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Evergreen Intl. Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: October 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 9000 Hours 2500 PIC 121 8000 Turbine/Jet
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Basic straight forward interview. Letter asked you to be at the Evergreen office at 0745. Very nice HR ladies met us and escorted the group (about 6) down to a room where we filled out a ton of paperwork and an application, they asked for out Passports and Logbooks (do yourself a favor and have a neat up to date logbook) I had all the info ready to go as I had about a week to prepare. This took about 2 hours then we took a 25 question test, one guy in the group got a 100% and most of the rest scored high, the previous gouge is pretty much dead on, study the interview prep books and you will be fine. After the test we went upstairs and was briefed about the Company from one Managment pilot and we encouraged to ask questions, pretty straight forward. We then went to take a drug test and then went to lunch at the Museum where the Spruce Goose is. That was a pretty nice part of the day! The last part of the process was a board interview with the Chief Pilot, Chief PFE, and Director of Safety, typical interview questions wanted to get to know you so prepare to be the one doing the talking! Very nice people and a relaxed interview. The last step was a meeting with the V.P. of Flight Operations who wanted a chance to meet the guys that he will be spending some training money on, very nice and upbeat, said that 747-400's are on the way, quick upgrades and a growing company, he was retired United and seemed to have a pretty good business head on his shoulders, he knows pilots and wants to improve the pilot group at EVIA. Interesting company, looks good for now with expansion and the Boeing LCF Contract, 400's on order, 747 sim owned by EVIA to be shared with UAL in Denver. Lots of hiring planned for 2005-2006. This interview group had a mix of Legacy, Military,Cororate and Supplemental Cargo, most had 4000+ with lots of 121 PIC time. They did stress that they are hiring Captains and not career First Officers so I would say a good clean background with some real world 121 turbine time will get you a shot. I think they want a guy who is upgrade capable in 18 months or so. Overall nice people, nice company. Good luck!

Date Interviewed: August 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 5000 hrsTT 121
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interview was scheduled at 0800 at the Evergreen International Airlines (EIA) headquarters. According to the invite letter, plan on being there the whole day. There were three main parts to the interview, a written exam, a drug screening and a board interview. The day began with filling out the application. This took about an hour and a half, after which a written test was administered; 20 questions multiple choice and one essay question. They were ATP level questions and some came from the gleim book.
What is the holding speed at 15,000?
If you are being vectored for an ILS approach at 4000ft, and you receive a clearance: Maintain at or above 3000 ft until established and cleared for the ILS 18R approach.
When can you descend to 3000ft?
What speed can you fly in class C airspace? What altitude does class C go up to?
Be familiar with reading METARs and TAFs.. You will need to determine if an alternate is required per FAR 121 regs.
If an aircraft is certified with 3 altitude alerting systems and one is inop, can you be dispatched?
If you divert and land at your most distant alternate how much fuel should be in your tanks, in minutes?
What is the location of the jet stream in the winter? From which direction does the wind come from?
What action should a PIC take when I becomes necessary to shut down an engine?
Does the PIC need to report the malfunction?
What action should be taken when one of the two VHF radio's fails whilst on an IFR flight plan in controlled airspace?
Know what required reports are to be made to ATC in controlled airspace? Entering and leaving a hold etc etc..
Know when you can descend below the DH to 100 ft above the TDZE? Approach lights.
What is the most important quality, you as a crewmember can bring to this or any other organization?
That is the best that I can do on those.
After the written test, the D.O. came in and spoke about the company for about 45 minutes. After which we were sent for the drug screening at the hospital down the street.
This was followed by lunch at the Museum at your own expense. Lunch for us lasted 30 minutes, and then it was back to the office for the board interviews.
This was the most relaxed portion of the interview.
The "board" consisted of the Chief Pilot, D.O. Chief Engineer, and Director of safety.
Tell us about yourself?
How have you handled "situations" in the cockpit/crewmember? Good or bad situations, I choose good.
Why did you apply to evergreen?
Can you handle flying a B-747?
How have all your training cycles gone?
Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs? 10 yrs.
How do you rate your flying ability?
Can you handle being on he road for 16/18 days at a time?
Do you have the support of your spouse?
What was your first job in Aviation?
Typical interview questions.none of which were technical in nature. I think they wanted to see how you would fit into the organization.
After the interview it takes a few days for them to get back to you via mail. There are 3 potential responses. Yes, No and you are being put into a pool of candidates for future consideration. The YES response is followed up by a phone call with a job offer and a class date. The Pool doesn't mean much.according to the D.O.
So there you have it. Overall it was very positive and also a good learning experience.
Hope this helps and good luck to all!

Date Interviewed: June 2005
Summary of Qualifications: ATP, 6600TT, 3000 Turbine PIC under121.
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

The interview was a very relaxed. The was no stress. The first thing they have you do is fill out the company application. You need to bring with you a 10 year working history, 15 year residence history and 5 professional references. This portion will take about an hour. Then they give a 20 question written test. The questions include ATP, instrument proceedures, the 3 branches of the federal government and one essay question. It is an easy test for any ATP qualified pilot to pass, so don't stress. Then the chief pilot comes and meets with the interview group for about an hour and a half brief on the company. After this you are driven as a group to a local hospital to do a drug test followed by lunch at the Evergreen Air Museum; you buy your own.

After lunch was easy. This is when a low stress personal interview takes place. It is in a board room with 4 members of management. The panel for my interview was a chief pilot, Director of Flight ops, Director of engineering, and the Director of Recruting all of whom are or were line pilots. This was a very relaxed meeting where they basically want to get to know you and see if they could put up with you in the cockpit for 12 to 14 hours. It seems they are very concerned about your compatability with their pilot group.

The interview lasts all day, but is very low stress, so if you get one, perpare your paper work, log books, iron your suit, and be prepared to spend a day with nice people that want to get to know you.

Date Interviewed: March 2000
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

I interviewed w/ Evergreen March 2000. I flew out to Oregon the night before. Met 6:00a.m. net day. Met nice secretary who got our paper work and log
books. We (6 total) went downstairs to fill out paperwork. Chief pilot spoke
for about one hour about the company. Then had a 5 min interview where no
tech. questions where not asked. Two weeks later I got a letter saying I was
in a pool of selected candidates. I spoke to 2 of the interviewees and they
got the same letter. Month later they furlowed 16 folks. As of Aug 2000, 7 on
furlow. I've talked to a lot of people in the industry about them and have
not heard much good. Good chance to get 747 time. They have PFE's

Date Interviewed: May 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

I just got off the phone with a guy who just interviewed with Evergreen. He said it started with the usual life history paperwork. A 20 question written
test was given on basics. Holding speeds, ability to read METAR/TAF ( read
the weather and then decide if you need an alternate), a few 121 questions on
fuel/reserves/alternate fuel, and, maybe because of government contracts, the
20th question on everyone's test was-What are the three branches of the
government? The Chief Pilot gave about an hour and a half speech on the
company. Pay scales were shown for DC-09 and 747. 747 line runs 18 days on,
10 days off, based out of Kennedy. DC-09 was 4-5 days on, 4-5 off, or, 17-18
on, with 10 days off, depending on the base, with a couple of bases being
Louisville and Oakland. About 5 years for upgrade. starting pay for the 09
was in the 33-34K range, with 747 running about 400 a month more. No sim.
check. Interview board was interested in you, as an individual. No trick
questions. One area of interest was, if you're gone for 18 days, will you be
divorced after the first couple of months. Applicants were given short notice
to show up, only a few days heads up. That's about all I have. Sounded pretty
straight forward,

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