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Evergreen Intl. Airlines Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: May 1999
Summary of Qualifications: NA
Were you offered the job? Don't Know
Pilot Interview Profile:

Here is some help for those out there who may get an Evergreen Intl. Airlines interview in the near future. I did mine in Winter of 99.

First off, interviews are almost gauranteed with a recommendation but it
isn't entirely mandatory (I didn't have one). They normally only call those
with 4000TT and 1000 Turbine.
When you get a call for an interview, it'll be set up at training
headquarters in McMinneville OR. Travel out to Portland is at your own
expense, although they do have a deal with a hotel 2 blocks away from the
training center for $28 bucks a night. Portland is about 1.2 hours from

INTERVIEW PROCESS - You show up at the training center at 8am with a group
of about 4 other applicants. First thing they do is take you to a room to
fill out an application. Bring your logbooks, certificates, etc... You
then take a typical (ATP/IFR) 25 question multiple choice test. Then one of
the chief pilots comes in to talk to the group about the company, pay,
schedules, history etc...that takes about 1 hour. You then get an hour for
lunch as that takes you to about noon. When you return, they take each
applicant one at a time for a super laid back and friendly interview with
2-3 interviewers. Normally all pilots, chief pilots, etc.... Typically no
technical info, just a discussion about yourself and why Evergreen. It
takes about 20-30 minutes. Not sure on rejection letters, but call's for a
class come about 2-4 weeks after the interview.

COMPANY INFO - It's a great company to work for. They are really good to
their people and pilots. They fly DC9's domestically and 747's
internationally. 747's have all PFE's. Schedules on the DC9 run 10 day's
ON, 10 days OFF. Schedules on the 747's run 18 days ON, 18 OFF (this is an
average on both....+/- 3 days). Pay is the only weak point of this job.
You start off above average in pay, but by year 3, you are getting well
bypassed by the next guy flying the same equipment for someone else. DC9
can top out at $100K and 747 at about $140K. BUT, they are working on a new
contract as we speak, so that may change. Base for the DC9 is OAK and JFK
for the 747. 50% of DC9 trips start at outstations so living in OAK isn't a
requirement....most pilots commute anyway as the long stretch of day's off
makes it a bit easier.

Hope this helps...good luck out there!!

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