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GoJet Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: June 2006
Summary of Qualifications: 2500hours, ATP, 500 turbine PIC, 121 Experience
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

i had my interview, basically they are desperate for pilots. If you have a heart beat, they will hire you. I went for the fun of it. They try to sell you that they are teamster. ALPA does not like them. I was offered the job but declined it. The pay is terrible, about 6/hr to fly a 70 seater. I talked to other gojet pilots, they hate it also. They said the company does not pay for your hotel and gives you ONLY 1000 a month to live off. When I went to the interview, it was like something wasnt right, they where like salesman trying to sell a product. Like we are the best regional, fast upgrade, yes if you have the time.

Its not worth it guys, dont got to gojet!! it will ruin your career. If the pilots themselves have to hide there badge and are embarassed to tell others who they work for, then smething is wrong with gojet. The DO looks like a scabbly person, the way he looks at you. The DO said himself at the interview, that there are tricks in how to jumpseat. That is crazy if a company is trying to show you tricks to jumpseat. They know everyone hates them.

there are other options out there, please do not go to gojet. Even the flight attendants say they are over worked and under paid, no one wants to work for them.
Date Interviewed: April 2006
Summary of Qualifications: 3300 Total Time, 1100 Jet, Part 121 and 135
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:
Space available pass out of my hometown (ATL) to STL. Stayed at Doubletree across from FSI for $37.00/night. Sent resume and interviewed less than a week later with the Mgr. of Flight Standards, Tim Ford, and a line captain - both were class acts. Mostly a sit-down, grip-and-grin; one tech question about CRJ systems (I've flown it). No written test, no sim ride. They are looking at personalities - if they have you come int, they feel from your background that you can answer the BS tech questions and fly the plane. Went over resume and asked about my flying background. Be prepared to tell them about ANY time you've been arrested, not just convicted of a crime.

All around, a very pleasant experience. In by 09:00, out by 12:30. The NMB ballot for the Teamsters is being voted on by the pilot group and negotiatios are under way for a CBA. Despite what the malcontents over at TSA would have you believe, this is NOT a SCAB outfit. Don't be scared, it WILL NOT be the end of your career if you go to work there. This place is about to explode, so if you want some super seniority, get on board now.

Good luck.
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