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Evergreen Intl. Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: June 2010
Summary of Qualifications: previously mentioned
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
follow up on earlier post: Evergreen is cancelling classes, 20 people or more in the "hiring pool"....
Date Interviewed: June 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 3150 total time, 2270 turbine, 2150 PIC. Background: military jets, plus GA instruction. Ratings: ATP/B-737 type, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
Follow up on earlier post:

-Training pay is $1200 per month until training is complete, or up to 60 days.

-Medical insurance starts 60 days after employment

-Training starts in McMinnville (first 2 weeks): Current class was housed at Motel 6. Rest of training is in Denver at United Sim building where Stapleton used to be.
Date Interviewed: June 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 3150 total time, 2270 turbine, 2150 PIC: mostly military jets, General Aviation instruction, ATP/B-737 type, CFII, MEI
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:
-Received phone call from recruiter, asked to come to interview
-Flew to Portland at own expense, drove to McMinnville day prior
-Interview process started at 0900 local, ended by 4pm local, I was there as part of a group of 6 (5 pilots, 1 FE): I was the only currently employed person there (military). Rest of group: Furloughed from NetJets, Midwest, DHL, World (FE), and one other furloughed guy.
-0900: Met by recruiter, proceeded upstairs after welcome.
-0915: Greeted by HR and admin, collected applications, passport, radio license, medical, FAA licenses
-0920: Administered 20 question written test: 20 multiple choice I believe which was all out of FAA ATP Master Question File plus one essay question: "Will technology help reduce human error in the cockpit?"
-0945: Received 1-hour briefing on Evergreen incoporated from 747 Fleet Captain (prior military E-4 pilot). Included other evergreen operations, the 747 airline, and pay/schedule/benefits/medical.
-1045: Proceeded to background investigation guy in different building, reviewed our application, gave us urinalysis forms
-1115: Proceeded to local hospital for urinalysis
-1215-1330: Lunch break
-1330: Returned to Evergreen for three-panel member interview w/your application (chief engineer, chief pilot, 747 Fleet captain guy who gave brief earlier). Questions: Tell us about a stressful time in the cockpit & how you handled it. Tell us about an instance where you enforced CRM. Tell us about your flying background, where you got ratings, etc. How do you feel about being on the ground in Afghanistan at Bagram? How do you feel about being gone for 16 days at a time? Why Evergreen? What will be the most difficult part about your transition? One or two technical questions are a possiblity. Question I got was about how to tell when you're approaching end of runway. Asked if I had any questions for them.

Out of the six of us, 4 of us received exit interview after main interview with VP of flight ops.

Overall: They fly 747s= good heavy opportunity. Pay = $3415 per month to start, small incremental increases after that.

Also: 2 year "training contract"...they brief that they won't "bill you" if you leave early but they will report it to PRIA, etc.
Date Interviewed: May 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 121, 135, B737, B747, 9000TT
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I interviewed with Evergreen and was offered a job that day. I was very excited to receive the offer and initially said yes. Of course, I decided to talk to a couple of friends who worked there and was put in touch with a couple of new hires.
During the interview everyone was great. I was all for the type of flying they did and their destinations. During the interview I asked about
1. health insurance since I have a wife and kids. They said "your health insurance starts on the first day of employment.".
2. I asked about the stability of the company. They said "we do everything we can not to furlough pilots." Both important.
After talking to the new hires who said they were told the same thing they said:
1. Insurance did'nt start until 60-75 days after your date of hire.
2. First day of Indoc they were told "You can expect to be furloughed at anytime, that's just the way we do business."

In addition I had a friend who was hired and 2-3 days before class he rec'd a call cancelling his class. He had just given up 7 years seniority at his last carrier.

Just my 2 cents.

Interviewee beware!
Date Interviewed: October 2006
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 5000 TT, 3000 PIC, all ME turbine, all military
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I was invited to the interview by the pilot recruiter via telephone, with a follow-up email including directions, formal interview letter, and the application. Unfortunately, the application is a scan of their forms, so not electronically fillable, but I (and all the other interviewees) printed it and filled it out ahead of time. Flew out to PDX, rented a car, and drove the hour+ to McMinnville the day before. Stayed at the crew hotel, yes it was more, but all the interviewees were there, and we chatted the night before. There were 2 pilots and 2 FEs interviewing in this group.
Interview letter says to be there at 0745. Tip - they don't unlock the front doors of the headquarters until 0800, so knock politely on the window to have them let you in. They won't start the interview process until 0800 anyway. We sat around in the lobby while the recruiter took our paperwork upstairs. Then we headed over to another building where HR works so they could have us fix any problems with our apps. Take the opportunity to start "studying" for your drug test. Hit the hospital on the way back for that.
When we returned to the HQ, we took the test. All the question gouge below was right on, tho the essays were different: "How do you combat complacency in an automated cockpit" or "What makes for good management-to-pilot relations?" We were then given the company briefing by a management pilot. Interesting overview of all the different parts of Evergreen Aviation, and details about the Airline, pay scale, retirement, trip length, vacation, etc. Then lunch at the museum across the street. We didn't have time to wander the museum then, so we all ended up coming back later that day.
After lunch was the meat of the interview. Ours was a little different cause the big players were all out of town that day. We were interviewed by their assistants, and no one-on-one with the DO. They didn't ask me any of the standard TMAAT questions, just the get-to-know ones. How do you feel about being on the road for 18 days? Why Evergreen? Would you bid the LCF when it comes online or would you stay on the classic? Do you think you can handle upgrade in 18 months given your lack of 121 experience? All very friendly and laid back with plenty of smiles.
All four of us were done by about 1530, so you can easily make an evening flight out of PDX if needed. Overall a very positive interview experience.
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