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GoJet Pilot Interview Profiles

Date Interviewed: August 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 300 hours total time, 15 Multi, Commercial, Instrument
Were you offered the job? No
Pilot Interview Profile:

Interviewed with Chief Pilot and HR representative. Technical questions consisted of: a Jepp approach plate and identifying the ILS frequency, what hold would be entered on missed appoach, what would happen if glide slope went out, and distance to threshold from FAF. They also asked if I knew how a jet enigne worked. Pretty relaxed interview, asked why I wanted to work for Go Jet, why they should hire me. Overall impression was that they did not like my low flight time and zero turbine time. I was advised that a jet transistion course would be recommended.

Date Interviewed: July 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 5000 hours, 3600 turbine, 121. Saab 340, EMB 120, Beech 1900
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
They fly you out on united or US air the day before. Interview starts at 9am. Met with Christine the recruiter first thing in the morning. It was myself and one other guy for the interview. Christine took a resume from each, make sure you have 2 copies of your resume even if the packet says one, as they had to copy mine so the original was in my packet. She really is a nice lady, makes you feel at home. Said that interview was mainly explain a system on your airplane and they ask questions on jepps and they are really looking for personality. Taken upstairs to a big room and met with Dennis the CP and one other line pilot. Dennis told us about the airline, started with 3 crj 700, now have 15. options for 35 more. Teamsters union. They are cass for jumpseats so you don't have to worry if you commute. Have a great bid program that makes bidding for lines real easy from any computer. United travel perks. Airline hits 2nd b day in Nov. Said of the options for new airplanes they may round the 700 fleet out to 20 then change orders to a larger plane, ( 900 or ????) I have flown for 4 other airlines and have never met such a nice CP. CRJ 700 is the ER version with CRJ 900 engines. Duel FMS, 6 first class seats, holds 66 passengers, 2 Fa's, even has acars, Training is all done in STL, indoc at the training center then systems and sim thru Flight Safety. total of 6 weeks training.You are paid a 60 hour guarantee for training and for hotels during training, they give you a 800 check so if you live there you just pocket it, or they have deals with hotels that you can stay for the month at 650. Every other airline I had worked for pay for hotel but buddy you up in 1 room. This way you can have your own room or if you do want to buddy, you can split the cost and pocket the rest. After questions we had been taken one at a time into the interview room. Other guy went first. Not sure if he got hired. They had me come in after and look at log book, medical, certs, stuff like that, Both the CP and other pilot keep a score card on you so you see them making little notes and marks on a hidden paper. They ask you to talk about yourself, how did you get into flying. I felt like I was talking to 2 good friends, explained my story, make sure you look and talk to both of them, I had copies of training records from my other airlines, make things personal as possible, Talked about airplanes I have flown, and the CRJ, great advances since flying the Saab 340 or EMB 120. smile a lot, show you are excited to be there. They are looking for a fun person to fly with. after about a hour and a half at the end of the interview I realized they never asked me a single system question or jepp. CP kept saying he normally does ask a few questions but my training shows I know how to fly. I have not flown for an airline since being furloughed in 9/2001, I said I know it has been almost six years since I have flown for the airlines but miss flying and would love to fly this airplane, I also had 8 other interviews set up in the next month and did tell them I do have other interviews but sure would rather skip them and come to work at GOJET. They looked at each others card and showed me I had high marks, said they normally send a letter a few days later letting you know if you got the job or not. and don't normally show the score card, but liked me so offered me the job for a class date of AUG 13. I thanked them. They walked me down to Chris and she gave me the congrats letter, and limitations to start learning. She said they rarely offer jobs like that so to feel good about it. I am so looking forward to the new CRJ 700. And a company that is growing. You may read about problems with the transtates guys and alpa, most of that has blown over. The problem was American only let transtates have up to 50 passenger aircraft. United wanted larger so they had to start a new certificate. Even the CP who had been at transtates for 18 years took a risk and gave up his #3 seniority spot to start this. he took a large risk. As for pay, they are in the middle to upper end of pay for regional carriers. Good luck, Just be yourself and show you want to work there. It was by far the most laid back and relaxing interview I have had.

Date Interviewed: April 2007
Summary of Qualifications: Commercial 2100 Total/ 350 Multi
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

Very relaxed. Nice people. Met Lynn Wooden who brought us to the interview room. Chief Pilot came in and gave us an overview of the company and the Trans States Airlines Holdings thing going on. Then the Director of Ops came in and interviewed the technical portion with the chief Pilot. Asked to tell them about the systems on my airplane I fly and some Jepp appr plate questions about DA and type of hold. Put away any rumors. These guys are awesome and care about the pilots and just good guys all around. There are rumors about unions and all that, but they are rumors. GoJet is part of the Teamsters union and not ALPA. That may have alot of people talking, but looking at alot of Airlines today it's about 50/50. Remember it's your career and we can live or die by bad rumors. Looking to my final career step to GoJet and look forward to flying brand new CRJ 700's. Remember flying for a company with union representation is better than working with no union at all like some. RIGHT?

Date Interviewed: March 2007
Summary of Qualifications: 7000 hours 3000 turbine
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:

It is the most relaxed interview I have ever done. Just be yourself that is all they are after. Make sure you know how to explain a system or 2 on your current aircraft.

Date Interviewed: July 2006
Summary of Qualifications: 854 TT, 122 Multi engine, Comm. Multi, CFI.
Were you offered the job? Yes
Pilot Interview Profile:
I kind of had the same experience as the gentlemen below.. I was looked at by tsa pilots with hatred. I filled out the rest of the application and was moved to the interview room. I was told the same thing. There were tricks to getting on a jumpseat(as I will be commuting), like telling the captain that I was employed by transtates holdings. I won't tell anyone not to go there, but I can't get over the feeling that we were being led on. Other GoJet pilots were laughing at the furloughs at transtates, but when I asked how treatment was, they replied that it sucked, but was like any other regional. I can't afford the 1000 dollars, and the jumpseat thing scared me off. i have friends at Delta who told me it might not be in my best intrest. i kind of see why. Good luck to all.
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