pitch down and one more answer, I wrote pitch down, not sure if it's the correct answer. 2) something about gate hold (review gate hold). I am sure I am forgetting a couple. But if you ATP , just review aerodynamics (no need for any charts, no charts questions there) Then we were showed a short video/presentation while the FO reviewed the log books and PRIA lady reviewed PRIA paperwork. Oh, the email doesn't state to print application from airlines apps. Make sure to print and sign it. They need it. After the video and all the logbook/PRIA review, they did 2 panel interview, (HR and an FO) typical HR questions, what if etc, read Metar and asked if ALT was required at your ETA ( They will give you ETA)so 123 rule applies. Make sure to know remarks, you will be asked. Then had me brief Jepp plate, so know your Jepp plate. They no longer have the SIM, so no more sim evaluation. Interview was done, gave us $50 card for the incidentals and took us back to the airport in a limo again. Very relaxed environment. It appears, they want you more than you need them. So you have the job unless you prove otherwise. They called the following day, offered a class date with Republic certificate in 170/175. With the new contract HOPEFULLY coming up, will be great place to work at.
Date Interviewed: July 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 1500 Total, 100 multi,ATP written,
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Very positive experience. Flew into IND night before, company ended up providing me a ticket because I got bumped off first flight, travel department was phenomenal. Stayed at Hyatt Place near airport, company paid for! (they pick you up), very nice hotel, and picked up next morning at 7:45 am for interview in luxury SUV. Not much of the process has changed since previous gouges. Brief company presentation, 20 question exam (I studied free exams4pilots.com ATP to prepare), no big deal, fairly easy with many questions taken from here and previous gouge info. Reviewed paperwork, etc. (follow email and bring what they ask!!) Sim eval, same as prior gouge, no need to repeat. (I prepared at Advanced Aviation in Denver, Lisa is amazing and we focused a lot on flight director work, since that is what gouge said to expect!) Given a nice Panera lunch and a $50 gift card for any expenses! Taken to airport around 1:00! Called Monday, as promised, with offer! (interviewed on TH. and holiday weekend.) Can't wait to start, good luck!
Date Interviewed: January 2015
Summary of Qualifications: 2300total 2200PIC 30Multi 170IFR COMM CFI NO Written NO jet
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Flew to IND for interview. Stayed at Embassy Suites. Rate around 90$. Short introductions by HR Staff and a CPT and FO. Hand over paperwork, certificates, logbooks, etc. Give 10 min 20 Question Test on ATP Written. No Wonderlick was taken as in some other gouges. Given tour of the Sim, Frasca 142 fixed base sim. CRJ 200 A/C. Trainer gives you good advice for speeds and Follow Flight Director. Don't press red button on Yolk. How would you hold at this VOR. Enter 160Hd to Station, hold on 200Rad. Standard. Direct entry, what speed would you hold at? 5000Ft "200KT" She vectors you around a bit. Follow the FMS! Watch your scan. Shoot ILS 05R into KIND. She tells you to pull power back, follow the FMS all the way. I got to land. Crooked, but we landed. Other part of interview was HR interview. Some when did u experience XYZ scenarios... Fail a line check, checkride. I had failed a lot of them. So just be honest. They can check anyways..Why you got into flying, what you have been doing in your last jobs, etc.. There were some Tech questions given by CPT following HR. Had to brief a plate, happened to be DAL ILS Jepp. Brief a Metar and Taff for Dallas. Know the remarks!!! Know your holding speeds, When you can go below DA on ILS, Can you continue a approach if goes below min and your outside the FAF, and what about past the FAF. Why is there a step down. "Localizer" When do you need take off alternate. Holding Entries, speeds. When do you need alternate airport. 1-2-3Rule. Fuel Requirements... Etc.
Said thank you. Left to Airport.
Heard back from Republic the next day with the offer.
Good Experience overall.
Date Interviewed: March 2014
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, P91, 2200 Military heavy and medium, UPT/IP, TAC, airdrop, air land, air refuel
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Company Space-a's you from home and back. Get ready to be stuck in Indianapolis. You're bottom of the list for standby with zero priority. Very disgruntling way to start my P121 career. Other than that the previous gouge is spot on. Reeney walks you through the sim pretty well, just listen to her call outs and do what she says. The flt director doesn't steer you wrong, just fly it. Pay attention to your throttle settings. Take a moment and fine tune them, it will pay dividends on your controllability. She asked which direction and speed would I enter holding. Direct entry at 5000 Msl =200 kias.

Written test consisted of 20 questions in 10 minutes straight out of the ATP test bank. Pretty easy. Know Dutch roll, Mach tuck, increasing max range (not endurance) with decreasing fuel load equals faster and higher capability, understand the concept of pressure altitude decreases as density altitude increases, 80% glycol, 250 below 10'000 in class B airspace, fuel reserve = enough gas to fly the approach then fly to most distant alternate then 45 min, swept wing airplane with airspeed below L/D max = increase in induce drag (I think), most of the other questions were so easy that they didn't stick out in mind. What do you do if the MM is inop on an ILs, options were to add 50' to da alt, increase vis, do nothing, and something else. If you don't have raim prior to commencing the approach what do you do... Pick an approach with a different nav source..

Wonder lick test, pretty fun actually. Apparently you are supposed to leave the ones that you don't know blank, unlike the act or sat where you mark c for the questions you don't get to.
HR/Tech interview pretty straight forward. Brief an approach plate, asked if I was supposed to report established in holding.. Yes.. Covered the DA, and what I would do in the event of a GS failure, briefed the backup Non precision and stated I would hack the clock for timing AT the FAF. Worst case go missed if IFR, continue if visual. Tell me about worst student, captain, a time when I had a malfunction and saved the day, why republic (pull out the company stats they give you and talk to the core values, they loved that), why would I be a good FO (examples of good answers that I gave are positive attitude, back the captain up 100%, show up on time, be dependable and accountable, etc..) they ate up those responses. Brief a current TAF and METAR from the same day you are interviewing (recommend looking at it prior to stepping for the interview), remember 1,2,3. Asked about -SN, and a blurb about peak gusts occurring at a certain time. Review those codes and formats. No chart or symbology stump the dummy questions. Make sure you cover the tdze and threshold information. Be able to differentiate between agl and Msl on DA and MDA.
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