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GoJet Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: March 2011
Summary of Qualifications: ATP 2000+ Hrs
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
I'm not surprised to have not been offered the job. Looking back I really wasn't sufficiently prepared. I have been on furlough for so long and have really gotten "soft". I had a weeks notice of interview, but didn't shop for suit and complete paperwork until the last minute. I also didn't start studying until a few days prior to the interview. I was positive spaced to STL and stayed at the Best Western. The interview was scheduled at 0900 in the old TWA training center, about 10 minutes away. You will most likely end up with a 0800 van, because the hotel wants all interviewees to travel together. Once we arrived we were given visitor badges and waited in the lobby. Then a man came out and assembled us in a classroom where we were given a very thorough overview of the company. Afterwards we were individually interviewed by an HR rep and flight ops rep. There was no sim and very little technical. I was really only asked to describe one system of the last aircraft I flew. I was asked about bad experiences with Captains and when they disagreed with things I did. Was asked where I saw myself in 5 yrs and what my strengths and weaknesses were. All of the company representatives were nice and professional. My only concern was we were warned about a dozen times to be very honest on the application. Apparently, they have fired numerous people in the last few months for things not divulged on the application, one of whom I know. My advice for anyone is to get a copy of your FBI background information, $18, and NDR, $2. If you have copies of your credit report, what makes this any diffrent. This way you will know exactly what they know and it will give ease of mind, $20 is cheap insurance to prevent unncessary embarrasment. I think I freaked and told a little too much about myself and might have scared them. Now that I have my report, I see that I should have stayed quiet. That's okay, I will do better with the next interview. Hope this helps.
Date Interviewed: July 2010
Summary of Qualifications: 6,000 Hrs, 3,000 Jet, 4,500 Multi, 4,000 Turbine, 135 & 121 Experience
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Here's How I got the interview:

Updated my resume with times and resubmitted it after EVERY trip. (About once a week) Then called the recruiting officer in HR about once a week as well to keep appraised of the situation. I used the 'squeeky wheel' method of getting the interview. After about a month it worked and I was called. They only interview on wednesdays, and will offer you a space available seat to STL. Accomotation through them is at the Homestead Suites for $30 out the door.

Here's the interview experience:

My interview was with the Cheif Pilot and the STL flight manager. They were as welcoming as you could possibly immagine. The interview is at the STL TSA headquarters. Despite being in the same building and alongside Trans States, everybody there was civil and respectful, with NO sense of the frictions that exist between G7 and TSA. Interview itself is much more about getting to know you than anything else. They want both charisma, professionalism, and relevant experience. Went out of their way to make me feel at home and did their part to sell the airline. Was asked to tell one story about my past that describes me. The only tech question was to describe my favorite system on the CRJ. (I chose the engines) and gave a brutally detailed system analysis and listed all relevant limitations. They Thanked me for comming in and that was it. Out of there. Something of note, here: If they like you and think you are competent, they will likely hire you, however, you MUST BE HONEST about your history and records. They are not so concerned about an imperfect history as long as YOU ARE HONEST about it all. If they find out something in your PRIA,FOIA, NDR, etc you didn't tell them, expect to be promptly removed from class. Several were removed from my class for exactly that.

Here is the training experience:

Got called four days after the interview and offered the job. 2 weeks of indoc at Trans States HQ, then Three weeks of CRJ systems at Flight Safety STL. All in all, excellent training and painfully polite people. The only downside is that you have to find your own accomodation during training. I stayed at the STL crashpad, which they will help you coordinate, which costs $300 a month. No big loss, and it's a short walk to the training center. About two weeks of sim training (32 hrs) a checkride, loft, then IOE. Nothing new to 121 guys. They really spoonfeed you the material, and they WANT to see you succeed. No tricks, no games.

Here's the work experience:

So far so good. Small airline feel and everyone knows everyone. Absolutely oppressive FAA oversight, but the feds here are all quite helpfull and nice. Upgrade at about a year or less. Also make note that many other pilots may have bought into the Trans States hype about being a scab. Since GoJets pilots were represented BEFORE DAY ONE of flying, at no time were they scabs, rats, or any other pejorative union term. Day to day, though it's not an issue so don't let that be the reason you don't apply. Good luck to all of you.
Date Interviewed: March 2010
Summary of Qualifications: Space Shuttle Commander, Tail Wheel endorsed and English Proficent
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
Very easy interview. They still need pilots from time to time. I liked the interview because they take a simplistic approach to it, unlike some other airline interviews make it out to be, you're not interviewing for an astronaut position. You will be a pilot at a regional airline. Just be cool, they realize that a lot of people are already well qualified they just want to get to know you. Don't pay attention to the bottom interview experience, a lot of ATA/Mainline guys have flocked to Gojet and instead of being grateful that it gave them a job and food on the table they are complaining. Oh well those silly mainline pilots I guess... BEST Of LUCK, Gojet is one of the better regionals out there because people seem to take pride in working there.
Date Interviewed: August 2008
Summary of Qualifications: part 121 turbine PIC with charter company and major airlines
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I was interviewed with them a couple of months ago and finished my IOE and have been sitting on reserves for a couple of months now and still have not have 100 hours out on the line. Schedule is the worst and have been calling them to use me to get my 100 hours before my three months after IOE. They told me that they need the reserves to be where they are at and can't use me. They only have 15 airplanes and have alot of maintnenance problem with them. About 40 pilots out of 120 have already have LOIs and some will are in court to settle the matter.
Recently, they have stated to pay their pilots by SEGMENT TIMES AND NOT BLOCK OR BETTER!!!! Even Mesa have block or better. We are being cheated by Uncle Hulas and the crooked union. Segment time is the average fly time of the route within 6 months. Many times, maintenance bring in the aircraft late from the hangar due to manpower, the release will say fly M81 or better which ends up your pay. Your flight hours is your pay. Pilots bidding 85 will end up seeing 79 hours even one month before you fly. SOUNDS LIKE THE FAA should take a closer look at this. Many captains from former airlines such as ATA, Champion and TWA have left.
Date Interviewed: July 2008
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
If you meet the min flight time, you should apply. Interviewed in St. Louis. Very straight forward, it's a get to know you type interview. No sim or test. GoJet has gotten many resumes because of layoffs and furloughed pilots however they expect hiring to be competitive for everyone because they need CA and FOs. They will be getting so many more airplanes they can handle so hiring will be 20 per month until next year until they meet the plans of nearly doubling their current pilot group. Good luck.
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