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Ameriflight Pilot Interview Profiles

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Date Interviewed: March 2011
Summary of Qualifications: 1670 Total 149 Multi CFI/CFII/MEI
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Telephone Interview-

Received an e-mail from the HR lady at Ameriflight outlining their interest and basic job functions and employment benefits. Scheduled a phone interview for the week after - which lasted about an hour or so. We talked about everything from my qualifications, hobbies, interests career goals, and current type of flying - after which she talked about the company and employment benefits. It was a very pleasant experience, and I forgot that I was in an interview about 2 minutes into our conversation. Be up front and honest about your past - they are very understanding as long as you're sincere and disclose your past.

Tech/Sim Evaluation -
The standard - previous gouges are spot on. Study up on Jepp, Current Aircraft, Multi Aerodynamics, IFR proc and ADM. Fly a Frasca if you have the opportunity - like everyone says its SUPER pitch sensitive. If you don't stay on top of it it will Own you :)

Overall it was a very pleasant experience!
Date Interviewed: January 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 2500TT, ME 880, Turboprop 1650, PIC 1789
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
I was the only one being interviewed with a showtime of 0930.
Right off they need to see logbook (have times totaled) medical, driving records and certificate. Then went into VFR sectionals, IFR low enroute and Jepp plates, VOR Service Volumes and scenario questions ie lost comms, grid moras what they insure, bottom line KNOW THIS STUFF COLD!
After that went into aircraft systems. Whatever you have in your logbook is fair game. I was asked systems on BE-200, PC12 and PA44-180. Was asked to explain the flow for an engine failure in my most recent aircraft (pc-12) followed by a description of the fuel system,engine and V-speeds. You can't make up V-speeds because they printed them up for my aircraft, just to make sure they were familiar with my answers.
After that we touched on weather, fog, icing and IFR alternates, fuel requirements ect.
We broke for a few mins then off to the sim (frasca 142) nothing tricky just a standard SID, given a hold (asked how I would enter and which way to turn if not told) then proceed direct to a VOR, Shot 1 approach which was a VOR went missed then asked to proceed direct another VOR and hold thats it. The first hold was a teardrop and the second was a parallel.
If you havent flown in a frasca sim it is VERY pitch sensative, I'm glad I had some time on the frasca before the interview.
Overall a very friendly atmosphere, very professional and polite. They want to hire you, just don't give them a reason not to!
Date Interviewed: July 2009
Summary of Qualifications: Comm-SEL,MEL,Inst
Previous turbine 135 experience
1300 TT
350 MEL
100 Turbine
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Interviewed in PHX for a big group interview. 200 plus apps, narrowed down to 30 or so people invited to interview. Began around 8am. went into conference room with cookies and water and a packet about the company. Sat there for a couple minutes then invited back to the interviewers. There are 2 interviewers, HR and a line pilot. Started with the pilot checking my logbooks while i was asked all the HR stuff- Why ameriflght, why did you want to be a pilot, biggest challenge in an airplane, scared in airplane, biggest challenge coming to ameriflight, what do you know about ameriflight, ect. Then came the technical portion- Know jepp enroutes and plates cold! most of the interview is scenario based off of the charts. Fog, Airspace, chart interpretation, IFR procedures, emergency scenarios ect.
The interview was very profesional and they made you feel at ease. Overall great company to work for. Love the Job!
Date Interviewed: March 2009
Summary of Qualifications: 4800 PIC, 1,080 multi, over 1,500 part135 ATP
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Showed up for a one on one interview with the assistant chief pilot for the PHX operation at an small airfield outside of Chandler, AZ. I was an 45 minutes early. When the interviewer showed up I was happy because he was relaxed, friendly, and professional.

We did two parts a two hour long oral consisting of him checking logbooks and asking about my time in a PA31p, then he told me all about Ameriflight. Then it got technical and I mean spliting hairs about IFR minimums and giving definitions to dynamic stability, to requirements of airspaces and where these airspaces begin, i.e. How wide is class c airspace, when should you check in?"" What speed can you go in Class B?" Not bad I felt a shoe in having passed six part135 check rides in my life with over 300 hours in experience in PA-31's, what could go wrong?

The SIM ride, horrible. I have in my life about 4 hours in a Simulator or Trainning Device, the difference by definition, simulators move. Having come unglued in 30 minutes because the damm things are so sensitive. One approach and we went missed and having rolled the plane after I lost an engine, and then the last thing I want to do is fly the full approach on one engine. I told him real matter of factly "Let me turn in on the FAF and land the damm thing" I had had it. 50 minutes of simple approaches and I'm sweating and wanting a smoke. It would have paid to get SIM time.

Ms.Perez my recruiter told me I didn't qualify three days later, because of poor SIM ride, and I couldn't reinterview for six months. It didn't matter how many 135 rides past or that I had good experience in PA-31p's and over 298 actual instrument hours with 90 being under hood, if you can't fly the computerized box you can't get hired.
Date Interviewed: August 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial, Instrument ASEMEL 2200hrs Part 91 Instuctor
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Interviewed with the Vice President of Flight Operations. He is a former Captain with US Airways and was a US Coast Guard Pilot and Army helicoter pilot. He made you so relaxed and at ease. He started by asking about why you first learned to fly and do you love to fly? It was obvious this was a man who loved aviation and he made you love it too. He said he was on a leave from the airline.

He then started to tell about Ameriflight and what goes on each day. He was so excited about what he does it was hard not to be excited too. He deatiled plans for the airline and mentioned names of people leaving Ameriflight after 3 or 4 years and going straight to the major airlines.

After about 30 minutes you feel very at ease when the questions begin. He brought out fresh Jeppesen approach plates to include airport diagrams, SIDS and Stars. He gives you a low altitude chart and asks a lot of questions about IFR prcedures and details on the plates and charts. Heck, I even learned something from the discussion.

We then had a discussion about the airplane I flew for my multi time. For me it was a C402. He said that he did not know anything about the airplane and wanted me to try and sell it to him. So, I started to tell him about the airplane, speeds, weights etc. He asked some questions as we went along about the airplane and asked how some things work like generators, fuel systems etc. He asked me if the fuel system was complicated? He p[layed dumb and asked me to draw it out for him. It was a unique way to get systems knowledge from me and I had fun doing it.

He asked me about what my goals were in avaiation? During this discussion he asked about FAR type questions to include duty time, alternate requirements and some general human factors type of stuff.

All in all the interview was about two hours but it seemed much shorter. I was pretty nervous going in, but the man made me feel like a million bucks.

He then took me to an on site simulator in Burbank where a training captain put me through a simulator profile. We departed SMX and made our way to Burbank. Better know the ILS 8 at Burbank and how to do it in non-radar envioronment. The Vice President was in the back watching me, but actually it felt like a friend was there watching me. When I got out he shook my hand and said that it was a very good job.

It was all very professional and well done. I wanted to work there so much after the experience. I got the call next day and was offered a job. Just finishing a very hard training program and looking forward to getting on the line.

Ameriflight is a class act, but you better know IFR front and back.

One last thought, just the other day I was on the flight line preflighting my PA31 and the VP walked out, shook my hand and called me by name. He is a pretty busy guy, but he knew who I was by name and wanted to know if I love to fly? Told me he was proud of me for working so hard in training. He asked what was the hardest part of the training and what were the biggest challenges during the training? This is a great job and a wonderful company.

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